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Diana Haddad ديانا حداد - Partial Discography

Diana Joseph Fouad Haddad ( ديانا جوزيف فؤاد حداد‎) (born in Bsalim, Lebanon on 1 October 1976) is a Lebanese singer and television personality with Emirati citizenship. Mainly known as Diana Haddad, she is one of the most popular and successful singers in the Arab World and has been so since the late 1990s. She was a record-breaker since her first song Saken in 1996, and she is still considered one of the most successful Arab female singers and one of the best selling singers in the Arab World. Haddad does not limit herself to one music style, she knows how to present a very wide range, moving from the most rhythmic songs to the slow romantic ones. Haddad first came to fame in 1993 when she just 16. While she was recording her first album she appeared on the Arabic talent show Studio El Fan in Beirut performing the traditional Lebanese folk song written by Elias Abou Azala Tayr El Yammameh which would be included on her first album Saken.

Three years later, the release of her debut album Saken, which featured her single Saken, Lagaitek, a cover of Issam Rajji's old hit, and Al-Sahra. Soon, after she became a mother to her first child, a daughter Sophie. In 1997 she released one of the most successful albums in her discography,Ahl Al Esheg, which included the hit single Ahl Al Esheg. She released the most popular pop album of the 1990s Ammanih. In 2000s she released the more critically acclaimed and successful albums Awel Marrah and Diana 2006 . In 2007 Haddad gave birth to her second daughter Mira in Dubai. On 30 October 2008, Haddad released her second long waited Khaliji (Gulf Arabic) album Men Diana Illa.

In April 2009, Haddad was dubbed by the Arab press as being one of the year's most the influential Middle East artists.
At September 2011 The International Human Rights Watch Organisation (HRW) has appointed prominent local lady, Lebanese singer Diana Haddad as an Ambassador of Peace. Diana will be taking part in numerous humanitarian and charitable activities that are part of the HRW’s agenda in the Arab world, so keep an eye out for our peace warrior.

Israa Khan, Secretary General of HRW’s headquarters in Islam Abad, Pakistan, says that Diana, who also holds a UAE nationality, is known to be a very loving and caring person, admired by all who know her, and capable of making a difference through her efforts to help people around the world.

Diana Haddad  ديانا  حداد - Saken ساكن  

01 Saken
02  Lageetak
03 Al Sahra
04 Shwat Manam
05 Teir Al Yamama
06 Lageetak


Diana Haddad  ديانا  حداد -  Ahel El Esheq أهل العشق

01 Yez'al Menak
02 Welfi Jafani
03  Tfh El Keel
04 Ya Sam'een El Sout
05 Aneeda
06 Ahel El Esheq

Diana Haddad  ديانا  حداد -  Yamaya يا مايا ‎

01 Yamaya
02 Meen Ghebt
03 Sidi
04 Ana El Insan
05 Baria
06  Bashhadlak
07 Ya Saygin El Zan
08 Imshi Wara Kidbohom

Diana Haddad  ديانا  حداد -  Akhbar Helwa أخبار حلوه

01  Akhbar Helwa
02  Ela Habiby
03  Ely Fy Baly
04  Elhwarh
05  Ta'al
06  Dlliy
07  Remsh Eink
08  Gedert Tinsany
09  Glb Lil Ejar



Diana Haddad  ديانا  حداد -  Law Yes'alouny  لو يسألوني

01 Law Yesalouni
02 Kama Kam
03 Taqol Ma Ahebbak
04 Laitny Ma Ereftak
05 Ba'ad Oyounik
06 Shesir Bel Donia
07 Teswa Hal A'alam
08 Hasabto
09  Ya Albi Ertah
10  Ashwaq


Diana Haddad  ديانا  حداد - Best Of    أجمل أغاني

01   Emshi Wara Kedbohom
02  Ammaneih
03  Ahl El Esheg
04  Legaitak
05  Men Ghebt
06  Yammaya
07  Anideh
08  Bari'ah
09  Ghalteti
10  Saken


Diana Haddad  ديانا  حداد - Awel Marra  أول مرة

01  Khaleny Saktah
02  Wally
03  Akhretha Maak
04  Hoby Laak
05  Law Madakhlet Berasi
06  Awel Marah
07  Yawelk Yazhalem
08  Saheby
09  Balaash
10  Kont Hasbak
11  Zaman Kasee
12  Kilma Ya Ghalee
13  Hafdel Ahebak


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