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Fairuz فيروز - Selected discography (Reloaded & Revisited)

Nouhad Wadi Haddad ( نهاد حداد‎) (born November 21, 1935), known as Fairuz ( فيروز‎, also spelled Fairouz or Fayrouz, meaning "Turquoise" in Arabic) is a Lebanese singer who is among the most widely admired and deeply respected living singers in the Arab world.Her songs are constantly heard throughout the region, and still spark Lebanese national pride

Nouhad Haddad was born on 21 November 1935 in Lebanon into a Syriac Orthodox family of Southeastern Syrian descent, and later converted to Greek Orthodox Christianity. The family later moved into a home in cobblestone alley called 'Zuqaq el Blatt' in Beirut. Living in a single room of a typical Lebanese stone house facing Beirut's Greek Orthodox Patriarchate school, they shared a kitchen with the neighbours. Her father Wadīʿ was from Mardin and of the Syriac Orthodox faith,  and worked as a typesetter in a print shop. Lisa, her mother, stayed home and took care of her four children, Nouhad, Youssef, Hoda and Amal.

Nouhad was a shy child and did not have many friends at school. However, she was very attached to her grandmother who lived in Debbieh (Shuf area), where Nouhad used to spend her summer holidays. Nouhad seemed to enjoy the rural village life. During the day, Nouhad would help her grandmother with house chores and fetch fresh water from a nearby water spring. She would sing all the way to the spring and back. In the evening, Nouhad would sit by the candlelight with her grandmother, who would tell her stories.By the age of ten, Nouhad was already known at school for her unusual singing voice. She would sing regularly during school shows and on holidays. This was how she came to the attention of Mohammed Fleyfel, a well known musician and a teacher at the Lebanese Conservatory, who happened to attend one of the school's shows in February 1950. Impressed by her voice and performance, he advised her to enroll in the conservatory, which she did. At first, Nouhad's conservative father was reluctant to send her to the conservatory; however, he eventually allowed her to go on condition that her brother accompany her. That having been said, Nouhad's family as a whole encouraged her in her musical career.

Mohammed Fleyfel took a close interest in Nouhad's talent. Among other things, he taught her to recite verses from the Koran (in the Recitative style known as Tajweed). On one occasion, Nouhad was heard singing by Halim el Roumi, head of the Lebanese Radio Station and a prominent musician in his own right (also the father of the famous Lebanese singer Majida Roumi). Roumi was impressed by her voice and noticed that it had a rare flexibility that allowed her to sing both Arabic and Western modes admirably. At Nouhad's request, El Roumi appointed her as a chorus singer at the radio station in Beirut and went on to compose several songs for her. He chose for her the stage name Fairuz, which is the Arabic word for turquoise.

A short while later, Fairuz was introduced to the Rahbani brothers, Assi and Mansour, who also worked at the radio station as musicians.,and they discovered her talent, The chemistry was instant, and soon after, Assi started to compose songs for Fairouz, one of which was 'Itab (the third song he composed for her), which was an immediate smash hit in all of the Arab world, establishing Fairuz as one of the most prominent Arab singers on the Arabic music scene. Assi and Fairuz were married on 23 January 1955.

Fairuz and Assi had four children: Ziad, a musician and a composer, Layal (died in 1987 of a brain stroke), Hali (paralysed since early childhood after meningitis) and Rima, a photographer and film director.

Fairuz's first large-scale concert was in 1957, as part of the Baalbeck International Festival which took place under the patronage of the Lebanese President Camille Chamoun. She performed alongside the British prima ballerina Beryl Goldwyn and the Ballet Rambert. Fairuz was paid one Lebanese pound for that show. Musical operettas and concerts followed for many years, eventually establishing Fairuz as one of the most popular singers in Lebanon and throughout the Arab world.

In 1971, Fairuz's fame became international after her major North American tour, which was received with much excitement by the Arab-American and American community and yielded very positive reviews of the concerts.

On September 22, 1972, Assi suffered a brain hemorrhage and was rushed to the hospital. Fans crowded outside the hospital praying for him and lighting candles. After three surgeries, Assi's brain hemorrhage was halted. Ziad Rahbani, the eldest son of Fairuz and Assi, at age 16, gave his mother the music of one of his unreleased songs "Akhadou el Helween" (that he had composed to be sung by Marwan Mahfouz in "Sahriyyi" Ziad's first play) and his uncle Mansour Rahbani re-wrote new lyrics for it to be called "Saalouni n'Nass" (The People Asked Me) which talked about Fayrouz being on stage for the first time without Assi. Three months after suffering the hemorrhage, Assi attended the premiere performance of that musical "Al Mahatta" in Piccadilly Theatre on Hamra Street. Elias Rahbani, Assi's younger brother, took over the orchestration and musical arrangement for the performance.

Within a year, Assi had returned to composing and writing with his brother. They continued to produce musicals, which became increasingly political in nature. After the Lebanese Civil War erupted, the brothers continued to use political satire and sharp criticism in their plays. In 1977, their musical "Petra" was shown in both the Muslim western and Christian eastern portions of Beirut.

