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Nizar Rohana – Sard نزار روحانا – سرد

Nizar Rohana نزار روحانا

Nizar Rohana is a prominent Oud player in the Palestinian musical scene. Rohana was born in the village of ‘Esefya on Mount Carmel in 1975. Nizar began his musical journey at an early age by playing the piano. At the age of fifteen, he discovered his father’s old Oud and since then he has been exploring his own Arab and eastern musical heritage. In 1996 he moved to Jerusalem to take up academic studies. Focusing his research on the music of the great Egyptian composer Mohammad el-Qasabji, Rohana completed his Masters degree in Musicology 2006.

Rohana’s experience as a performer is very rich and he has been playing in different groups and in different formats of Arabic classical, experimental and world music.

Together with an intensive activity on the local musical scene, during the last ten years Rohana has been performing in many countries around the world such as Japan, Morocco, Egypt, United States, Spain, England, Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland.

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Nizar Rohana – Sard      نزار روحانا – سرد

Nizar Rohana – Sard نزار روحانا - سرد

1 - Sard (Narration) (06:14) سرد
2 - Emm el Zeinat (06:32) أم الزينات
3 - Ajam (08:02) عجم
4 - Iraq (04:56) عراق
5 - Sama’i Farahfaza (06:27) سماعي فرحفزا
6 - Hijaz (06:22) حجاز
7 - Ya rayeh sawb bladi (07:03) يارايح صوب بلادي

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