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Les 30 Ans du Rai - Box 5CD

CD 1 : 1986-1996

01 Baroud - Khaled & Safy Boutella
02 Zina - Raïna Raï
03 N’sel Fick - Sahraoui & Fadela
04 Ana Mazel - Cheb Mami
05 Douce France - Carte de séjour
06 Garou Hasni Met - Cheb Hasni
07 Zid Serbi - Cheb Zahouani
08 Didi - Khaled
09 Goulou Lemmou - Chaba Zahouania
10 El Hammam - Hamadi Tati
11 Ralia Mahboubit Galbi - Cheb Mami
12 Zine Kouani - Kamel El Oujdi
13 Ya Del Marsem - Cheb Hami
14 Ya Ahmed - Cheb Fethi
15 Maza Souvenir Andi - Cheb Hasni
16 Salou Ala Nabi - Khaled & Anouar
17 Sel Dem Draï - Cheb Kader
18 Raba Raba - Bouteiba Sghir & Fadela
19 Ya Sid El Houari - Houari Benchenet
20 Ghir El Baroud - Cheikha Remitti

CD2 : 1996-2006

01 Abdelkader - Khaled & Rachid Taha & Faudel
02 Zazarkhatri - Cheb Mami
03 Ida - Rachid Taha
04 Charika Gadra - Cheb Sahraoui
05 A Lala Kilouni - Cheb Aïssa
06 Cherchi Cherchi - Cheb Abdou
07 Tellement N’Brick - Faudel
08 Aïcha - Khaled
09 La Valse - Faudel
10 Joséphine - Reda Taliani
11 Gaä Malade Mental - Cheb Akil
12 Reviens A Moi - Cheb Nasro
13 Darja Darja - Cheb Bilal
14 Ouine Rak Tergoud - Chaba Zahouania
15 Dellali - Cheb Sahraoui & Fadela
16 Ya Rayah - Rachid Taha
17 Matnegemche Dir Dar - Houari Dauphin
18 Hram Alik - Cheb Zahouani
19. El Ghram Said - Houari Benchenet
20 Dirou El Henné - Djalti

CD3 : 2006-2016

01 Raba El Haraba - Fanfaraï
02 El Beïda Mon Amour - Faudel
03 Ana Mahlali Noum - Chaba Fadela
04 El Visa - Djelloul
05 Code Pin - Cheb Abdou
06 Moul 504 - Rim K feat Moumen
07 Omri Walette Tashar - Bilal Sghir
08 C’est La Vie - Khaled
09 Khalltek Wahdek - Cheb Rayan
10 Gouli - Cheb Aïssa feat Chico & The Gippsies
11 Pamela - Youness
12 Khobze El Dar - Reda Taliani
13 Chouli Chouli - Nordine Marsaoui
14 Gaouria - El Hindi
15 Selou - Cheb Kader feat Sergent Garcia
16 Dana Dana - Rima feat Rayna
17 Slam - Cheb el Hedi
18 Winta Ttwali Rajel Ki R Jel - Cheb Hassen
19 Ya Lala Torkia - Cheb Amar
20 Ana Manwalich - Mimoun El Oujdi
21 Parazard - Cheb Bilal

CD4 : Raï au féminin et duos

01 Matjebdoulich - Chaba Djente
02 Alli Akalah S’Ghir - Chaba Fadela
03 Samehni - Chaba Zahouania
04 Célibataire - Chaba Maria
05 Hadrou Fih Ghoudami - Chaba Kheira
06 C’est Fini J’En Ai Marre - Cheikha Remitti
07 Mama - Cheikha Djenia
08 Bellimine - Chaba Zahouania & Cheb Mami
09 Lela - Chaba Noria & Rachid Taha
10 Nebhi Nabhi - Chaba Nadjma
11 Kayen Rebbi - Chaba Noria
12 Ya wili - Myma Mendhy
13 El Baraka - Chaba Zahouania & Cheb Hasni
14 Yali Yali Hagda - Chaba Djenet
15 Ana Hak - Cheikha Rabia
16 Manich Mana - Chaba Fadela & Cheb Sahraoui 3’59
17 Sahra Qui T’Wali - Chaba Zohra & Cheb Hamid
18 Mel Gualbi - Chaba Zahouania
19 Chkoun Li Atak De Raï - Chaba Djenet & Redouane
20 Touche Mami Touche - Cheikha Remitti

