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Jean-Marie Riachi جان ماري رياشي

Jean-Marie Riachi (born May 24, 1970 in Ras Baalbek, Bekaa) is a Lebanese arranger, composer and record producer.

Riachi grew up in a non-musical family, however his passion and talent in music was obvious when he started playing the keyboard at the age of eight. In 1988, at 18 years of age, he participated in Studio el Fan, a Lebanese talent show, where he performed as a keyboard player. He was attending USEK University faculty of fine art at the time.

He began his music career performing in local bars and clubs. He then achieved success in the nightlife and restaurant industries as  partnering manager of a number of establishments, including Mandaloun sur mer, a highly-prominent seafood restaurant in Beirut.

Riachi launched his musical production and composing career in 1999 when he produced his first "hit", Baddi Doub. It was performed by Elissa, a Lebanese singer.

In 2001 he established the Jean Marie Audio Productions studio in Rabieh. He then created his own label, OMP (Oriental Music Publishing), the following year. OMP is the first established publishing company in the Middle East and inside a year it had secured a prominent status in the publishing world, attracting many international music companies, including BMG Music.

Jean-Marie's music recordings continued when he began producing songs for the soundtrack of the documentary movie Les Cendres du Phoenix. He also produced the theme song "Nour El Shams" by Pascale Machaalani, for the Hollywood movie Spy Game. He has also produced tracks used in television advertisements for various companies, including Pepsi.

In 2006, he arranged and mixed "Light the Way", that José Carreras and Majida El Roumi performed at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar.

In 2009, he teamed up with several singers such as Ramy Ayach, Abeer Nehme, Simon Obeid and Yara, for the album Belaaks (On the contrary). It includes arrangements of various international hits such as Quizás, quizás, quizás, Fly me to the moon, La Vie en Rose and Hymne à l'amour mixing oriental music and Jazz.

Jean-Marie Riachi جان ماري رياشي - Belaaks  بالعكس

01.Shefto Min Beid- Yara 
02.La Vie En Rose-Laura Liis
03.Lamma Bada-Instrumental
04.Haymne A Lamour
05.Petite Fleur
06.My Baby-Sevine
07.Bint El Shalabia-Instrumental
08.Fly Me To The Moon-Instrumental
09.Encontros e Despedidas-Catia Werneck
10.Ya Habibi-Instrumental
11.Bhebak- Abir Nehme
12.Enta Ana
13.Bellayl-Simon Obeid
14.Belaaks-Ramy Ayach,Abir Nehme


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