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Lemonada - The Arabian Latin Chillout Experience

Lemonada is actually one Lebanese songwriter/guitarist and producer, Ahmed Ghannoum, working with a variety of musicians and using the soothing female vocals of Layal. Opening with the chilled out Abali, this song perfectly sets the chilled tone of the album with its fusion of Latin and Arabic beats bringing to mind the music of Bebel Gilberto.

Band :

Composer/Guitars : Ahmad Ghannoum

Vocals : Layal Watfeh
Bass : Andre Segone
Keys : Niduk Wijetelleke
Ethnic Percussions : Bunny Batliwala
Latin Percussions : Tello Morgado
Harp: Shelley Fros
Violin : Khaled Ghadry
Kanoon : Khalil Ghadry
Engineer : Andy Ward

Lemonada - The Arabian Latin Chillout (2004)

01 Abali
02 Waynak
03 Zwareeb
04 Jnoon
05 Zaman
06 Halaktani
07 Law
08 Nayma
09 Peut-Etre
10 Zwareeb (Remix)
11 Jnoon (Remix)
12  Ishtatilak (Tribute Mix)


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