CD 5 : Le raï d’aujourd’hui et demain - Mixé par DJ Hamida

01 Aarbia d’origine - Sanoune Feat 12s
02 Infidèle - Kader Japonais feat Lacrim, Reda City 16
03 Labas Labas - Reda City 16 feat Bilal Sghir
04 Saraha - Kiriss
05 Douar Zine - Hanino
06 Goulihali Tay Tay - King Ramzy feat Cheikh el Hindi
07 Dertli Chantage - Aymane Serhani
08 Ntia Haja Fort - Naoufel
09 Maria - El Dey
10 Salama - Salim
11 Mehlia (c’est fini) - DJ Hamida - Kayna Samet - Rim’K
12 Khalina Amigo - Mourad El Bidaoui
13 Marakch trad alia - Youness Feat Zahouania
14 Je L’Ai Vue, Je La Veux, Je L’Aurai - Najim
15 Trabendo - Lartiste Feat Kader japonais
16 3 Arbi Fi Beriz - Mister you feat Aporka et Balti
17 Shab el Baroud - Khaled & Safy Boutella
18 Zina - Babylone
19 Kounte Fi Bladi - Nabil


The title of this collection is not to be considered true as regards the spread of the Algerian music called Rai . The box set is a French selection and the 30 years of title representing the time passed from the moment when France discovered the Rai.

A big thanks to Reda Boudemala for the suggestion and technical support.

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Arab tunes mixtape # 34 - Arab jazz vol.2

Cover by El Seed

A further selection of amazing jazz tunes coming from Arab world

Arab tunes mixtape # 34 - Arab jazz vol.2

01 Mohamed Najem - Bus
02 Fer-et Aa Nota - Ossa
03 Dhafer Youssef -Odd Elegy
04 Tareq Abboushi -  Kurd
05 Terez Yazan & Friends - Snoring moon
06 Ibrahim Maalouf  - Overture I
07 Toufic Farroukh - Like Desire
08 Asalah Nasri - Hayaty
09 Kamal Musallam - When I Remember You
10 Tarek Yamani -  Samal Yamani
11 Shereen Abdo - Mawal Meen
12 Amir El Saffar - Khosh Reng (Maqam Awj)
13 Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Dance of fire
14  Hijaz - Evasion


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Aqsa Alwasat أقصى الوسط

Aqsa Alwasat is an experimental music project, from the city of Alexandria, born from the artistic collaboration between multi-instrumentalist and music producer
Amr Ezz and the singer  Tuqa McAwi.

Both musicians coming from different musical experiences.
Amr is a self-taught musician who has collaborated since 2004 with different groups of different musical genres while Tuqa was in 2009 the vocalist of a band of Heavy Metal Symphony.

Formed as a duo in 2013 they adopted the name Aqsa Alwasat
giving itself the aim of creating a sound entity that would merge their different musical experiences not bound to a specific genre.

The first pieces produced by the duo surprised by the delicacy and taste. Slow songs 
with a special atmosphere executed using piano, cello and synthesizers. Above  all the wonderful voice of Tuqa McAwi. Indeed, the sounds produced are hard to classify; Wanting to make a comparison might be with some 4AD label productions.

One of their first album entitled "Enti" was used for the soundtrack of the short film "Daye", made by the Egyptian director Peter Aziz, in which  participated as a guest the same Tuqa.

Since 2015 the duo has integrated into the project the cellist Byshuy Nassim transforming the group into a kind of mini orchestra. With the new line-up the songs made in the past  have been re-arranged and re-presented in a purely acoustic version.

At the moment the group spreads his music exclusively through Soundcloud and live concerts, and there are no reports about the implementation of a real album.

Aqsa Alwasat è un progetto di musica sperimentale , proveniente dalla città di Alessandria, nato dal sodalizio artistico tra il polistrumentista e produttore musicale Amr Ezz e la cantante Tuqa McAwi .

