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Arab tunes mixtape # 18 - So you say there is no arabic experimental music !! Vol.4 / The Lebanese scene

Photo by Maria Kassab

A new mixtape dedicated to experimental music coming from the Arab world. This time the focus was exclusively on the music scene Lebanese ;  eclectic, creative and seminal full of prominent figures in the panorama of  the avant-garde .
This mixtape leaves no room for melody, proposes difficult  and disturbing sounds  but it photographs clearly one of  realities  most exciting and creative  of the contemporary Arab world.

  Music for informed and open minds.


Un nuovo mixtape dedicato alla musica sperimentale proveniente dal mondo arabo. Questa volta l'attenzione si è concentrata esclusivamente sulla  scena musicale libanese ; eclettica , creativa e seminale, ricca di  personalità di primo piano  nel panorama della sperimentazione. 
Questo mixtape non lascia spazio alla melodia, propone suoni ostici e disturbanti ma fotografa lucidamente una delle  realtà più creative ed eccitanti del mondo arabo contemporaneo.

 Musica per avvertiti e per menti aperte.

01 Praed - the suspect
02 Radio Kvm - Big Fish Convoy
03 City of salt - Dwaleeb
04 Elepheel - Master Cosmic Spy
05 Bao - Chasing Khorshid
06 Munma - Land Of Debris
07 Jad Atoui - Impulse
08 Morphosis - Spiral
09 Liliane Chlela - Altruiste Anonyme
10 OkyDoky - Alien Intelligence
11 Infinite Moment Of Composure -  inconvenience
12 Osman Arabi - Digital War 0907
13 Tarek Atoui - Un-drum 3


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Sonic Traces: From the Arab World (radio edit) By Norient

«Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» offers music, sounds and noises from the Arab World: Propaganda music by political groups and clans, psychedelic Arabic Rock from the late 1960s and 1970s, the noises of bombs and machine guns, synthesized Electro-Sha’bi from Cairo, old and rare shellac recordings, Death Metal, Rap, Electro-Acoustic Music, and Musique Concrète. Collected and mixed by the Norient collective – Thomas Burkhalter, Simon Grab and Michael Spahr.

The release comes in 2 versions: radio edit and mix edit

RADIO EDIT (here on bandcamp)

Listen to musicians and scholars discussing identity, life visions and traumatic war experiences.This Radio Edit Version documents the audio-visual performance «Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» by Norient (2008-2012).


Order the Limited Mix Edit (music, sound and noise only, without interview statements and speakers) via (Label Traversion/Norient)


Collected and mixed by the Norient collective – Thomas Burkhalter, Simon Grab and Michael Spahr.
Speakers: Joumana Seikaly, Hisham Awad, Rayya Badran
Voices recorded by Ziad Nawfal in the studios in Radio Lebanon 96.2FM, Beirut, Lebanon on February 25, 2013

With sounds, music and quotes from:

Ahmed Basiony (R.I.P.), Asmahan, Bao, Charbel Haber, Cheik Imam, El General, Electro-Jurjina, Filastine, Hassan Khan, Hassan Taha, Ibrahim Qashoush, John Kamel Farah, Kamiliya Jubran +Werner Hasler, Kareem Lofty, Koji, Les Djinns, Leyla Murad, Luigi Russolo, Machine eat man (Mohamed Ragab), Mahmoud Refat, Mahmoud Turkmani, Mazen Kerbaj, Morocco, Mustafa Ismaiel, Praed, Raed Yassin, Ramsi Lehner, Rana Eid, Sharif Sehnaoui, Simon Grab, Skander Guetaria + Khaled Waghleni, Tahal Fasny, Tarek Atoui, The Devil's Anvil, Thomas Burkhalter, Ulcerium feat. Cheb Lahbitry, Walid Gholmieh, Waslah in Dugah, Weeping Willow, Xardas, and others.