In 1978, the trio toured Europe and the Persian Gulf nations, including a concert at the Paris Olympia. As a result of this busy schedule, Assi’s medical and mental health began to deteriorate. Fairuz and the brothers agreed to end their professional and personal relationship in 1979. Fairuz began to work with a production team helmed by her son, Ziad Rahbani, and Assi and Mansour composed for other artists such as Ronza.

During the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990), Fairuz never left Lebanon to live abroad and did not hold any concerts there with the exception of the stage performance of the operetta "Petra", which was performed in both the Western and Eastern parts of the then-divided Beirut in 1978. However, during that time period, Fairuz held many very successful and record-breaking concerts and tours in numerous countries around the world.

She made her first European TV appearance on French TV on May 24, 1975, in a "Carpentier special show" called "Numero 1" dedicated to French star Mireille Mathieu. She sang one of her big hits "Habbaytak Bissayf" and was thanked and embraced after performing it by Mireille Mathieu.

After the artistic divorce between Fairouz and the Rahbani Brothers in 1979, Fairuz carried on with her son, composer Ziad Rahbani, his friend the lyricist Joseph Harb, and composer Philemon Wehbe.

Fairuz made a second and final European Television appearance on French TV on 13 October 1988 in a show called Du côté de chez Fred. Fairuz, who had scheduled a concert at the POPB of Paris Bercy concert hall three days later on 16 October, was the main guest of French TV presenter Frédéric Mitterrand, today France's Minister of Culture (2009). The program features footage of her rehearsals for her concert at Bercy in addition to the ceremony featuring then French Minister of Culture Jack Lang awarding Fairuz the medal of "Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres". It also includes a video montage of her previous movies and concerts. In that show, Fairuz also sang the three songs "Ya hourrié", "Yara" and "Zaali tawwal".

In the 1990s, Fairuz produced six albums (two Philemon Wehbe tributes with unreleased tracks included, a Zaki Nassif album, three Ziad Rahbani albums, and a tribute album to Assi Rahbani orchestrated by Ziad) and held a number of large-scale concerts, most notably the historic concert held at Beirut's Martyr's Square in September 1994 to launch the rebirth of the downtown district that was ravaged by the civil war. She appeared at the Baalbeck International Festival in 1998 after 25 years of self-imposed absence where she performed the highlights of three very successful plays that were presented in the 1960s and 1970s.

She also performed a concert in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena in 1999 which was attended by over 16,000 spectators, mostly Arabs. Ever since, Fairuz has held sold out concerts at the Beiteddine International Festival (Lebanon) from 2000 to 2003, Kuwait (2001), Paris (2002), the United States (2003), Amman (2004), Montreal(2005), Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Baalbeck, BIEL (2006), Athens, Amman (2007) Damascus, and Bahrain (2008).

Fairuz now works exclusively with her composer son Ziad. Her first album in the new millennium "Wala Keef", was released in 2002.

Her 2008 performance in Damascus caused considerable controversy in Lebanon, given the tense relationship between Lebanon and Syria. Several members of parliament publicly asked her to cancel the concert. She went to Syria where she was received by a crowd of 7000 fans, screaming her name at the borders, as her car passed into Syrian grounds. Mosques and prayers on radio were all held back as Fairouz's songs played day and night through almost every media outlet in the Syrian nation. Radio channels, TV channels, the Syrian satellite broadcasters, restaurants and cafes, and newspapers were all focused on Fairuz's legendary return after 20 years absence. However big the controversy was, it seems it has not affected her popularity in Lebanon as she held the Orthodox Good Friday Prayer Mass in West Beirut as hundreds and hundreds crowded the church premises.

Fairuz's new album entitled "Eh... Fi Amal" was released on 7 October 2010, produced by Fairuz productions and written entirely by Ziad Rahbani. Two concerts took place at BIEL Center in Beirut, Lebanon on 7th and 8 October. Fairouz’s last appearance in Beirut was in December 2006 during the re-make of the play “Sah El Nom” by the Rahbani brothers. Later a concert in Bahrain was cancelled in March 2011. She performed in Netherlands for the first time in Amsterdam on 26 June 2011.

Fairuz has performed in many countries around the globe including Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and her home country Lebanon.

Fairuz has performed in many venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1962, the New York Carnegie Hall in 1971, the London Palladium in 1978, L'Olympia de Paris in 1979, London'sRoyal Festival Hall in 1986, the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles (1971, 1981, and 2003), the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. (1981 and 1987) among many others (for the complete concert chronology, see Fairuz Concerts).

Fairuz has yielded record-breaking performances in almost every concert she has held around the world. Fairuz, Assi, and Mansour have become the most famous and dominant music production phenomenon in the Arab world, and their music has spread beyond the Arab world to Europe, the Americas, and Australia.

