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Eftekasat افتكاسات - Discography

Eftekasat Jazz Group was established in late 2001 and gave its debut performance in February 2002 at the Cairo Jazz Club Festival. The show was acclaimed as unique and original.

Eftekasat is one of very few Egyptian independent music groups that have managed to establish themselves on the scene in such little time. Their original compositions can be classified as oriental jazz/fusion/jazz rock and sometimes world music, insofar as they attempt to find a new, unorthodox dimension for oriental musical themes through fusion with other musical styles, such as jazz, rock, and Latin.

The Music of EFTEKASAT is best described by The Herald Tribune as it says: “Nonetheless, EFTEKASAT -which translates roughly as “new inventions”- have made an engaging album filled with a variety of textures and moods, and the record’s production values are slick and polished.

Eftekasat has participated in numerous major cultural events, locally and internationally, such as:
-Modern Folk Musik Festival - Cairo, Egypt 2002
-Cairo Jazz club festival 2002
-Mangroovy art festival - Sharm el Sheikh 2004
-Fete de La Musique - Cairo, Egypt 2003, 2005
-The Independent Egyptian Groups Music Festivals - Alexandria, Egypt 2004
-Bansko International 4th Jazz Festival - Bulgaria 2004
-OZOMATLI middle east tour - Cairo, Alexandria 2007
-Carthage Jazz festival - Tunis 2008
-S.O.S music festival - Cairo 2006, 2007, 2008
-Nisville Jazz festival-Serbia
-Bansko 11th Jazz festival-Bulgaria
-San Jose 19th Jazz festival-U.S.A 2008
-Panaf - Algeria 2009
-Festival of Jordan - Jordan 2009
-Cairo Jazz Festival

Eftekasat Discography:

-Mouled Sidi El Latini - released 2006
-Dandasha - released 2010

Eftekasat افتكاسات - Mouled Sidi El-Latini

01 - Anxious Dance
02 - Titre
03 - Duck Tears
04 - Mouled Sidi El-Latini
05 - Efteaksat
06 - Sabr
07 - Faction
08 - La Belle Algerie
09 - Rosova Dolina (Rose Valley)
10 - Nekriz Necrosis
11 - Morning Chant

Eftekasat افتكاسات - Dandasha

01. Om EL Donia
02. Greeky
03. Joh Rasta Fa
04. Jazzmina
05. Nubian Syndrome
06. Dandasha
07. Fadadeen ( featuring Hegazy Metkal )
08. Third Eye
09. Alby Beyhawel Ye'eesh ( featuring Hany Adel )

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