Tracklist, Liner Notes and more background information:

(Source :

Jawad Nawfal A.K.A. Munma

Photo by Tania Traboulsi

Munma aka Jawad Nawfal is one of the most prolific electronica artists in Lebanon, he undertook audiovisual and film studies at IESAV in Beirut and chose to specialize in sound design. In 2001, Jawad formed Altered Ear, a laboratory of sound research and composition, based on the need to explore and link several means of computer assisted musical writing.

Munma was created by Jawad Nawfal in the aftermath of Israel’s war on Lebanon in the summer of 2006. It explores oriental harmonies and rhythmical patterns, with a strong reliance on sampled traditional musical beds, excerpts from radio speeches and the like, and an overall somber, reflective mood.

Munma has produced three 6-track EPs, entitled 34 Days (2006) Black Tuesday (2007) and Unholy Republic (2008), released on former Lebanese record label Incognito Records.

In 2010, Munma’s 4th record was released, entitled Previews & Premises. The self-produced, self-released album consists of 8 tracks recorded between 2006 and 2010.

In 2011, Munma started collaborating with lebanese writer, poet & rapper Mazen El Sayed aka el Rass . The album entitled “El Rass & Munma: Unveiling The Hidden,” explores the darker sides of rap, and reveals deep electronica and dubstep musical influences.

In 2012, apart from numerous sound designs for documentaries, a fiction short (“A place to go” by Wajdi Elian) and a dance choreography (“Tajwal” by Alexandre Paulikevich), Nawfal started two new music monikers: “Tasjiil Moujahed,” a electro- duo with Berlin-based musician, composer and producer C-drik Fermont; and “Infinite Moment Of Composure,” a noise/electronica duo with Lebanese musician, visual artist and composer Liliane Chlela.

Munma is one of Beirut's first and foremost talents in the field of modern electronica, with a variety of live and studio projects since the early 2000s, including AEX, Ae_Quo, Index/Left and more recently Tasjiil Moujahed & Infinite Moment Of Composure. His DJ sets are the stuff of legend, high-flying, mind-blowing affairs in which he dexterously spins breaks, electro, garage, dubstep and hiphop, as well as his own productions.

In 2013 he released his latest album titled "No Apologies"

Discography :

Munma - 34 days E.P. - Incognito Records (2006)
Munma - black Tuesday E.P. - Incognito Records (2007)
Munma - Unholy Republic E.P. - Incognito Records (2008)
Munma - Previews & Premises - Altered Ear/Ruptured Records (2010)
El Rass & Munma - Unveiling the Hidden - Ruptured Records (2012)
Munma & Liliane Chlela - IMOC/Turbulence - Syrphe Records (2012)
Munma - No Apologies - Syrphe Records (2013)

Munma - 34 days E.P (2006)

34 Days’ is a set of 6 electro-ambient tracks by Jawad Nawfal, featuring minimal beats, ominous vocal samples, and a rich tapestry of interlocking, layered sounds. The album was recorded during Israel’s attacks on Lebanon in the summer of 2006, which explains to some extent the overall sombre and introspective mood of the tracks. At times, ’34 Days’ recalls the ethereal, hushed moods of Warp label artists such as Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin at his ambient best; with an oriental twist, added for good measure.

1. Yaqiin
2. Mind Over Matter
3. 3cc
4. Qana
5. Munma
6. Judas


Munma - Black Tuesday E.P (2007)

Munma return to the studio in 2007 to deliver the 2nd volume of what is rumored to be a trilogy, whose themes hover around the Lebanese-Israeli war of July 2006. The band's familiar layers of synthesized sounds are augmented with a formidable array of processed bleeps and glitches, excerpts from radio speeches and political discourses, as well as expertly diverted samples of traditional Arabic instruments. The only live electronics band of its kind in Lebanon has managed to deliver yet another haunting masterpiece, a record that seems to defy any possible categorization and labeling, posed somewhere between ambient soundscapes, moody electronica, and weary world music.

