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Rami Abadir

Rami Abadir was born in Cairo (1982), he is the former/composer/guitarist of Dusk ; a band which plays rock and blends it with folkloric and several music genres. The band recorded many materials and played it on the radio and live however they are considered inactive since 2009 or more like a studio/recording band. This has opened for him the opportunity to explore other music genres such like : ambient/minimalistic/modern and contemporary classical/avant-garde/electronic/world music. For almost a year he has experimented new instruments, alternative techniques, sounds, synthesizers many jamming session and free improvisation. His works involve phasing technique, ambient music and sounds and focusing in music's texture and timbre.He is relying on Guitar Synth, Synthesizers, sampling, phasing, polyrythmic music to make his unique sound. . His works consist of experimental and ambient electronic music. The mixture of analog and digital synthesizers, drum beats, sampling, repetitive patterns, phasing techniques beside the visual art show is creating a different musical dynamics with more focus on the sound's textures and timbres leading to a unique experimentation. Being interested in modern and contemporary art his works are considered as an open source for art exhibition, visual artists, film makers and dance performances.

Rami Abadir - My Nineties تسعيناتي

Music for the audio/visual show of Mohamed Allam project , My Nineties: A Panorama of Collective Memory Televised .

My Nineties is an art project that addresses the media in era of nineties through an audio-visual performance. The material Allam uses consists of found footage, a documentary film featuring some of the symbols of the media industry of this era, and a book that documents some of what has been already written in the newspapers, magazines and research papers about the television and media in the nineties.

 01 Window on the world   نافذة على العالم
 02 Cough cough  الكحّة
 03 Behaviours  سلوكيات
 04 As you like   على كيفك
 05 Interlude  استراحة
 06 5 Tourism   خمسة سياحة
 07 At your request طلباتك إيه
 08 The tragedy of Hamid   مأساة الكابو
 09 Sahlala   صهللة
 10  A dialogue with my friend the believer حوار مع صديقي المؤمن


The Work of Rami Abadir

 01 To the void
 02   Zaat ذات
 03 When it rained saliva عندما أمطرت لعابًا
 04 Ma3lesh معلش
 05  Maybe-Dead dog - Music for a dance performace
 06 Secretions  إفرازات
 07 Glass 'n Bass
 08 Newspapers جرايد
 09 Ambient In A
 10 Soundscapes
 11 Camus' dance هكذا رقص كامو
 12  Withered faces  وجوه ذابلة
 13 4 Ways Of Dying - Music For An Exhibition
 14 Rami Abadir & Mostafa El Sayed: Live Session From Balcon


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