Of Fairuz's numerous concerts, few are officially released. They are the Damascus 1960, Olympia 1979 concert (audio and video released in the 1980s), USA tour 1981, Jarash 1983, Royal Festival Hall London 1986, USA tour 1987, Baalbek 1998 (Video), Las Vegas 1999 concert (on DVD with make over and rehearsals), Beiteddine 2000 and Dubai 2001 (on DVD, it includes parts from concerts in 1997 and 2002 as well as rehearsals from 2001 and 2002 concerts, released May 2008). Pirated versions of other concerts exist: Kuwait 1966, Syria and Egypt 1976, Olympia 1979, Australia 1984, Syria 1985, Bahrain 1987, France 1988, Kuwait1989, Cairo 1989, London 1994, Beirut 1994, and parts of the four Beiteddine concerts (2000–2003), Parts of Dubai concerts (1990–2006), Paris 2002, Amman 2004, Canada 2005, parts of the play Sah Ennawm which was performed in Beirut (2006), Athens 2007 and Bahrain 2008. On June 26, 2011 Fairuz performed in the Royal Carre Theater in Amsterdam, Netherlands. On December 2011, Fairuz performed 5 concerts on Platea Theatre in Sahel Alma in Lebanon, on 9, 10, 16, 17 and 23 December, where the theater accommodates for 4,000 person approximately.

Musical plays or operettas were the cornerstone works of the Rahbani Trio, Fairuz, Assi and Mansour. The Rahbani Brothers produced 25 popular musical plays (20 with Fairuz) over a period of more than 30 years. They were possibly the first to produce world-class Arabic musical theatre.

The musicals combined storyline, lyrics and dialogue, musical composition varying widely from Lebanese folkloric and rhythmic modes to classical, westernized, and oriental songs, orchestration, and the voice and acting of Fairuz. She played the lead roles alongside singers/actors Nasri Shamseddine, Wadih El Safi, Antoine Kerbaje, Elie Shouayri (Chouayri), Hoda (Fairuz's younger sister), William Haswani, Raja Badr, Siham Chammas (Shammas), Georgette Sayegh and many others.

The Rahbani plays expressed patriotism, unrequited love and nostalgia for village life, comedy, drama, philosophy, and contemporary politics. The songs performed by Fairuz as part of the plays have become immensely popular among the Lebanese and Arabs around the world.

The Fairuz-Rahbani collaboration produced the following musicals (in chronological order):
Ayyam al Hassad (Days of Harvest – 1957)
Al 'Urs fi l’Qarya (The Wedding in the Village – 1959)
Al Ba'albakiya (The Girl from Baalbek) – 1961)
Jisr el Amar] (Bridge of the Moon – 1962)
Awdet el 'Askar (The Return of the Soldiers – 1962)
Al Layl wal Qandil] (The Night and the Lantern – 1963)
Biyya'el Khawatem (Ring Salesman – 1964)
Ayyam Fakhreddine (The Days of Fakhreddine – 1966)
Hala wal Malik (Hala and the King – 1967)
Ach Chakhs (The Person – 1968–1969)
Jibal Al Sawwan (Sawwan Mountains – 1969)
Ya'ich Ya'ich (Long Live, Long Live – 1970)
Sah Ennawm (Did you sleep well? – 1970–1971 – 2006–2008)
Nass min Wara' (People Made out of Paper – 1971–1972)
Natourit al Mafatih (The Guardian of the Keys – 1972)
Al Mahatta (The Station – 1973)
Loulou – 1974
Mais el Reem (The Deer's Meadow – 1975)
Petra – 1977–1978
Elissa – 1979 (Never performed due to the separation of Fairuz and Assi)
Habayeb Zaman the old friends – 1979 (Never performed due to the separation of Fairuz and Assi)

Most of the musical plays were recorded and video-taped. Eighteen of them have been officially released on audio CD, two on DVD (Mais el Reem and Loulou). A pirated version of Petra and one pirated live version of Mais el Reem in black and white exist. Ayyam al Hassad (Days of Harvest) was never recorded and Al 'Urs fi l’Qarya (The Marriage in the Village) has not yet been released (yet a pirated audio record is available).

Fairuz فيروز -   Raji'oun راجعون

01  Raji'oun
02 Ahtarif El-Houzn Wal Intizar
03 Raji'aat Fil Masa'
04 Ya Jisran Khashabiyan
05 Jisr el-Awda
06 Ya Sahir Al-Aineyn
07 Inda Himaha
08 Ba'dana Man Yaqsud Al-Koroum
09 Baldati Ghabatun Jameela
10 Marraytou Bishawareh'


Fairuz فيروز - Ishar اسهار

01  Isahr
02  Khayef A'oul Elli Fi Albi
03 Ya Garit El-Wadi
04  Sakan Al-Leyel
05 Habbaytek Wu Shouq In'al
06 Dakhilek Ya Oummi
07 Daq Al-Hawa Ala Al-Bab
08 Fayiq Wala Nassi


Fairuz فيروز - Good Friday  Eastern Sacred Songs ترانيم الجمعة الحزينة


01 Anal Oum Ek-Hazim
02 Torok Ourashaleem
03 Y Achabi Ou Sabbi
04 Kamat Mariyam
05 Wa Habibi
06 El Youm Ollika
07 Ya Yassouh El Hayat Nouazimak
08 Kamel El Ajyale
09 Estaneret
10 El Massih Kaam