Entrambi i musicisti provengono da varie esperienze musicali.
Amr è un musicista autodidatta attivo dal 2004 che ha collaborato con diversi gruppi di generi musicali diversi mentre Tuqa, è stata nel 2009 la vocalist di una band di Heavy Metal sinfonico.

Costituitosi come duo nel 2013 hanno adottato la ragione sociale Aqsa Alwasat dandosi come scopo la creazione di un entità sonora che potesse fondere le loro diverse esperienze musicali senza vincolarsi ad un genere preciso.

I primi pezzi prodotti dal duo stupiscono per la delicatezza ed il gusto. Brani lenti e di atmosfera eseguiti servendosi di pianoforte, violoncello e sintetizzatori. Su tutto la splendida voce di Tuqa McAwi . Effettivamente le sonorità prodotte sono di difficile catalogazione ; se si dovesse azzardare un paragone potrebbe essere con alcune produzioni dell'etichetta 4AD.

Una delle loro prime canzoni intitolata “ Enti “ è stata utilizzata per la colonna sonora del cortometraggio “Daye”, realizzato dal regista Egiziano Peter Aziz, al quale ha partecipato come ospite la stessa Tuqa .

Dal 2015 il duo ha integrato nel progetto il violoncellista Byshuy Nassim trasformando il gruppo in una specie di mini orchestra. Con la nuova line-up i brani realizzati in passato sono stati riarrangiati e riproposti in una versione prettamente acustica.

Al momento il gruppo diffonde la sua musica esclusivamente attraverso Soundcloud ed i concerti dal vivo e non vi sono notizie circa la realizzazione di un vero e proprio album.


Aqsa Alwasat أقصى الوسط


01 Shorood  شرود
02 Enti انتي
03 Marasil Lelsama مراسيل للسما
04 La2iny  لقيني
05 Sera3at صراعات
06 7aga  حاجة
07 Malo Akher ماله آخر
08 Tayeh  تايه 
09 Bokra  بكرا
10 Shorood شرود (First Version )
11 Enti انتي (First Version )
12 Marasil Lelsama مراسيل للسما (First Version ) 
13 La2iny لقيني (First Version )


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Fer'et 'a Nota فرقت ع نوطة

Fer'et 'a Nota is an independent Lebanese band that plays a fusion between jazz, oriental music, blues and rock. All this is packaged in a Lebanese context (the lyrics are sung in the Lebanese dialect).

The group is composed of six elements: Wajdi Abou Diab (Piano), Zaher Hamadeh (Bass Guitar), Ali Sabbah (Electric Guitar), Raghid Jureidini (Alto Sax), Petra Hawi (Vocal), Zgheib Jihad (Drums).

Founded in 2013, the group started immediately to compose original songs and to perform in concerts at clubs in Beirut, Byblos and Zahlé . After winning the Audience Prize in the competition for bands in Beirut, the band , in April 2014, began working at the realization of debut album. Entitled "Hi Jazz", recorded and mixed at Addicts Audio Studios in Hamra , this first work consists of 8 tracks that explore different musical genres. One of these compositions, entitled '"ح Jazz" gave the name to the album, and highlights the two spirits that animate the project, the jazz spirit and the Eastern attitude.

Fer'et 'a Nota's first studio album release concert happened at "Al Madina Theater" in Beirut on June 27 2014 , in a concert that was both crowd-pleasing and a critical success.

Ever since, the band has been performing gigs and concert in Beirut and all over Lebanon.

In June 2015, in an interview with As-Safir Newspaper, the band announced that a Muwashshah album is in the works ( Muwashshah is the kind of music which belongs to the age-old Arab tradition that uses poems in classical Arabic) , without announcing any release date.

I Fer'et 'a Nota sono un gruppo libanese indipendente che propone a livello musicale una fusione tra jazz, musica orientale, blues e rock, il tutto confezionato in un contesto libanese (i testi sono cantati in dialetto libanese).
Il gruppo è composto da sei elementi: Wajdi Abou Diab (Piano), Zaher Hamadeh (Basso elettrico), Ali Sabbah (chitarra elettrica), Raghid Jureidini (Alto Sax), Petra Hawi (Vocal), Zgheib Jihad (Drums).

