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Laila Al Maghribia ليلا المغربية - Lella ليلا / Romansi رومانسي

Born as Khedija Chafik, the Moroccan female artist nicknamed herself as Laila Al Maghribia, imitating the Alawis family, who use ‘Lella’ as a female honour title, and Mouley for males.
Although was born in Marrakesh, she spent her life in France, where she joined the conservatory for four years. She learnt classic piano in parallel to her studies at the Higher Institute of Commerce, where she graduated from, as a Cosmetics expert.
Laila Al Maghribia started her professional singing career in France, performing among a small group of young Moroccans. They altogether used to honour national and religious events in Paris.
She also participated in the inauguration concert of Cairo’s international festival, in its fifth edition, which gave her the golden opportunity to introduce herself to the Egyptian Audienc. 

Laila Al Maghribia ليلا المغربية  - Lella  ليلا

01.Alf Marra
02.Ana Hora
03.Ana Karhak
04.Ba2a Kedah
05.El Hob Dayali
06.Fannan Fi El Hob
08.Law Samahet
10.Rouh W Ensany
11.Sah Jeddan
12.Shad Eini


Laila Al Maghribia ليلا المغربية - Romansi رومانسي

01. Romansi
02. Khally Elly Belalb
03. Yehakeny
04. Esh Edany
05. Salamthom
06. Yekfeny
07. Ghabo
08. Al Zayen

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