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Oumeima El Khalil أميمة الخليل - Ya... Whirling Like A Derwish يآ... تدويم أشبه بالدرويش / Mazaj مزاج


Born in Al Fakiha in 1966, Oumeima El Khalil started her career as a singer at twelve. She lived in an art-loving family; this is how she was discovered at an early age in the singing world.
El Khalil pursued her secondary studies in the Bekaa, and then moved to Beirut where she studied music theory and vocal techniques.
Meeting Marcel Khalifé at an early age was a good occasion for Oumeima to venture into the world of singing as it gave her the opportunity to sing as a solo in his "Al Mayadin" band where she showed a high level of professionalism in the domain.
The 12-year old girl had her own songs that she interpreted worldwide for over 27 years at high-level concerts in which Marcel Khalifé and his band participated.
Oumeima's songs were written by reputed poets from the Arab worlds such as: Mahmoud Darwich, Badr Chaker El Sayyab, Mohamad El Abdallah, Talal Haidar, Henri Zogheib, Nizar El Hindi and others.
Oumeima is currently working, with her husband, the musician Hani Siblini, on CDs and concerts, in parallel with her collaboration with Marcel Khalifeh. She has already produced two CDs in cooperation with Hani Siblini and gave several performances in Lebanon and the Arab countries.
Oumeima's first live performance, was at the age of 16 (1981) in 16 American States. One of the poshiest performances she was involved in was at "Places des Arts" in 1992.
She sang in many countries such as:
America and Canada (5 times); Europe (Twice); Australia (once); Africa (once); Moscow (once); Algeria; Tuisia; Morocco; Emirates; Libya; Bahrain; Oman; Kuwait; UAE; Egypt; Sudan.
Oumeima had countless performances in Lebanon: Beit al Dine; Unesco Palace; Assembly Hall (AUB); Pierre Abou Khater Theatre USJ...

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Ya... Whirling Like A Derwish يآ... تدويم أشبه بالدرويش

{1}.Ya Sidi
{2}.Daret El Kahwe
{3}.Ouhibouka Akthar
{4}.Ila Akhirihi
{5}.Leh (Why?)
{6}.Shab W Sabiye
{9}.Mazaj (Beirut Biloma Remix)

Mazaj مزاج

أميمة الخليل - مزاج

 Mazaj (مزاج (03:43
La tdik (لا تدق (04:01
Asfour (عصفور (06:45
Ya habibi (يا حبيبي (04:31
Nasma 50″ (نسمة (00:53
Bo’dilli bahibouhou (بعد الي بحبه (05:30
Albl el atchan (قلبي العطشان (04:58
Marrat (مرات (06:02
Al Hawa’ (الهواء (05:41
Zourouni (زوروني (04:57
Nasma (Momix) (نسمة (موميكس) (03:48
Ya habibi 1940 (ياحبيبي (04:28

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