sabato 9 marzo 2013

Ahmed Yassin أحم دياسين AKA Satti ساطي

Palestinian MC based in Irbid ,Jordan.

Ahmad Yaseen aka Satti inspired by his society and also his homeland Palestine became increasingly frustrated by the situation and the reality that the Arab world is going through,he found away to express feeling's,anger.and frustration through music,writing and rapping in English since 2006 but not in a professional wise,start writing in Arabic recently and find it a better way to reach his own people that he respects and stand for .
Ahmad Yaseen aka Satti is working and going to keep on spreading the word on Arabic Hip-Hop and to deliver A good message.and Soon inshallah there is more to come from him.

Satti ساطي - Talqa Mixtape

01 6alqa
02 Gesas Mba3thara
03 Bahlawan
04 5olaset Tajrobeh
05 7orr
06 Da3em

Satti ساطي - Mish mixtape

01 Qatl El-7aqeqa
02 El-3aql 
03 Ajenda 
04 Qa3 Moseqy 
05 Moqawmeh
06 Ahdaf Shaheed


Satti ساطي  -  Qunblet Sout & other songs

01 Qunblet Sout
02 32 Geed T5reeb
03 za7ef-crawling
04 Al-7attab - Aw3a Rasak (Feat. Damar) 
05 Mo3tql feat Maqdsi (Egtya7 UG)
06 Been Al S6oor feat. Maqdsi (Egtya7 UG)
07 3amaleyeh Moseeqeyeh - feat. Watan, MAD, Dj Lethal skillz
08 Estame3
09 Samurai Al 3arab ساموراي العرب feat Dj Goadman "Lan G" "

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