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Khaled Jubran خالد جبران

Khaled Jubran is a composer and a master of Buzuq and Oud. He studied music composition and theory at the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem where he later worked as a teacher. In 1993 he founded and headed the Arabic music department in the Palestinian National Conservatory in Ramallah (Edward Said Conservatory). In 2000 he founded Al Urmawi Center for Mashreq Music which he currently leads. Al Urmawi Center works to promote excellence and innovation in Arabic music and to develop the skills and knowledge of young Arab musicians. Khaled Jubran has three music albums: Em El Khelkhal (2000) , Psalms  (2005) and Bridge (2008)

Khaled Jubran خالد جبران – Psalms مزامیر

01. Isfahan
02. Safar
03. Blue Dive
04. Irani
05. Underground
06. Crucifixion

Khaled Jubran خالد جبران – Bridge بريدج

1 Shed El Hezam
2 Emm El Khelkhal
3 Mersal El Maraseel
4 Ya Meet Masa
5 Wah Habibi
6 Samaai Shad Araban
7 Improvisation
8 La Oyouni Ghareebeh

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