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Telepoetic تيليبويتيك

Telepoetic is a name that’s floated around if you’ve managed to dig into the Egyptian underground scene. Featuring compelling live drums and all sorts of moody sometimes aggressive, synthesizer and bass sounds, this Alexandrian trio is somehow both driving and introspective.

Formed in 2006 , this band made up of Amir Rizk on drums, Mohamed Desouky on bass, Ahmed Saleh on guitars and synth and occasionally Mohamed El Essawy on saxophone ,pack a powerful,l sonic punch.

Telepoetic's music is a nice melding of acoustic instruments and electronics, its a mixture of different musical backgrounds and experimentations by a trio of musicians and by the clash of their approaches, its a melodic deformed audio material and improvisations walking over a strong tight acoustic construction. If it must be given a genre, you could call Electro Experimental Post-Rock.

Their debut album, Ensehab, has been released by the ever growing Egyptian family at 100Copies record label.

Released in November, 2013,the album is a fusion of electronica and progressive post rock and was referred to by as: “a solid instrumental effort that takes unexpected turns that make you happy you took the trip”.
Telepoetic’s live performances turn into an audiovisual experience, the band often uses light and visual installations to set on a proper mood for its audience.

The band has a big portfolio of live performances in Egypt, at events such as 100LIVE Electronic Music Festival and Dcaf Festival. The band have also shared the stage with various international acts such as Mouse on Mars and Jan Jelinek from Germany, IQBIt from Italy, and Erik Truffaz from France.



Telepoetic تيليبويتيك - Ensehab إنسحاب   

01 El Tanya 
02 Twinkle 
03 Unicorn 
04 Locus 
05 Ensehab 
06 Nady El Cenima
07 JPEG 


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