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Waddaato Baghdad ودعت بغداد Sahar Taha سهر طه

Sahar Taha is an Iraqi musician and journalist living in Lebanon who co-hosts the Lebanese programme Banat Hawa onLBC. She is best known for playing the oud in both eastern and western music.
In 1984 Taha received a MA in Business Administration in Baghdad, followed by a degree in Oud and Singing from the National Conservatory of Lebanon in 1989. In addition to her career in music, Taha is a writer for various Arabic and Lebanese newspapers and has been writing for Beirut's daily Al-Mustaqbal since 1999. She has also presented numerous musical programmes in the Arab media and worked for Future TV and ART television stations in the mid-90s.
Staying present in the musical scene, Taha served as a judge in musical festivals and programmes across Lebanon and Egypt in 1995, 2001 and 2002.
Since 1997, she has been a member of The Professional Artists Syndicate, as well as a member of honor in the Munir Bashir Oud and Traditional Musical Art International Foundation, in remembrance of internationally famous Iraqi oudist Munir Bashir.
Since 1986 Taha has performed in many concerts throughout the Middle East and Europe; in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Qatar, Germany, Austria and her native homeland Iraq.
Taha married a Lebanese and is now a naturalized Lebanese national. She still has family in Baghdad.
 (Source : Wikipedia)

Baghdadiyat بــغــداديــات - Omar Bashir Featuring Sahar Taha عــمـــر بــشــيـــر فـي عــرض لــ ســحــــر طــــــــه

[.01.] Haleila Hilwa هالليلة حلوة
[.02.] Salam A'alaya سلّم علي
[.03.] Che Mali Wali جي مالي والي
[.04.] A'ami Ya Baya'a El Warid عمي يا بياعم الورد
[.05.] Yalli Nesetouna يلّي نسيتونا
[.06.] Marena Beikum Hamad مرينا بيكم حمد
[.07.] Ya Um El Oyoun El Soud يا ام العيون السود
[.08.] Qul Le Ya Hilou قل لي يا حلو
[.09.] Mayhana Mayhana ميجانة ميجانة
[.10.] Mini Shbitha Wu Tathini مني شبدا وتاذيني

Waddaato Baghdad ودعت بغداد 

1 . Wadaato Baghdad - Poetry: Hadi Al Khafaji
2 . Maqam Lami (Auhaddithuho)
3 . Ya Tayr - Fouad Salem
4 . Shlonak - Salah Abdel Ghafour
5 . E lahy - Poetry: Abdel Wahhab Al Bayati
6 . Marro Alay - Nathem Al Ghazali
7 . Tamer Blady - Poetry: Saheb jawab
8 . Law Lilgharam Hakem - Zuhour Hussein
9 . Shukran Mahbobi - Poetry: Ibrahim Shaaban
10 . Ashgar Bishamah - Fadel Awwad
11 . Fog el Nakhel - Nathem Al Ghazali
12 . Majina - Lyics: Karim

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