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Sonic Traces: From the Arab World (radio edit) By Norient

«Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» offers music, sounds and noises from the Arab World: Propaganda music by political groups and clans, psychedelic Arabic Rock from the late 1960s and 1970s, the noises of bombs and machine guns, synthesized Electro-Sha’bi from Cairo, old and rare shellac recordings, Death Metal, Rap, Electro-Acoustic Music, and Musique Concrète. Collected and mixed by the Norient collective – Thomas Burkhalter, Simon Grab and Michael Spahr.

The release comes in 2 versions: radio edit and mix edit

RADIO EDIT (here on bandcamp)

Listen to musicians and scholars discussing identity, life visions and traumatic war experiences.This Radio Edit Version documents the audio-visual performance «Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» by Norient (2008-2012).


Order the Limited Mix Edit (music, sound and noise only, without interview statements and speakers) via (Label Traversion/Norient)


Collected and mixed by the Norient collective – Thomas Burkhalter, Simon Grab and Michael Spahr.
Speakers: Joumana Seikaly, Hisham Awad, Rayya Badran
Voices recorded by Ziad Nawfal in the studios in Radio Lebanon 96.2FM, Beirut, Lebanon on February 25, 2013

With sounds, music and quotes from:

Ahmed Basiony (R.I.P.), Asmahan, Bao, Charbel Haber, Cheik Imam, El General, Electro-Jurjina, Filastine, Hassan Khan, Hassan Taha, Ibrahim Qashoush, John Kamel Farah, Kamiliya Jubran +Werner Hasler, Kareem Lofty, Koji, Les Djinns, Leyla Murad, Luigi Russolo, Machine eat man (Mohamed Ragab), Mahmoud Refat, Mahmoud Turkmani, Mazen Kerbaj, Morocco, Mustafa Ismaiel, Praed, Raed Yassin, Ramsi Lehner, Rana Eid, Sharif Sehnaoui, Simon Grab, Skander Guetaria + Khaled Waghleni, Tahal Fasny, Tarek Atoui, The Devil's Anvil, Thomas Burkhalter, Ulcerium feat. Cheb Lahbitry, Walid Gholmieh, Waslah in Dugah, Weeping Willow, Xardas, and others.

Tracklist, Liner Notes and more background information:

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