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Rum / Tareq Al-Naser - Urdon

Rum Tareq Al Nasser Musical Group (The Official Group) 

Tareq Al Nasser is one of the most influential pioneers in the movement to revive Arabic music. A leading Jordanian musician, composer and arranger, Al Nasser left his print on the soundtracks of Arabic TV series since his beginnings in 1993. He later took his music to broader horizons.
His fame started with his soundtrack for "Nihayat Rajul Shujaa" (End of a Brave Man,) a drama series based on a novel with the same name by Hanna Mina, directed by Najdat Anzur. It was followed by Al Jawareh (Birds of Prey). In both works, his unconventional approach was clear, breaking away from inflexible patterns of Arabic music, which were associated with sung poetry according to unchangeable molds. Al Nasser created his personal style in music composition and arrangement..

Rum Group was established in 1998 by Tareq Al Nasser and was since then run by Russol Al Nasser, who majored in Fine Arts, as an independent band with a distinctive musical vision.
Rum performs Al Nasser's compositions, which are characterized with musical structure that can be described as novel and daring in oriental music, part from the innovative approach and the new spirit he added to the soundtracks he contributed to TV series, where the arrangements skillfully combined between oriental, western and international instruments.
The group also performs songs with a pure humanist approach, apart from its special interest in folklore music and songs, which is presented in a modern manner.
The group comprises more than 25 musicians whose different backgrounds complete each other's and, as a group, are emblematic of harmony.

Rum / Tareq Al-Naser- Urdon / طارق الناصر - اردن

01 Urdon
02 Rohy Ya Rouh روحي يا روح
03 Lamma Teshti لما تشتي
04 Me’aniyej – Jattna Resala (Jordanian Folklore) معانية - جَّتنا رسالة تراث أردني
05 Iram إيرم
06 Ya Yumma يا يُمَّه
07 Hob حب
08 Eshna عشنا ... على راس العين
09 Dagg Galby (Music) دق قلبي (موسيقى)
11 Men Nos Sa’a من نص ساعة
12 Mosaic موزاييك


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