 Fairuz فيروز - Return of the Soldiers عودة العسكر

 01 Shalhat Al Harir
02 Allah Mehayi Askarna
03 Turukat Essawahel
04 Hely Arreh
05 Betetloj Eddene
06  Muafa Ya Asskarlubnan
07  Berjak Id
08  Helu Ya Saharna
09 Khedni
10 Baadak Ala Bali
11 Sa' Al El Helu
12 Lubnan 'El Akhdar

Fairuz فيروز -  Andaloussiyat اندلسيات

01 Arja'i Ya Alf Laila
02 Ballegh ho Ya Kamarou
03 Law Kan Qalbi Ma'i
04 Ya Man Hawa
05 Ja'at Mo'adhibati
06 Qad Ataka Ya'tazir
07 Law Ta'alamina
08 Arja'i Ya Alf Layla
09 La Tasa'aluni
10 Ya Shadil Alhan
11 Ya Khalilayya
12 Ya Waheed El-Ghid
13 Hajabuha
14 Ya Ghusna Naka
15 Jadak El-Ghaythou
16 Ya Laylou El-Sa'bbou
17 Lamlamtou Zikra


Fairuz فيروز -   Jerusalem In My Heart القدس في البال

01 Zahrat El Mada' En
02 El Kod's El Atika
03 Sayfonn Faliyoush' Har 
04 Ghaba Naharon Akhar
05 Yafa
06 Bessan
07 Sanarjaou Yaoumann



Fairuz فيروز -  Reminiscing With Fairuz والذكريات


02 Ya Ghozayel
03 Nahna Wal Amar
04 Ya Helou Ya Amar
05 Ya Mayila 'Al Ghousoun
06 Al Bint Al Chalabiya
07 Nehna Widyab El Ghabat
08 la Raiya
09 Azzaynou Ezzainou
10 Ya Rabi
11 Kaif Halak Ya Jar
12 Ya Henayena
13 Halalaya
14 Taht El Ariche
15 Debna Ouma Tebna
16 Al Yadi El Yadi


Fairuz فيروز -  Damascus Festival   معرض دمشق الدولي

01  Khuzni Beaynayk 
02   Koltelha
03   Wakefly
04  Sketch Mereh
05  Katabna ou Ma Katabna 
06  Barda Barda
07  Ya Mal Esham
08  Al Lala Oul Lala 
09  Souk El Hamediyye 
10  Ya Leyl Essab (
11  Sketch El Beyah 
12  Telly Ou Henne Al Oushak
13  El Aan Ou Leyss Ghadan


Fairuz فيروز -  Bint El Harass بنت الحارس

01 Nassam Alayna El-Hawa
02  Itla'i Ya 'Arusa
03 Alla Tenam Rima
04 Tir Ya Tayara
05  Ya Akedal Hagebayne
06  Tik Tik Tik
07 Amara Ya Amara
08  Ya Gabal Illi B'id
09 Habibi Baddoul Amar
10  Dehek Ellouz
11 Yedour Eddouri


 Fairuz فيروز -  Loulou لولو


01 First Introduction 2'13"
02 Addoukhoul 1'37"
03 Ahla Bi Loulou 2'33"
04 Insa? Keif? 2'25"
05 Fi Bayt El Kadi 4'14"
06 Fi Kahwa al Mafreq 2'42"
07 Loulou Wel Bouaji 2'35"
08 El Kadi We Loulou 2'58"
09 El Doctor We Loulou 2'25"
10 Santa Lucia 1'09"
11 Kanou Ya Habibi 4'33"
12 Hak El Chab 2'50"
13 El Boyaji We Martou 1'08"
14 Boya Boya 2'59"
15. Doukhoul Kabadayat 2'54"
16 El Boyaji we Nayef 1'19"
17 Fares We Loulou 2'15"
18 Min Ezz Elnawm 4'27"
19 Loulou We Nayef 3'
20 Allah Ma'ak 3'22"


01 Second Introduction 1'51"
02 Raji'in Ya Hawa 5'23"
03 Hayyi El Marajel 3'49"
04 Sayf El Marajel 1'34"
05 Mawal Dar El Layali 1'04"
06 Dabket Kabadayat 3'01"
07 Ikhtifa Al Boyaji 2'15"
08 Chou Bikon Ya Ammi 2'11"
09 Nattarouna Ktir 3'45"
10  Loulou Wel Doctor 1'25"
11 Elkadi, El Moufawad 48"
12 Ya Biya'a Khidini 2'56"
13 Mart Kadi We Moufawad 1'59"
14 Yalla Ya Ikhwan 1'35"
15 Al Hob El Hob 2'15"
16 Kif Lkitilli Halsofra 1'57"
17 Kabadayat We Moufawad 1'39"
18 Music 1'48"
19 E Viva 2'24"
20 Rakset Samia 1'47"
21 Kan Enna Tahoon 2'49"
22 Finale 3'09"

HERE Part 1

HERE Part 2



Fairuz فيروز -  Christmas Hymns  تراتيل الميلاد


01 Carillons
02 Sawt El Eid (Silent Night)
03 Laylet Eid (Jingle Bells)
04 Salj Salj
05 Najmet Eid (Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes)
06 Ya Mariyam El Bekr
07 Carillons
08 Souhan El Kalemat 

