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Nahwa - Ma Gani Noom نهوى - ما جانى نوم

When you are a young (and good looking) Lebanese woman, you have many ways of entering the music business. One particular lady had a different thought, I want to pay homage to those stars and singers who came before me by channeling their style and music, but I will do it with my own terms and my fresh content. This is a formula that few can master, form what we see so far, Nahwa has done very well.

She has already performed in concerts at home and abroad. She has just released her debut album with either amazing tracks, but that's not enough to get people talking with which Nahwa's fame would be shaped. She posed for a period cover album. She seems to have come form a long time ago, an era that we have always fancies and dubbed as "the good old days"

Therefore, Nahwa's album is dedicated to the Bedouin dialect, that is loved (and understood) all over the Arab world. I know, I am not the only one cheering this throwback to an era as it does not have to end with the charismatic diva Samira Tawfik.

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Nahwa - Ma Gani Noom نهوى - ما جانى نوم 


01 - Allah Yekhaleki Yoma
02 - Atshana
03 - Janen Janen
04 - Lansob Khema
05 - Ma Gani Noom
06 - Mawal Hagrek
07 - Shbedak Bya
08 - Terqos Ala Geroohi

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