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Hashem L Kelesh هاشم الكلش AKA Dijit ديجيت AKA H-L-K

Hashem L Kelesh is an Egyptian artist, musician ,photographer and filmmaker. He is in his late 20s and has been using online technologies for the production and dissemination of most of his work. 

He studied art history and musical composition online, on his own. And he continues to do so, substituting for Egypt's archaic formal art education programs.

From his flat in suburban Cairo, Kelesh has also been drawing, painting, making music and posting it all online. When it came to his street art, he handed out his stencil designs for others to spray on the city walls.

His inspirations come from online interactions, and he posts the work on his Facebook page, Tumblr blog and SoundCloud. The feedback he gets from his growing fan base and many more who stumble upon his work inspires new work, keeping things rolling.
His work is divided between the graphical and musical production. Working under Zanna Productions, his music is heavily inspired by Aphex Twin and produces under the name HLK, as well as more experimentally under the pseudonym DJIT.

As for graphics production instead his art is sexually provocative and sometimes even a little bit sick. His brilliant, disturbing and unique art ranges from lesbian cunnilingus and anal spreading to female ejaculation. 

About his inspirations says : “what inspires me the most is the noise. The crowded roads and the polluted culture. I don’t really do art, I just fool around…art is boring and overrated. It’s not art, it’s nothing. Crap. I just fool around. I sketch, take photos or make noise just for the sake of it. I feel good doing whatever I do and that’s the main concept for my stuff. Also to make fun of people sometimes.”

His performances are not about making delightful music or even making sense, but, rather, providing people with noise that reflects the community we live in.

He has produced music under many titles and featuring many renowned artists as well as budding ones like Aly Talibab (spoken word artist), Abyusif (rapper), Mohamed Adel (composer and guitarist), AC Ghazy (rapper), As Dee (singer and spoken word artist), and Leila (vocals).

Each production, graphic and music, was born in what he calls The Room : “The Room is all I have. It’s a small room, but I work there, I jam there and I sleep there. I don’t have enough money for a studio, so I fixed my bedroom to double as one. Loads of underground artists come over all the time…we work on stuff there or just chill.”

Open to collaborations has created, along with Moe Al Hussainy and Islam Shabana, the "One year project" .

"One year project" is an experimental project in which simply, three Egyptian artists photograph themselves daily and send the portrait to the others, and then everyone does an artwork choosing the medium and the concept. The artworks could be designs, drawings, illustrations, collage...etc. 

vagina heart By:H.L.Kelesh
The project will last for a whole year which means 365 experimental artworks for each artist and 1095 artworks as total.

When asked about the current state of the art in Egypt, he replies : “ I don’t really see any art scene in Egypt. It’s mainly about hustling, so thank God I'm not part of it. The art scene in Egypt is dead and if you’re not doing stuff about the revolution then they think you stink. I guess you can still shock some people in Egypt, but I’m more interested in the online art scene. Now that is the shit. It’s a new space that’s way better than the actual scene in Egypt. If you do something and the Egyptian art spaces can’t show your work or don’t like it…screw them, you can always have your space online!”

To learn more about his story and his thoughts you can see the beautiful video interview made ​​by Medrar.TV in which he reflects on the local context in which artists operate be it exhibition opportunities or art education systems.

 To get an idea of his photographic work you can visit his Tumblr's page : Hashimation 


Hashem L Kelesh هاشم الكلش  -  the Work of dijit 

01 Layla  ليلى الوسخة  Vocals by As Dee
02 Saber  صابر  Vocals by As Dee
03 Natfo  نطفو  Vocals by As Dee
04 Dizzy  Vocals by As Dee
05 Virgin Mary  العدرة ٣  Vocals by As Dee
06  الحلوة  Vocals by As Dee
07 HBD  Vocals by As Dee
08 Ro3ban  رُعْبًا  Vocals By Leila
09 ايس كريم  Vocals and lyrics by Karen
10 استعداد  Vocals By Taha Husien
11 black star  vocals by Mahmud sa'id rasalan
12 Howa  هو  Vocals by  Nasr El Deen Tobar
13 Yalla ya ma3fina Vocals by El zanny
14 لك Vocals by Bahtemy
15 strawberry lip-balm moans  Vocals by Mohmed Omran
16 1 2 Virgo
17 Alice
18 Blue spring flower smell in January
19 blue..
20 العدرة
21 Welad El Weskha
22 Syasa
23 Jazzmadeeh
24 Kharshoof
25 Next gig teaser
26 wasted youth
27 two humans in love in mansoura
28 Napoleon Tobar
29 Schmetterling Selbstbefriedigung
30 The Gay Science
31 Ya salam
32 Muby
33 K7
34 V 28
35 Nashat el sa2emeen


Hashem L Kelesh هاشم الكلش  -  H-L-K

01 Green Fish Love Bite Feat. Izumi J!n
02 Pancake wings feat. Izumi J!n
03 The kiss that killed everything Feat. Izumi J!n
04 Tv smoke Feat. Izumi J!n
05 Zeher Feat. Sour.
06 Modnak Feat. Marleine
07 Digs - Living quarters
08 L
09 Death in G
10 abdo
11 Sad night jam
12 Ya qalb
13 Sick Fish


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