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Mohsen Subhi محسن صبحي - Mawasem مــواســم

Mohsen Subhi (Arabic: محسن صبحي‎, also, Mohsen Subhi Khalil AbdelHamid Ataya) (October 4, 1963–August 2, 2009) was a Palestinian composer of classical Arabic music and arranger of modern Palestinian music and folk song.

A master oud player and percussionist, Subhi was born in Ramallah, Palestine on October 4, 1963, where he established himself as a young musician, composer, performer and teacher. He moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1997 and continued living and working in Palestine, the United States (Boston and San Francisco) and Jordan.

Mohsen composed, arranged, (re)interpreted and performed music for television, plays, films and live audiences. After receiving a grant to record his second classical Arabic music (instrumental) CD, Mohsen Subhi (also known as Abu Kinaan) died as a result of an unfortunate accident on August 2, 2009 in Ramallah. He was buried in Al-Bireh.
In 2006, the Lebanon based independent record label Incognito. released Mohsen Subhi’s instrumental, Mawasem [Seasons], the first compilation of his renowned composition of oud pieces, accompanied by bass, cello and piano (featuring Antoine Lammam – percussions).

In Mawasem, Subhi starts in maqam, in a circle widening with revelation, proceeding to a point where, necessarily, commentary falls short. And then there is the passage… He proceeds with working the maqam, confounding it, subtly morphing its identity into hybrid, genuine forms, loading every sound with the pangs of yet unborn maqams… Breaks are not expected in the moments and the spaces they span. Breaks are expected in their reflections. The ‘oud trembles, groans, lurches, longs… The ‘oud listens to its echo. The echo of the ‘oud infuses the horizon of the rhythm as homogenous column. And in the end, the maqam settles on the inevitability of its absence.

Mohsen Subhi has a very personal way of playing the oud, due to his previous experience as a percussionist and his subtle assimilation of Indian, African and Mediterranean influences. The album has received popular and critical acclaim in Lebanon: It is difficult not to fall helplessly in love with Mohsen Subhi’s bewitching album Mawasem. Subhi’s masterful oud playing is akin to a mystical art, making this CD breathtaking listening. (Rabih Z, Time Out Beirut, June 2006)

Mohsen Subhi – Mawasem محسن صبحي – مواسم

1 – ‘Al Bal (عالبال (05:43
2 – Nafetha (To A Friend) (نافدة (05:28
3 – ‘Oubour (عبور (02:17
4 – Ta’ammol (تأمل (05:34
5 – Hewar (حوار (09:42
6 – Irtijal (ارتجال (02:45
7 – Takassim (تقاسيم (05:24
8 – Bila Enwan (بلا عنوان (06:32
9 – Zikrayat (ذكريات (02:53

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