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El Dor El Awal الــدور الأول - Qarar Izala / Aa'tareeq

El Dor El Awal started with a jam between Ahmed Omar and Mohamed Samy. They began rehearsing in this small flat on the first floor of a building, playing day and night for six months, to build a repertoire for el Dor El Awal. They were almost living together in this flat playing and searching for a personal sound, far from the considerations of the Egyptian musical market. They felt they were pouring their souls out on that first floor. So they decided to actually call the band El Dor El Awal that literally means the first floor in Egyptian dialect.

El Dor El Awal is not your typical Egyptian band. Even its formation is unusual. Two percussionists that play an original set with bongos, congas, kakhon, tabla and elements from the drums, a keyboard that uses a piano sound as well as electronic effects to add colors to the music. And finally a flute, a violin, and a saxophone, that create a very particular brass section.

Blending in their different musical backgrounds and adding each their personal touch, El Dor El Awal have truly succeeded on creating their own personal style and constantly delivering some fresh tunes that make their way straight into the hearts of the audience.

When a group of seven young, talented, and highly inventive musicians get together to rehearse daily for six months on the first floor of a derelict building, the end result is ‘Qarar Izala’, the first album from Egyptian band Dor el Awal.

Their name is a pun on the Egyptian expression for ‘the first floor’, as well as a reference to this promising band’s first musical foray.

Meshing their different musical backgrounds together, they have succeeded in creating an intensely personal tapestry of sounds, one that fuses oriental "Taqassim" on qanoun and flute, jazzy improvisations on saxophone and flute, as well as Spanish/flamenco meanderings on two tracks.

Their concerts are great experiences where the saxophone, flute and violin intertwine with layers of bass and percussion, the build-up leading the audience into a trance-like state.

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Qarar Izala قــرار إزالــــة   El Dor El Awal الــدور الأول


[.1.] Blue hair الـــشــعـْــر الازرق
[.2.] Qarar izala قــرار إزالــــة
[.3.] Bossa بـــوســا
[.4.] Hawiyya حـــكــويــة
[.5.] Hawdag هـــودج
[.6.] Rehla رحــــلــة
[.7.] Iskandaria اســكــنــدريــة
[.8.] Megansa مــاجــنــســـيــة
[.9.] Sohba صـــحــبــة


Aa'tareeq عــالـطـريـق   El Dor El Awal الــدور الأول

[.01.] Kitty
[.02.] Aa'tareeq
[.03.] Asmara
[.04.] Kalam
[.05.] Rogoa
[.06.] Raqs El Hawanem
[.07.] Hasaballah 2000
[.08.] Sowan
[.09.] Nefertari

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