1. Pluie D'ete
2. Finem respice
3. Ambidextre
4. Dark water
5. IRM
6. Open source

Munma - Unholy Republic E.P (2008)

The third official release by Lebanese electronic artist JAWAD NAWFAL sees him revisiting familiar themes and musical landscapes, while displaying the possibility for some radical departures in the near future. 'UNHOLY REPUBLIC' is the third installment of what is commonly referred to as the "Fate trilogy", one that saw the day in the aftermath of the war waged by Israel on Lebanon in summer 2006. The first two releases, '34 Days' and 'Black Tuesday', were marked by ominous moods and atmospheres, sets of menacing clicks and glitches, which conveyed brilliantly the mind-set and feelings of the artist, regarding the crisis at hand.

'Unholy Republic' picks up where 'Black Tuesday' left, with rambling, brooding tracks haunted by static and radio noise. Reminiscences of Munma's previous releases abound, as well as musical nods to South American Murcof's output. Two collaborations with Nabil Saliba aka Trash Inc, serve as a timely reminder that Jawad Nawfal is equally at ease devising ambient landscapes and dancefloor "stompers". 'Unholy Republic' signals realms of possibilities for Munma's subsequent works.

1 Aegri Smnia
2 Time Collapse
3 Engram
4 Broken Chime
5 Deep Down
6 Exodus

Munma - Previews & Premises (2010)

1 Soft Integration
2 The Alchemist
3  Motion Sickness
4  Ear Damage
5   Explorer
6  Attention Disorder
7  It Came From Under The Sea
8 Munma - Bits and Dust


El Rass & Munma - Unveiling the Hidden/ Kachf el Mahjoub (2012)


Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the hidden is a musical collaboration between lebanese poet and musician Mazen el Sayed, otherwise known as El Rass (The Head), and Lebanese electronica artist Jawad Nawfal aka Munma. El Sayed is a prolific writer and musician, at ease with a variety of instruments, while Nawfal has previously released a number of albums and EPs, exploring downtempo electronica and ambient dubstep. The collision of
harsh beats and brazen, slammed vocals works wonders on Unveiling the Hidden, produced and released by independent Lebanese label Ruptured. Notorious for his masterful flow in the classical Arabic language, quite an uncommon phenomenon in Lebanon's exuberant rap scene, El Rass' lyrics tackle both social and political sensitive subjects. Munma, on the other hand, creates a sound-world perfectly fitting El Rass’ agitated discourse, alternating between broken beats, elaborate percussion, and ambient layers of synths. At times reminiscent of mutant hiphop outfit Shabazz Palaces, at others of the collaboration between dubstep producer Kode9 and vocalist The SpaceApe, this album is an uncanny meeting of Arabic hip-hop and electronica.

1 Fout 3a rassi - Enter the head
2 Tkhayal Conceive
3 Borkan Beirut
4 Rissala / Sub Litteral
5 3echq / Islamology
6 Sanadet / Treasury Bonds
7 Nou7 / The Noah
8 Yoga
9 7issar / Trojan
10 Min Tha2er / Les Justes
11 Majnoun Leila / Mad Is Laila
12 Tkhayal - Conceive (RadioKVM Remix)


الراس ومونما - كشف المحجوب El Rass & Munma - Unveiling the Hidden from dghaily on 8tracks Radio.

Munma - No Apologies (2013)


1 Early Early Morning 
2 Eastern Promises 
3 The Funeral 
4 Mirash 
5 Land Of Debris 
6 Yoga Revisited 
7 Astarté 
8 Gray Scale 
9 Astarté (RadioKvm Remix)
10 The Funeral (Kirdec Remix)  


(Source: Pirate Beirut, Ruptured)

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TRIPNOL : a Hip Hop project by Edd Abbas , Lipos & Elepheel

Tripnol is a collaborative experimental hip hop album from Beirut, Lebanon released on September 11th 2013.

The main players behind the album are producers Edd Abbas, Lipos, and Elepheel. Each track is the product of an exchange between at least two of the producers (except for three solo instrumentals from each), with features by Arabic language MCs which include Edd and Lipos themselves, Chakk, Fahrass, Qarar, and Zeinedin.

The subject matter of the material is a major departure from the standard Arabic hip hop formulas, as surreal stories are told and unconventional subjects are tackled, such as space mermaids, a drunken adventure, the environment and more.

