giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

Youmna Saba يمنا سابا

Youmna Saba is a singer-songwriter, who performed her first songs in 2006. Highly inspired by everyday situations she encounters, Youmna uses the Arabic-Lebanese vernacular to express whatever comes to her mind, whether consciously or not. She is thus often left wondering where something came from and ends up contemplating the many routes her mind decides to wander in without her consent. Along with Fadi "Fe" Tabbal, she has been experimenting with all sorts of sound-emitting objects (real instruments played in a typical manner, real instruments played in an atypical manner, instruments pretending to be real, toy instruments, cutlery, bells, keys, bodies...) to create an accompaniment to her melodies that form her EP "Min Aafsh el Beit".

Youmna Saba  يمنا سابا  – Min Aafsh El Beit   من عفش البيت   

01. Ghanniyet el jarra 
02. Ana natra 
03. Fala Tahremni 
04. El Hal 
05. Ismak 
06. Marra  

Youmna Saba  يمنا سابا  – Hal Bent Aabalha Tghanni هالبنت عبالهتا تغني

Youmna Saba’s new EP is a darker, more abstract progression away from her first release ‘Min Afsh Biet’, which was a beautiful folky EP of gentle acoustic guitars set at a steady pace. The singer-songwriter has dropped the light-hearted mood and produced an album that has a more traditional feel with Buzuq, guitar and traditional drums. The melodies are disjointed and at times unnerving – accompanied by her powerful, warbling voice, full of soul, it makes for a haunting listen. Her poetic lyrics – sung in Arabic – are like streams of consciousness, double meanings and loose connections that lead her away from any solid meanings. The album title track ‘Hal Bent Aabalha Tghanni’ is the song that really cuts through the skin. Saba sings the midnight blues and creates an unsettling atmosphere of pulsing guitars, frenzied strumming and dreamy humming.

1. Lawn Aswad  
2. Hadees Bweib
3. Labiyaeen El Haki
4. El Hitan
5. Hal Bent Aabalha Tghanni

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