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Tarik Lamirat - Rajaa El Bladi

Tarik Lamiratis a young singer-musician, born in Nice (France) to Moroccan parents. He currently has been living in Marrakech since 2008. He achieved game carrying his accordion and mixing successfully raï with latin and chaabi influences. He revealed his talent as a live performer and released 5 albums. He is well known to be an atypical artist for his never-seen style mixing different influences to create a whole new musical experience.

His greatest dates
1994 : He performs with the group "Zoubir Wa Tarik in theaters in Nice.
1996: Released of two songs on a mix distributed in the south of France
(XY patrimoine génésique)
1998: Opening for Faudel
2001: Release his first album "Dima Dima"
2002: Opening for Nass El Ghiwan and Souad Massi
2003: First television appearance on M6 region at a show-box Fnac
2006: Realease the album "Mektab" (Destiny) including a Moroccan style cover of the Edith Piaf classic « La Foule »
2007: March: His « La Foule » cover was released on the "North African Cafe » mix (at the World Music Network) among famous artist such as Maurice Medioni July: Opening for Gnawa Diffusion
September / October: French tour which included two concerts for the festival "The Musical of Bastia» (Corsica)
2008: August: "South Talents Night Festival" (International Festival of world music (Vence in France)
March: Opening for the Orchestre National de Barbès
September: His third album « Chaabi » was released on Fnac Stores in the South of France (from Monaco to Marseille)
October: The music Video of « Mektab was released and was shown 2M's Top Tarab December: Guest on ..Radio 2M Radio Aswat, RTM Radio etc. .....
2009: January: Appeared on "Marrakesh Express" (maroccan tv)
February: Released of hil Morrocan-Latino style fourth album "Dima dima Maghribi" 2010: February: Appeared on 2M's Ajial
Summer: Released his Chaabi Album "Dargok Aali"
Concert in Belgium (Kortrijk), Live with
NATACHA ATLASto Canadian Tour (Vancouver Festival Folk Music, Calgary ...)

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Tarik Lamirat - Rajaa El Bladi

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