martedì 18 settembre 2012

Asifeh عاصفة aka Stormtrap - Iradeh إرادة


Palestinian emcee and music producer Asifeh aka Stormtrap recently released his latest project Iradeh (translation “Will”), a seven track EP dedicated to his personal struggle and life under the ongoing occupation.

Asifeh collaborates with fellow artists Aras Seyhan,Willi Rosner, Sloth Pallas, Kolonel Bleep, and TAKiMiwhich all makes this entire tracklist quite impressive! Not only does it step away from the usual Middle-Eastern samples we hear in Arab hip-hop, but instead presents us with a sick mix of electronic and hip-hop beats. Asifeh keeps it fresh by successfully drawing our attention with the right musical fusion, all backed up by lyrics (performed in Arabic) about resistance, revolution, and political injustice.

You may recognize Asifeh’s bold and unique style from his work with one of the original Arab hip-hop crews Ramallah Underground, which he also co-founded. Whether apart of RU or as a solo artist, Asifeh remains focused on using music as a tool for unity and resistance.

In fact, Asifeh showed his support to the political prisoners in Palestine last week by releasing the track Ma ra7 a3affen (I Will Not Rot).

Within the EP Iradeh, Asifeh covers all types of issues from tracks like Su’Tafahum (Misunderstanding) which calls out on the people who mistreat each other instead of uniting since they are all dealing with the same harsh realities. My favorite track Kilmeh Wahdeh (One Word) takes a different approach and busts out with a classic battle where Asifeh lyrically kills any emcee that gets in his way. Finally, the self-titled track Iradeh hits it hard with lyrics about colonization and continued injustice. Here’s a quick sample of the chorus:

Time has come, for me to choose and determine my future for myself
Time has come, for me to remove all the ropes and chains from myself
Time has come, to get rid of the occupation
Time has come, to get rid of colonization

Coming to conquer all the lands
Tell me what is stronger, technology or determination?

Asifeh  عاصفة  aka Stormtrap -  Iradeh إرادة

1. Sabbeh - صبّح
2. Su' Tafahum - سوء تفاهم
3. Iradeh - إرادة
4. Return - الرجعة
5. Fi Hadal Habs - في هذا الحبس
6. Kilmeh Wahdeh - كلمة واحدة
7. El Madeeneh Namat - المدينة نامت

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