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DJ Sotusura دي جي صوت و صورة

Hicham Ibrahim (DJ Sotusura) is a
Palestinian, born in Paris in 1980,  with Jordanian and French nationality . He first heard hip-hop music at around the age of ten but really got into it at the age of thirteen, that's when he started performing as a DJ in 1998 while living in Los Angeles, California.

Sotusura has held two radio shows, one on Beat FM in Jordan called Urban Beats and the other is an international hip-hop show called The Art of Rap on a New York-based radio station, Radio 23.

He has opened at numerous concerts, breakdance competitions, poetry events, and underground spots where he is able to perform real hip-hop which he is very passionate about.

He has also performed with many local talents in Jordan and Middle East to encourage/try and push them into the scene. He has performed with great Arab hip-hop talents such as Ramallah Underground, Ragtop, and DAM. He has also opened for other talented artists such as Salah Edin, Cilver Rings, Islam Jawad, Stevie Soul, and Bluebird.

Sotusura has also opened up for major commercial artists such as Sean Paul and Akon in Jordan.

At the beginning of 2013 he made "Al 3arabi Mo5" his first 100% Arabic Hip-Hop Mixtape released on CD

A 1h mix including some of the most talented and influential MC's in the region.such as Boikutt,Deeb,Edd,Al Rass, El Far3i,Khotta Ba,MC Amin,Stormtrap,L'Hamorabi,Satti. Production on the cd is also mostly from artisit in the middle east region,Boikutt,Edd,El-Iqaa,Munma,DJ Lethal Skillz,L'Hamorabi,DJ Solo,Damar,Al Jihaz and more....

DJ Sotusura Presents "AL 3ARABI MOKH"


01 Egypt - Al Far3i
02 Return - Stormtrap
03 1001 flights - El Iqaa
04 Mabet7ess halak - Edd
05 970 - Boykutt
06 Jazzy - Ramcess
07 Rekib - Edd
08 Oud went mad instrumental - Dj Lethal Skillz
09 Walle3 - Boykutt
10 Mokawameh Sha3bieh - Kotta ba
11 3ossien madaneh - L'Hamorabi & Dj lethal skillz
12 FM-3- El Far3i
13 Alamna Marfou3 - Debb & Edd 

14 Control Al Bas - Khotta ba
15 Samurrai 3arabi - Satti
16 Freestyle beat - L'Hamorabi
17 Freestyle for free - Mc Amin
18 Biladi - Debb
19 Risaleh - Boykutt
20 Mekyaj Al-Madeneh - Khotta ba
21 Masra7 Debb -Debb
22 Nafas - El Rass
23 Musiqar instrumental - Stormtrap
24 al Modtarb - L'Hamorabi
25 Lahen Wahad - Boykutt
26 al Tawah'odd- L'Hamorabi & dj letal skillz
27 Rehla - Debb, Debb , Boykutt
28 Thakafeh Moukawameh - Edd , Zeinedin, l'Hamorabi
29 Al sheykh ou al imam - Khotta ba
Olds 98 - El Iqaa 


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