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Abeer Alzinaty aka Sabreena da Witch

Abeer Alzinaty is a hip-hop artist, writer and activist. Born to a Palestinian family inside the Israeli borders, Abeer learned to express herself through art. As Sabreena Da Witch she has performed with the Palestinian hip-hop group DAM and released her own cd, Witches Intifada Mixtape Vol 1. She’s also an R& B performer, performing R&B in Arabic and English since 2000. As an activist, Abeer has participated in various initiatives to support Palestinian children. With two other local Arab Guerilla women she founded a youth club, “Future Seekers,” in their hometown of Lyd to provide children with a place to play and grow. She has also worked in East Jerusalem in the Israeli Women's Lobby as a mentor to young women. Abeer immigrated to the United States in 2007 and is featured in the hip-hop documentary “Slingshot Hip-Hop” (directed by Jackie Salloum), which follows the lives of young Palestinians who pioneered the hip-hop scene in Palestine. In the United States she continues to live and pursue her career as an R&B singer, while at the same time using music to educate audiences about issues of oppression and injustice, not only towards Palestinians but towards women and minorities all over the world.
Later she moved to Baltimore in 2010 she published, in complete independence, her first official album entitled "A Woman Under The Influence."

Abir Alzinaty, 24 anni, di Lod, nota come sabreena da witch, è la piu rappresentativa delle rapper palestinesi. Nata da una famiglia palestinese all’interno dei confini israeliani, Abeer ha imparato a esprimersi attraverso l’arte. Performer di R&B in arabo e inglese dal 2000, ha partecipato a varie iniziative a sostegno dei bambini palestinesi. Con altre due guerillas ladies locali ha fondato un centro per giovani nella sua città natale chiamato “Future seekers”, per fornire ai bambini uno spazio in cui giocare e crescere. Ha lavorato a Gerusalemme est in una lobby di donne israeliane, come mentore per giovani ragazze. Il programma era focalizzato sulla leadership femminile nella società e sul ruolo delle donne nel progresso del mondo. Insieme ad altri gruppi di rap palestinese è stata  tra i protagonisti del film documentario Nel 2007 si è trasferita negli Stati Uniti, dove risiede attualmente. Viaggia costantemente, portando un messaggio di solidarietà e libertà: “Offro la mia voce per la liberazione del mio popolo dall’oppressione, ma mi batto anche per i diritti delle donne, contro il ruolo esclusivo di moglie e madre che la società vuole imporci. Il mio concetto di liberazione perciò è ampio, include l’attivismo politico per la Palestina e quello per l’emancipazione femminile”, spiega la giovane rapper, che di recente ha stabilito contatti stabili con i Philistines, rapper palestinesi di Los Angeles. “Dobbiamo collaborare, unire le nostre voci in tutto il mondo, per farle sentire ancora più forti”. 
In seguito al suo trasferimento a Baltimora ha pubblicato nel 2010, in assoluta indipendenza, il suo primo album ufficiale intitolato "A Woman Under The Influence" 

Sabreena da Witch - Witch's intifada


Sabreena da Witch - A Woman Under The Influence

01 intro-ben's song
02 helwer -beautiful
03 wen ma fi 7ada - where no one is
04 7aki niswan -women talk
05 sajel -for the record
06 beit - home
07 denya - the world
08 museeqa samra - black music
09 ta 3al nor2os -let's dance
10 asa meehon - their names
11 mish malak - falling angels
12 e7'teyar - choice
13 el ba7ar - yemanja
14 ayam a7lam - day dream
15 bara - out you go


Habibaty (My Dear)
By Abeer Alzinaty

Palestine my dear, how many songs were written for you
and yet your still struggling to be "allowed"
to be free, and have your own flag on your land
to celebrate your anthem on your independence day
your children, women and men still living in you for you
they will die and rise and bring more children to teach your story
don't worry about the olive trees ,that were uprooted from you
each one of us has a tree in their hearts with your villages names
every refugee among us know where they came from and to where they will return
my grandmother's house keys are hanged on a hope that the sun will rise upon us

Chorus :

Habibti you are our home
you were then, and till today you are us
houses were demolished , only stones are left
to the next fight, and for a better house

Palestine you are in our hearts always and forever
they demolished the house but we wont stop
we will build another

shout out respect to the israeli resistance
to soldiers who refuse to use tanks to fight children
may elohim (god) give power to jewish people
those who are supporting anti-zionisem and fight for freedom
its such a bless to know there are some who came to learn
that hate and racism cusses more hate and ugly wars
its not easy to fight the ignorance of the majority
of stupid israelis and bullies from other countries

man I'm lucky to be born a palestinian
let history witness how strong are arab women
we are nor represented by governors and princes and sheiks
we are represented by the saleswomen in the old city of jerusalem
and the women in the streets of beirut

Chorus repeat

these lines are dedicated
to the arabs and the foreigners who defend us with us
to the fighters in jenin and the bodies in Qana
to all the paintings on surfaces which no-one see
to the music that takes us years to release

to foreigners who volunteer in the west bank
to the iranian rapper who blessed me with this track
to you! for raising my flag in America
one day you will see it proud in Lyd and Akka
to women who taught me you can rise after you hide
to the love of my friends that never left my side
to all artists who sing for the struggle all around
you and me together hand in hand we will bring this wall down!!

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