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Kulna Sawa كلنا سوا (Reloaded & Revisited)

In 1995, the band was formed by young musicians who started re-arranging several folkloric songs, and produced them again in a contemporary way.
"Kulna Sawa"  
(Meaning "all of us are together")   became increasingly serious about their music and their widely spread popularity, they embarked on a series of concerts and TV appearances, culminating in several concerts in October 1999 in Damascus and Aleppo. The concerts were so successful that they lasted three nights and were attended by over than 5000 people.
The band was invited to perform at The Syrian Song Festival, which was held at the Ancient Aleppo Citadel in 1999. The band also performed a series of concerts for three nights with British group called (Sin’e) in September 2000. The two bands performed individually and together on stage as part of the British Council's activities and was extremely successful and a unique experience for the band.
In November, the band organized a charity performances for four nights and were attended by over than 7000 people and in May 2001.
KulnaSawa signed a worldwide recording contract with EMI Music and released two international albums starting June 2001 including the hugely, crossover singles "Nezlen Ala El Bustan" and "Wain A Ramallah" and other line favorites including "Almaya", "Koul Shi Esmoh Jadid" and "Noujmah Kutbiah". The album got Golden Record.
The highly creative video clips were self-produced and is sure to generate large airplay by the premium TV networks.
The band toured abroad and did successful concerts like Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and lately during the launching of their second album "Musaique" did three big concerts with the special appearance of the international Egyptian Musical star Mohamed Mounir that added a great value to the event.
And like a very important stops in their history they shared the stage in Broadway in New York on November 2004 with the International artist of the The Sopranos TV series Dominic Chianese.
Also they performed with the musician of Peter, Paul and Mary, Peter Yarrow in Saint Louis.
A Concert for Peace Tour last November 2004 brought KulnaSawa, The well-known music group from Damascus, Syria, to American audiences. KulnaSawa combined the distinctive sounds of oriental music with the beat and style of American music for a unique sound. Concerts were held in more than 20 major cities around the U.S including the headquarters of the United Nations in New York were they got their tow Awards of Peace.
In the midst of the current tensions and conflict between East and West, the virtuoso musicians of Together/KulnaSawa which are made up of highly accomplished young Christian and Muslim musicians from Syria used music, the universal language, as a way to build understanding and trust between Americans and the people of the Middle East.
And this what made of them one of the nominees to win the Golden European Quality Award for next year.
The Daily Star, an English-language newspaper, said that  KulnaSawa "is breaking new ground with their fusion of Western and Middle Eastern music styles."

In the 2008 they released the album "Ezaet Kulna Sawa" (Kulna Sawa Radio Station). 

The members of the team are:
Bashar Moussa (Lead Vocal)
Sonia Bitar (Lead Vocal)
Ayham Al Ani, Iyad Al Rimawi (Guitar, Backing vocals)
Marwan Nakhleh, Hazem Al Ani (Keyboard, Piano)
Rafel Al Haffar (Bass)
Simon Mouresh (Percussion)
Khaldoun Kawa (Drums)
Kinan Azmeh (Saxophone, Clarinet)
Nizar Omran (Trumpet, Oud)
Khaled Wazaefi (Sound engineer)

(Source : Wikipedia)

Kulna Sawa  2001   كلنا سوا     -   Kulna Sawa كلنا سوا

01 Nezlen Ala Al Boustan نزلن على البستان
02 Koul Shi Esmo Jadid كل شئ اسمه جديد
03 Almaya عالمايا
04  Aeed Haddek قاعد حدك
05  Lamma Bialla Saoutee لما بيعلى صوتي
06  Lahzat Btumrouk لحظات بتمزق
07  Safinat Nouh سفينة نوح
08  La Tatagiar لا تتغير
09 Rasasa Moutaradedah رصاصة مترددة
10 Guadarouni غدروني
11 Rassam Al Lael رسام الليل
12 Khatem Tanak خاتم تنك
13  Koul Ma Beshtaklake كلما بشتقلك
14  Daouer Dobber دور دبر
15  Douat Asha دعوة عشا
16 Tahia Ila Ziad (موسيقى Instrumental) تحية الى زياد
17 Nezlen Ala Al Boustan (تحوير Remix) نزلن على البستان
18  Najmah Koutbiah (مباشر Live) نجمة قطبية
19 Video فيديو - Nezlen Ala Al Boustan نزلن على البستان 


Kulna Sawa 2003   كلنا سوا     -  Musaique مــوزايك

01 Yali Aionek يلي عيونك
02 Wayn a Ramallah وين عرام الله
03 Kul al Rassameen (all painters) كل الرسامين
04 Ya Helwa يا حلوة يم القذلة
05 Lau ini baref (the colour of spring) لو اني بعرف - من لون الربيع
06 La Teshki لا تشكي من القلة
07 Wahiat Albi وحياة قلبي وأفراحو
08 Um al Shaheed أم الشهيد
09 Kesset Madinah ( a story of a city) قصة مدينة
10 Kulna Minuel (we all say) كلنا منقول
11 Bilmunasabeh (by the way) بالمناسبة


 Kulna Sawa كلنا سوا   2008  -  Ezaet Kulna Sawa اذاعة كلنا سوا


01 Ezaet Kulna Sawa اذاعة كلنا سوا
02 Youm Li Tghaiar Al Alam يوم اللي تغير العالم
03 Shebakek Matfi شباكك مطفي
04 Ana Erhabi أنا ارهابي
05 Abdul Azeem عبد العظيم
06 Wslo Al Askar وصلو العسكر
07 Am Jareb Elfot Nazarak عم جرّب الفت نظرك
08 Al Esbaa Al Banafsaji الأصبح البنفسجي
09 Nayem Ala Shat Al Bahr نايم على شط البحر
10 Al Akhbar الأخبار
11 Al Biet البيت
12 Koudsia قدسيا
13 Kul Youm B'oul كل يوم بقول
14 Shara' w Gharb شرق وغرب
15 Sahra Fi Salon Al Madam سهرة في صالون المدام
16 Sama سما
17 Taht Al Kasef تحت القصف
18 Rayeh Al Janoub رايح عالجنوب


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