(Source : Facebook)

Tripnol : la fantasia al potere

From left to right : Edd Abbas , Lipos, Elepheel

L'ultimo decennio ha visto il consolidamento di una scena musicale araba perfettamente in sintonia con la contemporaneità. Se alla fine degli anni '90 sembrava inusuale al pubblico occidentale vedere rappers e sperimentatori adottare la lingua araba per esprimere gioie e frustrazioni, attualmente queste sonorità sono state assimilate alla perfezione tanto che molti Mc's arabi sono presenti come ospiti in svariate produzioni europee e statunitensi.

La scena hip hop araba è cresciuta in proprio proponendo un nuovo modo di fare rap ; ha sfruttato l'esistente arricchendolo con il patrimonio orientale e, in molti casi, ha sviluppato sonorità avanguardistiche dimostrando di non essere un movimento estemporaneo. Mentre i suoni, dalle ingenue produzioni degli albori, si sono fatti più ricchi ed articolati , i testi delle produzioni rap sono rimasti invece incentrati su tematiche sociali e politiche. L'uso della rima è continuato ad essere in questi anni uno degli strumenti prediletti per denunciare abusi , testimoniare realtà opprimenti e smuovere coscienze .

Edd Abbas , voce solista del gruppo libanese Fareeq Al Atrash, ha deciso di uscire per un momento dalle questioni politiche e sociali e di dare spazio all'immaginazione o, per usare le sue parole : “ ho cercato di uscire dalla gabbia , ho scelto una direzione verso la quale ogni rapper arabo ha paura di andare.”

Il nome scelto per dar vita a queste intenzioni è Tripnol . Non si tratta di una proposta solista ma di un progetto collaborativo che vede la partecipazione dei Omar al Fil , in arte Elepheel , e Elie Nakhleh , in arte Lipos , produttore del gruppo rap libanese Jnoud Beirut (Beirut Soldiers).

Accomunati dal desiderio di allontanarsi dalle formule dell’ hip hop arabo standard e dall’intento di dare vita ad un progetto sonoro di natura più sperimentale , i tre produttori, ognuno portando in dote la propria individualità artistica , hanno realizzato un album che è un vero e proprio viaggio musicale. Suoni insoliti e ritmi ibridi fanno da sottofondo a testi surreali che narrano strane storie . L’incontro ravvicinato nello spazio di un astronauta solitario con una sirena, le allucinazioni di un ubriaco, un tizio in missione di vendetta contro gli alieni che gli hanno distrutto la casa. " Le canzoni raccontano tutte storie trippy " dice Abbas “ bisognava trovare il coraggio si smetterla di parlare di politica. L’hip hop è spesso considerato una forma musicale molto aggressiva. Volevamo costruire qualcosa che fosse davvero nuovo e per fare questo ci siamo affidati completamente alla nostra immaginazione.”

Umorismo, poesia ,surrealismo e sperimentazione sono i tratti distintivi dell’album , composto da 13 tracce, che rappresenta un superamento degli stili hip hop conosciuti. "Avevo comprato alcuni nuovi giocattoli , tra cui un controller midi dalle potenzialità infinite" dice Edd Abbas per spiegare le origini di questo progetto “ volevo creare una fusione tra le sonorità hip hop , il jazz,i suoni elettronici , il rock e il funk. In questo l’apporto di Elepheel ,grafico laureato alla Rafic Hariri University e vero sperimentatore che oltre al contributo musicale ha curato la grafica del progetto, è stato davvero determinante”

Ogni brano dell’album rappresenta una collaborazione di almeno due produttori ad eccezione di tre brani strumentali affidati ad ognuno di essi. A dar man forte al trio sono intervenuti vari membri della scena musicale libanese tra i quali : Chakk membro del gruppo rap Jnoud Beirut , John Imad Nasr ,Chyno e FZ membri del gruppo Fareeq al Atrash del quale anche Edd Abbas fa parte, Qarar, Zeinedine e Fahras  , giovane rapper di Beirut.