09 Arsalallah
10 Ya Oum Allah


 Fairuz فيروز -  Wahdon

01 Habaitak Ta Naseet Al Naoum
02 Baatliak
03 Ana Indi Haneen
04 Al Bostah
05 Wahdon


 Fairuz فيروز - Lebanon forever لبنان الحقيقي جاي

01 Hkili Hkili An Baladi
02 Rejeet Al Assfoura
03 Watani
04 Fi Ahwa Al Mafrak
05 Zenobia
06 Assidat Loubnan
07 Ya jabal eshekh
08 Rudani ela biladi
09 bedna n'kammel


 Fairuz فيروز - Fairuz In Concert At The Olympia

 01  Ehkeeli
 02  Hymne A Paris 
 03 Rudani Ela Biladi
 04  Al Bosta
 05 Khedni
 06 Bhebbak Ya Loubnan 
 07  Ya Tayr Al Warwar
 08 Sheherazade
 09 Talel Ala "Debke" 
 10 Dabke 
 11 Habaytak  Bessayf
 12 Sakkarou  Esh shawarea
 13 Wasel alina


 Fairuz فيروز – Soirée Avec Fairuz   Vol. 2  سهرة مع فيروز   الجزء الثاني

01  Itab

02 Min Dallak 
03 Ghire  
04 Ya Ba Lala  
05 Daket Ala Sadri
06 Wakef Ya Asmar
07 Raj'a


 Fairuz فيروز - Chante Philemon Wehbe  فيروز تغني فيلمون وهبي  vol.1 

01  Jaybeli Salam
02 Ya Rayt Mennon 
03 Lamma Al Bab 
04 Ana Khaoufi 
05 Attahuneh 
06  Katabna Ou Ma Katabna 
07 Ya Mersal El Marassil 
08 Ya Dara Douri Fina 
09 Min Ezz Ennoum B'tesrekni 
10 Sayyef Ya Sayf 
11 Ya Karm El Alaly 
12 Tiri Ya Tayara


Fairuz فيروز – Al Mahabba المحبة

01 Ya Nassima Douja
02 Aatini Nay
03 La Tass'alouni
04 Kad Ataka Ya'tazirou
05 Ya Aakidal Hajibayni
06 Sakana Elleil
07 Rudani Ela Biladi
08 Assidat Loubnan
09 Almahaba


Fairuz فيروز -   Ma'rifti Feek معرفتي فيك


01 Khaleek Bil-Beyt
02 Introduction 84
03 Al-Oula
04 Rah Nib'a Sawa
05 Ma'rifti Feek
06 I'ada 83
07 Li-Beirut
08 Ayntoura
09 Ma Idirt Nseet
10 Oudak Ranan
11 Al-Thaniya


Fairuz فيروز - Shat Iskenderia شط اسكندرية

01 Shat Iskandria
02 Ams Intahena
03 Fatahun Alai
04 Rejeat Fi Al Massa
05 Min Rawabina Al Amar
06 Saied Al Hawa
07 Yabki Wa Yadhak
08 Ya Zairi Fi Al Dhwha
09 Akoulu Litiflati
10 Kal Ya Lana
11 Najmat Al Kutob


Fairuz فيروز -  Christmas Carols From East And West St. Margaret's, Westminster

01 Amano Morio
02 Talj, Talj
03 Shobho
04 Laylet Eid
05 Adeste Fideles
06 Hallelu Halleluja
07 Kenna Nzayyen Shajra Zghiri
08 Eid El Dini.
09 Tzakkar Ya Habibi
10 Bizet Carol
11 Rooh Zourhon Bibaython
12 Ayyad El Layl
13 We Wish You A Merry Christmas 


Fairuz فيروز - At The Royal Festival Hall London في الرويال فستفال هول

01 Introduction 83 
02 Shatty Ya Deney 
03 Addeysh Kan Fi Nass  
04 Sanarjiou Yaoumann
05 Nassam Aalayna Lhawa  
06 Heyla Ya Wasse'
07 Instrumental Tadmor 
08 Wahdonn 3:25
09 Nehna Ouel Amar Jirane  
10 Khodni 
11 Beoulou Z'ghayyar Baladi
12 Trab Antoura 
13 Zourouni



Fairuz فيروز  - Bi Layl We Shiti     بليل وشتي   


01Lamma 'Al Bab
02 Eswaret El Aroos
03 Bi Leyl W Chiti
04 Asamina


Fairuz ‎  فيروز    -  Fairuz Chante Zaki Nassif تغني زكي ناصيف

01  Aa Droub El Hawa 
02  Saharetna'l Basmate 
03   Men Yaoum Tgharrabna 
04  Oummi'l Habiba 
05  Ahwak 
06    Bnadilak Ya Habibi 
07   Fawk Hatika'lrouba  
08   Aabali Ya Amar 
09  Ya Bani Oummi



 Fairuz فيروز - Kifak Inta كيفك انت

01 Oughniat Al Wadaa
02 Fikon Tinsoo
03 Mukadima 87
04 Ya Laili Laili
05 Iaada
06 Prova (Kifak Inta)
07 Kifak Inta
08 Dhia'anou
09 Fi Shi Am'bisseer
10 Indi Thika Feek
11 Mush Kissa Hai


