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Gene Band فرقة جين

Members: Shadi Ali: Vocals, Hazem Al-Ani: Piano & Keyboards, Omar Harb: Bass guitar, Maen Rajab: Guitars, Anas Abdul Moumen: Guitars, Mazen Shouman: Drums

Gene is a band that aims to communicate the voices of young Syrians and Arabs, their frustrations, their angst, their diversity and their ambitions; in a modern, internationally understandable language and tone. Tackling such lofty and thorny issues, as ‘honor’ killings of women, pollution, and the individual and national struggle for independence, emancipation and freedom through its music. The talented ensemble of individuals that is Gene—some of whom have had the highest academic musical formation—took its decision to follow the rocky path of challenging norms and crossing boundaries, from the onset, and remaining faithful to this choice throughout.

Through challenging norms and traditions, Gene aims to become a factor of positive change—the “Gene” of change in the modern Arab societies that it speaks to. The band holds firm to the belief that music has a message, and it is this message that the band’s music delivers.

The band was officially founded in 2005, and first performed in 2006. Since then, the band has played many concerts inside and outside Syria. This included the Cornwall City festival (Britain, 2006), toured of four Syrian provinces with the Syrian Youth Festival (2007), a Concert in the city of Damascus (Teatro center, 2007). In 2008, came the launch of the band’s first eponymous album (Gene) in Damascus under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Damascus, the Arab Capital of Culture. In 2010, Gene performed at the Damascus Citadel (Syria), The Turkish Vision Festival (Turkey), and with the Arabic Voice Project in (Egypt).

At essence, rock band is a group of people who just love to rock, and who holds on to a simple belief that the world can change, one song at a time. Gene is no exception. That is what it all set out to be. This is what it still is. This is what it will always be.

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Gene Band فرقة جين

1. Ya Waladi ياولدي
2. Hona l Sham هنا الشام
3. DNA
4. Iza Feek Tsoo’ اذا فيك تسوؤ
5. Time وقت
6. Ala’ssifa (Ya Mahla l Fos’ha) (العاصفة(يامحلا الفسحة
7. Twattor A’li توتر عالي
8. Kawni B’eed كوني بعيد
9. Sarab سراب


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