Presentato in anteprima il 21 Settembre 2013 allo Yukunkun club di Beirut con il sostegno di colleghi e amici , tra i quali il rapper egiziano Debb, il dj libanese Lethal Skillz e la cantante palestinese Hanouneh , il progetto è stato accolto molto calorosamente dal pubblico presente.

In un Libano dalla situazione politica incerta in cui tornano a farsi sentire i venti di guerra ben venga il progetto Tripnol che alla grevità della politica contrappone la forza della fantasia . Fa piacere vedere riproposto, dopo molti anni e forse inconsapevolmente, il concetto bakuniano racchiuso nella frase “La fantasia distruggerà il potere e una risata vi seppellirà “ . Molto si parla dei cambiamenti che dovrebbero intervenire nel mondo arabo e sempre ci si affida a teorie politiche tese a modificare statuti e costituzioni secondo uno schema che deve essere controllabile e , soprattutto, gradito all’occidente. Attraverso questo progetto, che solo ad uno sguardo ottuso può risultare leggero, Edd Abbas e compagni aggiungono un nuovo tassello all’effervescente scena culturale mediorientale. Quella scena che , contrastata ma inarrestabile, sta dando vita ad una rivoluzione dei costumi molto spesso deliberatamente ignorata dai media occidentali e che forse un domani partorirà cambiamenti  che nè politici nè analisti avrebbero potuto prevedere.

L’album è disponibile per l’ascolto in streaming e il
download gratuito presso la pagina Soundcloud dedicata al progetto.


Front cover by Elepheel

01 Sharrif   Feat. Chakk
02 Bouyout Mouhaddama   Feat. Edd & Walad

03 Space Mermaid   Feat. Fahras & Glong
04 Moul7ak    Feat. Qarar & Johnny Headbusta
05 Tubby Bye Bye
06 Wa7ad JnB   Feat. Zeinedine & Edd
07 Master Cosmic Spy
08 Track 5   Feat. Lipos

09 Maraya
10 Sahrawi   Feat. Edd
11 Akhdar   Feat. Chyno & Fz
12 Teesh   Feat. Deborah
13 Soltan El Jazz    Feat. Edd

Producers :

Edd Abbas : Tracks 2 4 6 9 11 12 13
Lipos : Tracks 2 4 5 8 13
Elepheel : Tracks 1 3 7 8 10


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S.O.P Band فرقة سوب / Scream Of Peace صرخة السلام


تتكون فرقة موسيقى الراب العربي"صرخة السلام (S.O.P)" من عضوين: فادي ,وأبو فارس، هم من مدينة أم الفحم الفلسطينية.
وتعتبر هذه الفرقة من الفرق المرموقة بـ منصة الراب الفلسطيني، وقد بدأت طريقها سنة 2005 تحت أسم (سوب)

وهي الأحرف الأولى من عبارة "Scream Of Peace" التي تعني: صرخة السلام.

و تدمج الفرقة موسيقى وألحانا ً مستوحاة من عدة حضارات مع حرصها على أن تكون الألحان الشرقية بكافة الأغاني على إيقاعات غربية لتتخذ أسلوبا ً مميزا ً وخاصا ً بها.

تختار الفرقة مواضيع عديدة لأغانيها منها السياسية والاجتماعية ، تستمدها من الحياة اليومية، فهي تحمل على أكتافها قضية الشعب الفلسطيني الذي حُرم من الحرية، وتحاكي أيضا ً هموم هذا الشعب داخل "الخط الأخضر" فتكافح العنصرية وكافة الظواهر والمظاهر الناجمة عن التحريض وغسل الدماغ – دفاعا ً عن الحريات والكرامات .

في نهاية عام 2010 تم افتتاح أستوديو خاص باسم "أستوديو سوب - SOP STUDIO" في مدينه أم الفحم، يعد من اكبر الاستوديوهات المتخصصة بالهيب هوب في فلسطين ويشمل أجهزة وتقنيات بمستوى رفيع وبمقاييس عالمية .

