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laka anta - Rabi3 Beirut /لك أنت - ربيع بيروت


“Rabi3 Beirut” first started their performances in 2004, under the name of “Nadine and the band”, between the Unesco Palace, Beirut, and the American University of Beirut, and then in many festivals in different Lebanese regions.
Reaching Egypt, they performed in Alexandria and Napoli in 2005, and Paris in 2007 in (معهد العالم العربي).
The band chose to search for a unique music identity, rising from the Arabic tradition but overcoming its classical conventions, seeking new possibilities and expressions worthy of our reality, without breaking the subtle balance of Arabic music.

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laka anta - Rabi3 Beirut /لـك أنـت - ربـيــع بـيــروت

[.01.] Salamat
[.02.] Rayyan
[.03.] Nasa'em El Rabea'
[.04.] Ella Ayn
[.05.] Waish Lil-wathel
[.06.] Ba'd El Aghani
[.07.] Ya Abana
[.08.] Ajaban LeGhazalin
[.09.] A'oud Ellayka
[.10.] Laka Anta
[.11.] Ya Abana (Tariq Abu-Ghazaleh Vision)


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