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Toufic Farroukh توفيق فرّوخ - Solo Discography

Toufic Farroukh is a Lebanese saxophone player and composer of jazz with a middle-eastern flavour stemming from his bi-cultural roots in Lebanon and France.

His brother, a saxophone player, guided him in learning to play the instrument and taught him its ABCs. He was an amateur who instilled in Toufic the love of professionalism. They had discovered the saxophone in the Boy Scouts. The instrument was strange to their environment; unconventional, and used only for certain occasions.

Farroukh moved from Beirut to Paris, where he studied music in the conservatory and in the Advanced College of Music, saxophone was his principal instrument. He did not study jazz and its roots at all, nor played jazz on the saxophone.

His first album “Ali on Broadway” (1994), received good press from the specialist magazines , but only touched the French public in small measure. In his second album “Little Secrets” (1998), the flavour and colour of the Orient make their appearance here and there, in amongst the jazz motifs.

(Source : Wikipedia)

 Ali On Broadway


01. Like Desire
02. Tagada Dance
03. Streets and Faces
04. Hand Made
05. Another Day
06. Open the Door
07. For Once
08. 549 Blues
09. Like Desire [Moonfish Remix]

Ali on Broadway - 1st Part 

Ali on Broadway – 2nd Part

Little Secrets أســرار صــغــيـرة

01. Dance for My Father
02. What of It (Introduction)
03. What of It
04. Short Story
05. Paco's Mood
06. Ali au Pays des Merveilles
07. Maissa's Look
08. Daily Life
09. St Elias
10. Fayrouz Blues
11. Green Orange
12. Sugar Dissolvent
13. Don't Worry Baby
14. Take One for Radwan
15. Long-Short Story

Little Secrets - 1st Part 

Drab Zeen دراب زيــــن  


01. Fusic
02. Lili s'en fout
03. The Pain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Brain
04. Land of Milk and Money
05. Calipyge (intro)
06. Calipyge
07. Kaf skoon (intro)
08. Kaf skoon
09. L'homme qui a perdu son ombre
10. A Night in Damascus
11. Bilan actuel
12. Blues for Ali
13. Petites mains et longues jambes...

Drab Zeen - 1st Part 

Tootya تـــوتـــيـــا  

01. Systole Diastole
02. Hanina
03. Radio City
04. Ya Nassim Alrouh
05. Destins Et Desirs
06. Girl From Gypsy Moon
07. Elhob
08. Cendres
09. Scarecrow And Peacock
10. Ya Habibi
11. Long Distance Call (LDC)
12. Only Lonely


Toufic Farroukh – 2011 – Cinema Beyrouth توفيق فرّوخ – سينما بيروت

Toufic Farroukh - Cinema Beyrouth توفيق فرّوخ – سينما بيروت

Side Story (05:42)
Fema Ka (04:46)
Estate Run (04:36)
L'ultima scena (4:08)
L'inaccessibili à Ouverts reggiseni (05:00)
Blue Tango (03:52)
Un pomeriggio meraviglioso con Zena-Laure (04:58)
No Brain No Pain (05:07)
Belle et Zèbuth (04:27)
La Red Boy, parte I (01:19)
Ma che cosa fai al buio? (01:32)
La Red Boy, parte II (06:06)
Storyboard (04:04)

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