Fondato nel 2013, il gruppo ha iniziato subito a comporre brani originali e ad esibirsi in concerti pressi i club di Beirut, Byblos e Zahlé. Dopo aver vinto il Premio del Pubblico ad un concorso per band a Beirut, il gruppo nel mese di aprile 2014, ha iniziato a lavorare alla realizzazione dell' album di debutto. Intitolato “ ح Jazz", registrato e mixato presso gli Addicts Audio Studios di Hamra a Beirut , questo primo lavoro è formato da 8 tracce che esplorano diversi generi musicali. Una di queste composizioni, intitolata «" ح Jazz "ha dato il nome all'album, e mette in evidenza i due spiriti che animano il progetto, lo spirito del jazz e l'atteggiamento orientale.

Il disco è stato presentato nel corso di un concerto tenutosi presso il locale Metro al Al Madina a Beirut il 27 giugno 2014, concerto che ha riscontrato ottimi responsi sia da parte del pubblico sia dalla critica musicale.
Da allora, la band si è esibita in svariati concerti in tutto il Libano.

Nel mese di giugno 2015, in un'intervista al quotidiano As-Safir , la band ha annunciato un progetto riguardante un album formato da Muwashshah (il Muwashshah è un genere musicale appartenente alla tradizione araba secolare che utilizza poesie in arabo classico), senza specificare alcuna data di uscita.


Fer'et 'a Nota فرقت ع نوطة - Hi Jazz 

01 Ossa   قصّة
02 Mashi Maa'i   مشي معي
03 Bentizarak   بانتظارك
04 حJazz
05 Zakhat El Sheti   زخات الشتي
06 Smaa'ni   اسمعني
07 Ma Fik   ما فيك
08 Hesse Bel Ghalat   حاسة بالغلط


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Arab tunes mixtape # 33 - Pop music will elevate your soul

Cover by Mohammed Mousa

After a mixtape consisting of pop songs that kill your soul, it seemed appropriate to me to balance everything. Here then this new collection. Tracks found here ranging enough and affecting pop music in the broadest sense of the term. They do not represent the best of what the Arab scene has produced in recent years, but are just a selection of things that, when I want a bit 'of lightness, I like to listen.

Pop with a soul

Dedicated to open minds.

Dopo un mixtape costituito da canzoni pop che ti uccidono  l'anima ,  mi sembrava corretto  equilibrare il tutto . Ecco allora questa nuova raccolta. I brani qui  contenuti  spaziano abbastanza e interessano la musica pop nel senso più ampio del termine. Non rappresentano il meglio di quanto la scena araba ha prodotto nel corso degli ultimi anni, ma sono semplicemente una selezione delle cose che, quando voglio un po' di leggerezza, mi piace ascoltare. 

Pop con un anima 

Dedicato alle menti aperte.

Arab tunes mixtape # 33 - Pop music will elevate your soul

01 El Ayadi El Khafeyya - Makanet el Ahlam
02 Youssef Abado - Khalas Ma'lesh
03 Osama Elhady Feat . Zahra - Baa'd El Salam
04  Djazia Satour -  Dhikrayat
05 Jam Tkseer -  qaseeda shrera
06  Random House   - suhour  feat Krist Alzou'bi
07 Michelle & Noel - 3al Jamal bi wasat Beirut
08 Luka Blue - Hashrab Hashish
09 Ala Wardi - Fi Hagat (Nancy Ajram Cover)
10 Joujma - Mel Fadda
11 Ruba Shamshoum - Fuqaati
12 Abu - Ahwak
13  Mike Massy - Ya zaman
14 Zeid & the Wings - Chouei 
15 Fish Samak - Fy hadni al Ihtilal
16 Haya Zaatry -  Manakir
17 Bil3aX -  3alam
18 It will be wonderful - Mamnoua
19 Ana Rayha  -  Aal Sham