 Fairuz فيروز -  Ya Rayeh   يارايح

01 Ya Rayeh
02 Al Bouab
03 Warakou Al Assfar
04 Fayek Ya Hawa
05 Leylie Bterjaa Ya Leyl
06 Tele'li Al Biki
07 Bi Karm El Loulou
08 Ala Jisr El Laouzieh



 Fairuz فيروز  –  To Assy  إلى عاصي

01 Jisr El-Amar (Music) 
02 Nihna Wil Amar 
03 Ana La Habibi 
04 Yara  
05 Bhibbak Ma Ba’rif  
06 Ya Mhairitil Alali 
07 Ala Mahlak  
08 Buqtuflak Bass  
09 Shalik Rafraf (
10 Shatti Ya Dinyi  
11 Ya Tayr / Ya Hajal 
12 Hela Ya Wase’  
13 Nassam Alayna El-Hawa
14 Bi’dou El-Habayib  
15 Taht El-Ariche
16 Habbaytek Wu Shouq In’al 
17 Ya Horrieyh 
18 Jisr El-Amar 2 (music)  

 Fairuz فيروز -  Houmoum El Hob هموم الحب

01 Houmum Al Hob
02 Laeb El-Risha.
03 .Laydom Eghtrabi
04 Asfour El Shagan.
05 .Morawej El Sondos
06 Shames El Atfal.
07 Am Yelaabo El Welad.
08 Bedi Khaberkon.
09 Omen
10 Lemin El Hedya
11 Eyam El Eid


Fairuz فيروز -  Mechwar  مشوار

01 Mechwar 
02 Tabka Mayel
03 Marjouha 
04 Bektoflak Bas
05 Bektob Ismak 
06  La Teetab Alayi 
07 La Enta Habibi  
08  Lachou El Haki 
09 Ya Helou 
10 Baadak Ala Bali 
11 Ma Fi Hada 
12 Ya Amar Anaweyak 
13 Alou El Ida 
14 Bhebak Ma Baaref 
15 Ya Rayt
16 A Ismak Ghanayt


 Fairuz فيروز -  Ya Tara Nessina

01 Ya Oud 
02 Samara Yam Ouyoun Wssaa 
03 Ya Emm El Aln El Kahla  
04 Sarlou Zaman El Helou  
05 Baada El Layall 
06 Ya Tara Nessina
07 Smeena  
08 Boukra Byiji Nissan 
09 Rih El Chimall 
10 Ya Rabeena  
11 Aal Yadi Al Yadi  
12 Ma Ahla El Rajaa Bakir 
13 Ya Roubouaa Biladi 
14 Oumml 
15 Kermalak  
16 Maghour Albi



Fairuz فيروز - Qassa'id قصائد

01 Mourra Bi 

02 Sailini
03 Nassamat
04 Ya Sham Aada'l Sayf 

05 Qara'tou Majdaki
06Ya rouba
07 Sham Ya Zal Sayf 

08 Khodni B'aaynayk


Fairuz فيروز - Ana Ou Sehrani انا وسهرانة

01 Ya Qamar Ala Daretna
02 Ya Hala Ya Habibi 
03. Ghali El Dahab
04 Gulnar
05 Ana Ou Senrani
06 Oummi Ya Malaki
07. Ya Habibi Koullama
08 Ghibi Ou La Tghibi
09 Al Ouda El Mensiyyi
10 Shal
11 Yara
12 Yaoum Ou Yaoumain
13 Betchouf Boukra
14 Reddi Mandilik Reddi
15 Ana La Habibi


Fairuz فيروز - Safirat Al 'Arab

01 Qassedat Al-Imarat
02 Min That Hal Arze
03 Kan Yama Kan
04 Ouhibbou Dimashq
05 Bilghar Kullilti
06 Jordan
07 Al-Kuwait


 Fairuz فيروز - Mish Kayen Hayk Tkoun

01  Sallimli Aleyh
02 Ja'at Mo'adhibati
03 Daq Khulqi
04 Ishta'tillak
05 Wa Li Fouad
06 Tidhkeer
07 Law Ta'lameen
08 Uhibbu Min Al-Asma'
09 Mish Kayen Hayk Tkoun
10  Wa Kamh


 Fairuz فيروز - Fairuz Sings Ziad Rahbani

01 Salimleh alayh
02 Oudak Rannan
03 Al Bostah
04 Kifak Inta
05 Maarifti Feek
06 Oghiniat Al Wadaa
07 Aloula
08 Dak Khilkeh
09 Indi Thika Feek
10 Mush Kissa Hai
11 Mish Kayen Hayek Tkoum
12 Baatilak

HERE part 2

Fairuz فيروز -   Anashid اناشـيد

01 Allayl Anashid Wel 'Omen Maoa'eed 
02 Ardouna .. Anshodat Elzaman 
03 'ain Elrouman 
04 Almalha Alakhder 


 Fairuz فيروز - Yas'ed Sabahak يسعد صباحك

01 Yas'ed Sabahak
02 Arabiyit Lamia
03 La Tinsi Ana Huna
04 Zar Biskoun El-Leyl
05 Ihkeeli
06 Ya Dar Bitlouh
07 Leyl El-Eid
08 Marhaba Marhaba
09 Un Hobbak Ghannayna
10 Baytna Fi El-Jazeera
11 Qussat El-Ward