تم الانتهاء من إخراج أول البوم رسمي للفرقة بعنوان " مذكرات " وسيصدر إلى الأسواق في نهاية 2012 ويضم نتاجات الكثير من الفنانين المرموقين من داخل فلسطين وخارجها .

شاركت الفرقة بالكثير من المشاريع على صعيد محلي ودولي .. كمشروع "باص الهيب هوب" الذي كان بمشاركة بعض الفنانين العالميين كـ DJ Vega Benetton , Shadia Mansour , Lowkey والمزيد ..

تحظى الفرقة بتغطية إعلامية واسعة تسلط الضوء على كافة مشاريعها من عروض وأغان وأنشطة، كما تشارك في أول فيلم بعنوان "شبابيك2" للمخرج عمر أبو صيام .

ويتم الآن التحضير لجولة حفلات للفرقة في مختلف أنحاء الوطن العربي، والمزيد من المشاريع التي تهدف إلى النهوض بالمجتمع وإيصال رسالة هادفة ملتزمة بشأنه


The Arabic Rap band "SOP" is made of 2 rappers : Fadi & Abu Faris
and they both were born and raised in Um Al-Fahem city in Palestine .

This band considered to be one of the prestige at the stage of Palestenian Rap . It started it journey in
2005 under the name (SOP) these are the initials of Scream Of Peace "Sarkhet Al Salam"  in arabic 

The band combine music and melodies brought from some cultures and preserving for all the notes to be eastern
in all of their songs under western basses for it to take a special kind of its own .

The band chooses many topics of their songs, including the political, social, derived from daily life,
it carries on her shoulders the issue of Palestinian people who are deprived of liberty,
and simulate also the concerns of the people inside the "Green Line" fighting racism and all the
phenomena and manifestations caused by incitement and brainwashing - in defense of the freedoms and dignities.

The end of 2010 there was an opening to their own studio "SOP STUDIO" in the city of Umm al-Fahem,
one of the biggest studios specialized hip-hop in Palestine and includes equipment and techniques and a high level
of international standard.

Been completed, directed the first official album of the band entitled "Diaries" ((mothakarat)) will be issued to the market
at the end of 2012 and includes the products of many prominent artists from inside and outside Palestine.

The band have wide media coverage focuses on all of its projects and offers songs and activities,
is also involved in the first film entitled "Windows 2", directed by Omar Abu Siam.

And is now preparing for a tour of the band concerts in various parts of the Arab world, and more projects that aim to promote the community and is committed to delivering meaningful message about it.


I S.O.P ( acronimo di  Scream of Peace o detto in arabo "Sarkhet Al Salam" ) sono una Rap band proveniente dalla cittadina a maggioranza araba di Um al-Fahem , situata a nord dell' odierno stato di Israele. Il gruppo è composto da due giovani MC's :  Fadi Mahmeed , in arte semplicemente Fadi , e  Ahmad El Faris , in arte  Abu Faris.  

Attivo dal 2005  il duo combina nei propri brani melodie e beat di matrice occidentale con le note delle melodie classiche arabe.

Come molti altri gruppi rap palestinesi affontano tematiche che trattano il polico,il sociale, la deriva della vita quotidiana , la privazione della libertà ed il razzismo . Con i loro brani si propongo di contrastare il continuo lavaggio del cervello che l'amministrazione sionista somministra  alla popolazione palestinese . Il loro è un messaggio in difesa della dignità e della libertà

Alla fine del 2010 hanno aperto uno studio di registrazione in proprio ( S.O.P. Studio) dotato di attrezzature di elevato livello tecnico.

Alla fine del 2012 hanno assemblato un Mixtape contenente il lavoro della band a partire dal 2005. L'album , intitolato " Mudhakarat" ( Memorie), è stato realizzato con il contributo artistico di vari esponenti della scena musicale palestinese , non solo rap.
Tra i progetti in cui il gruppo è stato coinvolto figura anche la realizzazione di un film intitolato "Windows 2", diretto dal regista Omar Abu Siam.

