domenica 22 giugno 2014

Houria Aïchi حــوريـة عـايـشـي - Renayate غـنــيــات

Recognized around the world as the ambassador of music chaoui, the singer Houria Aichi proposes a work entitled "Renayate" (singers).

It 'a tribute to the great female voices Algerian what gives us the Algerian singer which offers a wide range of genres, regions and generations.
Accompanied by a very intimate training (mandola, Oud, Ney, Piano, Percussion), led by Mohamed Abdennour, Houria Aichi interprets these songs armed only of her culture, her imagination and her unique vocal technique. A true statement of defiance conducted using an exceptional vocal strength.

The album includes the Algiers hawzi of Meriem Fekkai and Fadila Dziria, the Oran Rai of Cheikha Rimitti and Fadéla, the Kabyle songs of Chérifa and Djura.

01 Mabrouk el farh (Chérifa) 

02 Ana touiri (Fadila Dziria)
03 Goumari (Aïcha Lebgaa) 
04 Nouar (Cheikha Rimitti)
05  El qalb bet sali (Meriem Fekkaï)
06 Atchatht thoules (Djura)
07 Cheche (Zoulikha)
08 Madre (Fadela d'Oran)
09 Arouel (Beggar Hadda) 
10 Allah idoum farhkoum (Saloua) 
11 Aldjia (Chant anonyme)


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