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Rima Khcheich ريما خشيش - Discography

Rima Khcheich, a Lebanese singer, was born in 'Khiam', South Lebanon, in 1974.
She started singing Classical Arabic music at the age of nine, and was awarded the bronze medal at the 'Bizert Festival for the Mediterranean Song' in Tunisia, 1985.
Rima's singing career started off with the children's choir at the 'Arabic Cultural Club', and later evolved into a solo performance with the 'Beirut Oriental Troop for Arabic Music' under the supervision and direction of Maestro Salim Sahab.
Rima studied the tradition of classical Arabic singing at The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music' in Beirut, and her efforts were supported by her father Kamel Khcheich who encouraged her to memorize and master classics from the Arabic music heritage like *Muwashahat, Adwar and other styles. She has performed Zakariah Ahmad, Al-Kassabji, Sayyed Darwish, Kamel Al Khal'i and Muhammad Abdel Wahab, amongst others.
Having participated in various concerts in Lebanon and around the world, Rima has gained international repute and admiration for her gift at performing complex Arabic classical forms such as Dor 'Emta El hawa', and Muwashah 'Anta al Mudallal'.
Currently, Rima teaches Oriental singing at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music and is invited on a yearly basis to Massachusets, USA where she teaches voice and classical Arabic singing at Mount Holyoke College under the framework of the Arabic Music Retreat program directed by renown musician and composer Simon Shaheen.
Her professional collaborations include performing with Simon Shaheen, singing in renown composer Toufic Farroukh's album 'Tootya' released in 2006, and being an integral part of the Dutch-Lebanese- Iraqi band 'Orient Express'. This band tried to create meeting grounds between the Arab musical heritage and Jazz. The band released one album 'Orient Express' in 2002, of which this live recording documents their musical experimentations.
In 2006, Rima Khsheish released her debut solo album, entitled 'Yalalalli' which features a number of old songs and Muwashahat, that she performs in a personalized, contemporary manner, alongside new compositions.
A showcase of Rima's limpid voice, 'Yalalalli' not only reveals a deeply emotional and original musical expression, it also stands as a note of rebellion against the dictates of the commercial music market.

In December 2010, Rima was invited to Dubai International Film Festival where she presented selected songs of Sabah’s movies and she presented the same concert in Beirut under the framework of Beirut Spring Festival.

Rima Albums includes: “Orient Express” (2001), solo album “Yalalalli” (2006), “Falak” (2008), "Min Sihr Ouyounak" (2012) ,“Hawa” (2013).

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Yuri Honing Trio and Rima Khcheich  -  Orient Express

01 Emta Hata'raf
02 Isobel
03 La Enta Habibi
04 Yasutani
05 Baghdad
06 Ma Dam Tihib Betenkour Leeh


Rima Khcheich ريما خشيش - Yalalalli يــا لـلـلــّــي

01 Bisat El-Reeh
02 Muwashah Hebbi Zorni
03 Keefak Ya Hob
04 Muwashah Lahen Tayyah
05 Souleyma
06 El-Shaytan
07 Bikaffini
08 Ma Baaref Oul - My funny Valentine
9.Muwashah Aatini bikr Eddinane


Rima Khcheich  ريما خشيش -  Falak  فـــلـــك

01 Harrama El-nawma حـرّم النوم
02  Falak فلك
03 Haflet Taraf حفلة ترف
04 El-shayyalin الشيـّالين
05 Foutina Al-lathi فتن الذي
06 Kalam El-leil كلام الليل
07 Muwashah Mounyati 'aza Istibari موشح منيّتي عزّ اصطباري
08 Ashiqtou Maha عشقت مها
09 Mawwal Walaw موال ولو

Rima Khcheich  ريما خشيش -  Min Sihr Ouyounak  من سحر عيونك

01 Marhabtein 
02 Rouh Ala Mahlak 
03 Ana Hina Yabnil Halal 
04 Ya Kawini Ya Ali 
05 El Ghawi 
06 Rayha Abel Habibi 
07 Habibit Oummaha 
08 Min Sihr Ouyounak
09 El Samkeh 
10 Ahibbak Yani 
11 Al Nadda  


Rima Khcheich  ريما خشيش -  Hawa "Muwashahat"

01 Muwashah Rama Qalbi
02 Muwashah Ya Hilalan
03 Mawwal Toul El Layali MUwashah Laha Badru El Tim
04 Muwashah Wajhak Mushriq
05 Muwashah Ramani Bi Sahm Hawah
06 Muwashah Salla Fina El Lahtha Hindiyya
07 Muwashah Ya Nahif El Qawam
08 Muwashah Ya 'Akha El Badr
09 Muwashah Shajani Yafuqu
10 Muwashah Ya Man La'ibat
11 Dawr Ibtissam El Zahr


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