(Source :


S.O.P Scream Of Peace صرخة السلام - Mudhakarat مذكرات  Diaries 2005-2012

01 intro مقدمة    
02 One life  الحياة مرة وحدة
03 My dream  حلمي    Feat. Jamil Nafar & Maysa Daw
04  Hold  on, Sea هدي يا بحر  Feat. Suhil fudi
05 BrainWash  غسيل دماغ
06 Knowing my self  اتعرف ع نفسي      Feat. Yousef Abu Sene
07 We do!Don't want to بدنا بدناش   Feat. Adi Krayem
08  Leave love alone سيبك من الحب  Feat. Jamil Nafar
09  My Mirror  مرايتي
10 We were living it  كنا عايشينها   Feat. Donia darawshi
11 The fake low القانون المزعوم    Feat. Darg Team, Malek Khawa Gitman Algeria
12 The secret   السر  Feat. Sabreena da Witch, Khalefa E, Saz, Miame, Laraboyz & Mohammed al Farra
13 Diaries مذكرات  Feat. Donia Darawshi
14 Saforyeh   صفورية تجمعنا Bonus track 2013
15 Umm Al Fahem   ام الفحم Bonus track 2013
16 burafar lan yamur   برافر لن يمر Bonus track 2013



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Arab tunes mixtape # 17 - The millions are here الملايين هنا


The famous Lebanese singer Julya Butrus became very well known, at the time of the first Palestinian intifada, because of a song, "Wayn al Malayyn?" (Where are the millions?), In which she urged the Arab brothers to action against the abuses (not just Zionists). In the song the singer asked. "Where are the millions of Arabs?'' Where is our people'" .... The million are here!

Dedicated to those who do not want to be mere spectators

La famosa cantante libanese Julia Butrus divenne molto nota ai tempi della prima intifada palestinese grazie ad una canzone, "Wayn al Malayyn?" (Dove sono i milioni?), nella quale esortava i fratelli arabi all'azione contro gli abusi (non solo sionisti) ed a non essere semplici spettatori della lotta palestine. Nel brano in questione la cantante si chiedeva : "Dove sono i milioni di arabi?'' Dove si trova il nostro popolo ?"

Questo mixtape vuole essere una parziale risposta alla domanda posta dalla brava artista libanese. Ecco dove dove sono i milioni, sono qui tra i giovani musicisti arabi. Tra i giovani rapper che hanno deciso di servirsi della parola per risvegliare le coscienze e per farsi modello delle generazioni future. Le speranze sono nella poesia di Aly Talibab e di al Far3i , nel genio di Boikutt (una delle migliori menti della sua generazione, un MC avanti anni luce rispetto a qualsiasi rapper esistente a livello globale), nella lucidità di Armada Bizerta e nella denuncia di El Rass e Al Madhi che nel brano   "Lampedusa" affrontano un tema che ci dovrebbe far vergognare tutti in quanto italiani.

Questo è hip hop creativo, non consolatorio, un pò incazzato ma sopratutto pensante.

Buon ascolto.

Dedicato a coloro che non vogliono essere semplici spettatori


01 Asifeh - 7elem fil pixel final azinni (Palestine)

02 El Rass & El Mahdy - Lampedusa (Lebanon)
03 Satti - Khalal (Jordan)
04 Aly Talibab - Al Kamal (Egypt)
05 Darwish & Bu Kulthum - hanyk hawn (Syria)
06 Ill Paz - Hash (Palestine) 
07 Armada Bizerta - min al sahra' ila al galid (Tunisia)
08 Edd Abbas - Hejra (Lebanon)
09 Dakn - Tawazzafa ( interlude) (Palestine)
10 Katibe 5 - Kuni Sabara (Lebanon-palestinian refugees)
11 Boykutt - Al Khawarizmiya Al Hissiya (Palestine)

12 El Far3i - Shu Beddak 2013 ? Feat.Munma (Jordan)
13 Shu3a3 - Kemya El Mukhaikh (Palestine) 

14 LaTlateh - Tada3i hurr (Syria)
15 Maqdsi - Rap Share3 (Palestine) 

16 Deeb - Disimbr (Egypt)
17 El 7ad - Aqzam Tiwal


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