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Turab تراب - Hada Leil هـــــادا ليلل / Adam

The music group Turab (Soil or Earth in Arabic) was formed in 2004 by a group of seven musicians seeking to create an original Palestinian sound. Turab strives to translate into music the complexities of politics, occupation, poverty, love, and daily life in present-day Palestine. It draws on a distinguished tradition of political and social music, yet hits a unique note all of its own. Turab’s style is informed by a variety of musical traditions, including Arabic, reggae, Latin and jazz, among others. The end result is a distinct fusion that appeals to a wide audience.

Turab’s debut CD, HadaLeil, was recorded and produced in June 2006 in Jerusalem. Turab’s music is inspired by various musical styles and traditions, including Arabic classical maqamat or modes, Latin, jazz and reggae. The lyrics of the songs were adapted from poems written by contemporary Palestinian poets, set to original scores composed by Basel Zayed.

Turab’s work is an important contribution to contemporary Palestinian music, and has gained acclaim both locally and internationally. The group has held a number of performances throughout Palestine, drawing large audiences and enthusiastic media reviews, leading many to call Turab’s music “the new sound of Palestine.”

Basel Zayed- Composer, ‘Oud, Vocals
Hishem Abu Jabal- Guitar
Mohamed Quttati- Accordion
Mohamed Nijem- Clarinet, Nay
Yousef Zayed- Bazouq, Percussion
Tariq Rantissi- Percussion
Katie Taylor- String Bass 

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Hada Leil هـــــادا ليل

(1). Had El-Umor
(2). Umro Aseer
(3). Khilqa
(4). Ya Ammi Ya Ameen
(5). Hada Leil
(6). Li Hadil El-Hamam
(7). Jenin
(8). Sharek Dahab
(9). Lamma El-Leil
(10). Tafran
(11). Kamm
(12). Mahmoud  


1. Foaq El-Itmeh "On the darkness"
2. Harb Ahleyeh "Civil war"
3. Doleh "Country"
4. Marhaba "Hello"
5. Jarreb "Try"
6. Sharreq gharreb "Go east go west"
7. Intasar "Victory"
8. Kunt "Yesterday"
9. Adam "Adam"


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