sabato 1 ottobre 2016

Ramy Essam رامي عصام

Ramy Essam is an Egyptian self-learned playing the guitar, Born in 1987 to a family in Al-Mansoura - one of Egypt's smaller cities, where he went to school and studied Engineering. He started to write songs at the age of 17, inspired by young poets like Amgad Qahwagi and Mohamed Bahgat, as well as the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm who spoke up against Mubarak's regime. He established the band "Mashakel" (translated to "Problems") in 2009 and through this band started to sing for a free life, illustrating the simple daily problems he lives along with all Egyptians under Mubarak's regime. During the January 25 Revolution,Ramy hailing from Mansoura came to Cairo on January 30 to participate in the revolution. He camped on Tahrir Square, and has become a regular Cairene since. He composed the crowd's anti-Mubarak chants with his song Irhal [ Leave] which became an anthem of the protests. On the 11th of February 2011 Mubarak finally got the message to 'Irhal' and was forced to resign. But when Ramy Essam returned to the square after this historic announcement, he was identified as an agitator, arrested and detained for four hours, during which time he was beaten and Tasered. On March 9th the army stormed the square, ripping down tents and arresting more than 100 people, including in army uniforms dragged him to the Egyptian National Museum, which had become a security headquarters. But That Didn't Stop Ramy from Pressing on and Fighting for what He Believes.

After That Ramy performed multiple Songs in Different Places across Egypt.Also Ramy Performed his songs in Brittan , South Africa, Sweden, Germany. Time out London Named Ramy Essam Song " Irhal " to be one of the 100 songs that effected Humanity

Ramy was Third on That List. More than 10 Documentaries were made about the Egyptian Revolution and how Ramy contributed from all over the world The United States , Germany, China , Japan , France , United Kingdom, Denmark, Egypt and others. On November 19th Ramy Essam was second runner up for the main prize in the 2011 Freedom to Create Prize awards. Then on Nov 21 he received the Freemuse Award 2011 at a ceremony in Södra Teatern in Stockholm, Sweden. On Jan 25 ,2012 Ramy released an album of songs from Tahrir Square, which he called "Manshourat" .

In 2015 he released his latest album (to date) entitled "Mamnou3" ( Forbidden )

Ramy Essam رامى عصام - Law Kan لو كان

01 Law Kan
02 Fe Yom
03 Hansaki
04 A2ol Lely Ganbak
05 Hnyet El Donia
06 Ohdneni
07 Ensa
08 Kona Eh
09 B3d Ely 3malto
10 Sebtaha
11 Law kan Music


 Ramy Essam رامى عصام - El masala المسله

01 Tartoor
02 Maloun
03 Eameli Btaa Acoustic
04 Eameli Btaa 
05 El Masala
06 Action Tany Mara


 Ramy Essam رامى عصام - Manshourat  منشورات

01  Er7al
02  3ahd Mubarak
03  Taty Taty
04  Ga7sh WL 7omar
05  Ed7ako sawra
06  Al Shaheed
07  Ya Swes
08  Edrabny
09  Dabora Short Cap
10  8 April
11  Al Gesh Al araby
12  Sabona w Khazo2
13  Eshhad Ya Zaman
14  Nafat
15  Masry El Asly
16  Etma3zam
17  El Serk
18  Shay L Sawra
19  Damer el 2oma
20. Er7al 2
21 Harara
22 No2at No2at
23 Youm 25


Introducing Ramy Essam : Revolution Erupts

01 Etma3zam 
02 Action  

03 3ahd Mubark 
04 3oksha  

06 Sabona W Khazoo2
07 Shay El-Thawra 
09 Mal3oon 
10 El-Masala 11 Bta2ty 
12 Dabora W Short 
13 El-Ga7sh Wel 7omar
14 Nafadt 
15 Tartoor
16 Al-Masry Al-Asly



Ramy Essam رامي عصام - Mamnoua ممنوع

01 Mamnoua
02 Foul Caviar
03 Kameen El Obour
04 Hai
05 Afr El Bashawra
06 Salam Allah
07 Fatah Aenak
08 Mamnoua(Bonus)​


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