Fairuz فيروز -  Wala Kif

01 Sabah Wu Masa (Morning and Evening)
02 Shu Bkhaf (Manha de de Carnaval) (How I Fear)
03 Sobhil Jiz (My Comrade)
04 Tinzakar Ma Tinaad (May History Not Repeat Itself!)
05 Ya Mariamu (Saint Mary)
06 Ana Fezaani (I Feel So Afraid)
07 Bizakker Bil Kharif (Les Feuilles Mortes) (He Reminds Me of Autumn)
08 Wallah (La Bamba) (Never)
09 Inshallah Ma Bu Shi [I Hope He Is Doing Fine]
10 Bizakker Bil Kharif [Take 2]


Fairuz فيروز -  Eh Fi Amal   إيه في أمل

01 Al Ayel
02 Ossa Zghiri Ktir 
03 Kel Mal Haki 
04 Kbiri Mazha Hay 
05 Allah Kbir  
06 Al Ardou Lakoum  
07 Ma Chawart Hali  
08 Diar Bakr  
09 El Bint El Chalabiya 
10 Eh Fi Amal 
11 Bektob Asamihon
12 Tel El Zaatar 


Fairuz فيروز -  Fayrouz   فيروز   

01 Behabak Ya Lebnan 

02  Ghannaito Mecca 
03 Akher Ayam Elsayyfieh  
04  Sa'alouni Alnas 
05  Nassam Alyna Alhawa 
06 Allah Ma'ek Ya Hawana 
07 Sakana Ellayl 
08 Shatty Ya Daneii 
09 Ya Mayelah AlGhouson 
10  Khatat Adamkon 

Fairuz فيروز -   The Golden Songs الاغاني الذهبية

01 Sanarjou Ya'ouman
02 Ams 'intahaina
03 Teb'a Mayel
04 Latat'ab Alayi
05  Habibi Baddoul Amar
06 Ya Tayr
07 Lamlamtou zikra
08  I'dla'aya Aroussa
09 Shayef el Bahr shou Kbir
10 Amara Ya Amara
11 Zouri Zouri
12 Dar'ajil Ward
13 Inda Himaha
14  Habbou Badoun
15 Min Ezz Ennawm
16 Fairouz - Yedour Eddouri
17  Q'alaya Bayitan
18  Kenna Netla'a
19  Imani Sate'


Fairuz فيروز - The Very Best نخبة من اجمل الاغاني

01 Habbeytak Bessayf
02 Addaysh Kan Fi Nass
03  Zahrat Al Mada'en
04 Ya Moukhtar El Makhatir
05 Shady
06 Kan El Zaman
07 El Kods Alatika
08 Shayef El Bahr Shou Kbir
09 Ya Ana Ya Ana
10 A'atini Naya
11 Sanarja'ou Yaoumann
12 Al Bint El Chalabiyeh
13 Ya Tayr
14 Dabket Loubnan


 Fairuz فيروز - Immortal Songs الأغاني الخالدة

01  Ouzkourouni
02 Ya Laure Hobouki
03 Yaman Yahinou
04 Ya Mit Masa
05 Marmar Zamani
06 Dabkeh Almej
07 Lamlamtou Zikra
08 Bkoukhna Yabni
09 Radich
10 Loubnan Ya Akhdar Helou
11   Tango Ya Zanbak
12  Daraj El Ward
13  Al Kitaf
14  Tel'et Ya Mahla Nourha
15  Zourouni


Fairuz فيروز - The Legendary Fairuz

01 Beirut Hal Zarafat
02 Ya Mina El Hadayab 
03 Amman
04 Al Kuwait
05 Hamaltu Beirut
06 Misr Ada
07 Baghdad Wal Chouarra


Fairuz فيروز - Golden Hits Vol2

01 Sa'alouni Ennass
02 Habaitak Ta Neseet Al Naoum
03 Biktob Ismak Ya Habibi
04 Sallimleh Alayh
05 Ya Tayer
06 Asamina
07 Ana La Habibi
08  Shady
09 Min Ezz El-Nowm
10 Fayek Ya Hawa
11 Ma Kedert Neseet
12 Yara
13 Nassam Alayna El Hawa
14 Oudak Rannan
15 Jayibli Salam
16 Khattit Adamkun


Fairuz فيروز -  Allamouni   علموني

01 Ghibi Oulat Ghibi
02  'S'har
03  Allamouni
04  Enabiya
05  Oummi Ya Malaki
06  Lachou el Haki
07 Jabaliye
08  La'eb Elrisha
09 Ya Ak'dal hajibayni
10  Beddi Habirkoun
11 Dahilik Ya Immi
12 Douara Addouara
13 Khaifa'oulil
14 Ya Zanbar - Tango
15  Dehek Ellouz
16 Marjouha
17 Alu al Ida
18  Yallatenam Rima


Fairuz فيروز - El Qods El Aatika القدس العتيقة

01  Bhebbak Ya Haoua
02  Rajîine Ya Haoua03 - Eenabya
04  El Qods El Aatika
05  El Zahrata Mada'ine
06  Sanarjiôou Yaoumane
07  Un Chadi w
08  Ehkili Aan Baladi.
09  Teb'a Bladna
10   Roddani Ila Biladi
11  El Lobnane Akhdhar.
12   Li Beirut
13   Ouatani.
14  El Baâdou Habayeb

Fairuz فيروز -   Chillout Classics (By Ziad Rahbani)

01 Sabah Wu Masa
02 Ana Fezaani
03 Sallimleh Alayh
04 Dak Khilqeh
05 Mish Kayen Hayk T’koun 
06 Oghneyat Al Wadaa
07 Kifak Inta
08  Fi Shi Am Biseer
09 Andi Thika Feek
10 Khalleek Bil Bayet 
11 Al Oula 
12 M’arefti Feek
13 Ma Qdert Nsit 
14 Al Thanieh 
15 Al Bosta 
16 Wahdon 


Fairuz فيروز - Fairuziat vol.1 فيروزيات 

01 Aateny Al-Nay Wa Ghani - Kadesh Kan Fi Nass - Shatt Eskenderia
02  Baktob Esmak Ya Habibi - Ya Um Soliman - Khaleek BelBayt
03 Shayef El-Baher Sho Kbir - Regeat El-Shetwya
04 Ya Ana Ya Ana/Bainy We Baynak Ya Hal Liel - Ya Sneen Elly Rah Tergaely
05 Sakan El-Lyle - Mays El-Reem
06 Rah Nebka Sawa - El-Bosta - Tayer El-Werwar - Habaytak Bel Sayef


Fairuz فيروز - Fairuziat vol. 2  فيروزيات 

01 Jerusalem In My Heart
02 Kifak Inta
03 Winon
04 From El Mahatta
05 Shady
06 El Helwa De
07 From Kifak Inta
08 Fi Shee Am Besser
09 Kena Bentlaka Fi El Ashia
10 Balbak


Fairuz فيروز - Fairuziat vol.3  فيروزيات 

01  Shaif El Baher
02 Tair El Werwar
03 Shat Alexandria
04 Ya Mersal El Maraseel
05 Men Az El Nawm
06 Ya Marek Al Tawhien
07 Bahebak Ma Baraf
08 Ya Nator El Kamaia
09 Tek Tek Ya Om Soliman
10 Them Of Love 1
11  Regat El Shatwia
12 La Tejey El Yoom
13 Kamara Ya Kamara
14 Nasem Alina El Howa
15 Almoneey
16 Baktflak Bas
17 Tery Ya Tiraa
18 Ragaieen


Fairuz فيروز - Fairuziat vol. 4  فيروزيات 

01 Akher Aiam El Saifia
02 Kanoo Ya Habibi
03 Hana El Sakran
04 Bakteb Esmak Ya Habibi
05 Sahar El Laialey
06 Nahna We Alkamar Jeran
07 Habibiti
08 Hopeless Love
09 Gesaer El Kamar
10 Dami Wa Dommoie Wa Ebtsamtey
11 Natrona Kateer
12 Hebo Badon
13  Yara


Fairuz فيروز -  Lady And The Legend السيده فيروز

01 Ana Fezaani
02 Mush Kissa Hai
03 Yabki Wa Yadhak
04 Fi Shi Am'bisseer
05 Dhia'anou
06 Shat Iskandaria
07 Ams Intahena
08 Kal Ya Baita Lana
09 Al Lail Anasheed
10 Prova Kifak Inta
11 Kifak Inta
12 Wahdon
13 La Inta Habibi
14 Nassam Alayna
15 Yes'ed Sabahak


Fairuz فيروز -  Beyrut   بيروت

01 Ishar
02 Khaifakolil
03 Ya Garatal Wadi
04 Sakana Al Leyel
05 Habbeytak
06 Dhakhilik Ya Emmi
07 Dak Elhawa
08 Fayek Walla Nassi
09 Beirut Hal Zarafat (Live)
10 Hamaltu Beirut (Live)
11 Min Taht Hal Arzeh (Live)


Fairuz فيروز - The Music Of Fairuz Operettas

01 Loulou – First Introduction
02 Loulou – Second Introduction
03 Dabket Abadayat
04 Raksat Samia
05 Mais El Reem – First Introduction
06 Mais El Reem – Second Introduction
07 La Gardinne Des Cles – First Introduction
08 La Gardinne Des Cles – Second Introduction
09 Ash’ Shakhs – Ouverture
10 Poeme D’Amour – First Ouverture
11 Poeme D’Amour – Second Ouverture
12 Al Mahatta – First Ouverture
13 Al Mahatta – Second Ouverture
14 Raksat ”Souss”
15 Raksat El Mejwez (Dabke)
16 Ba’albeck Festivel – Ouverture
17 Ya ‘Eesh Ya’ Eesh – Ouverture
18 Jibal As-Sawan – Ouverture
19 The Days Of Fakhr Eddeen – Ouverture
20 Hala Wel Malek – Ouverture
21 The Night and The Lantern – Ouverture
22 Al Baalbakiya – Ouverture
23 Safar Barlek – Ouverture


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