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AL HOB WA AS SALAM الحب والسلام

In 1975, the Alexandrian composer Nabil El Bakla decided to form El Hob we salam band (the band of love and peace) with the help of two poets Hassan Ahmed and Yousri Abdessalam.

The first album "Iskandaria, ouemier dkourini" (Alexandria, quote me) was released in 1978. In 1980 the band won the second prize in the Mediterranean festival of music. In 1984, the second album called "el Hob taht al ichrin" (Love before the score) came out. However, just after the release of this album, the band suspended their activities for several years due to the unavailability of Nabil EL Bakla which focused entirely on his own affairs.

In 1998 he decided to revive the experience of El Hob we salam band once again and appealed to young artists. During the same year, the band participates in a festival in France in response to the invitation of the French Cultural Institute. In 1999, the band participates for the first time at the Cairo International Festival by performing the song "Al Akssar" which was chosen due to its theme as the official closing song of the festival.

In the year 2000 the band did their second appearance at the international festival in Cairo. The death of Nabil El Bakla didn't stop "El Hob wa salam Band", continuing and participating in several festivals and events in Alexandria and Cairo. Currently, the band has gained enough maturity and keeps permanent contact with the expectations and aspirations of the fans in Egypt and the Arab world. 

Al hob Wa as salam الحب والسلام - eskandirya odhkureny اسكندرية اذكريني

01 ozkreny  اذكريني
02 elzel  الظل

03 3aeza aeh  انتي عايزة مني ايه 
04 5ayal sh3r خيال شاعر
05 3ady عادي 

06 moushkila  مشكلة صعبة 
07 el6are2  يطول الطريق
08 eskindrya  اسكندرية 

09 elkilma الكلمة 
10 aw3idk  أوعدك يا حبيبة  
11 samra  سمرا 
12 soudfa  مجرد صدفة


Al hob Wa as salam الحب والسلام - Al hub taht el eshreen  الحب تحت العشرين

01 Elhob Taht Eleshryn
02 El hob We Lekhtiyar
03 Ana Aalant Aliki Elhob
04 Bahebek
05 Jonoun Elghira
06 Khodaa
07 Maadarch Akon
08 Matisaalnish


Al hob Wa as salam الحب والسلام - ba3d seneen   بعد سنين

01 Odkorini
02 Ana Salamt Lak Albi
03 Ibtadina Neiish Hayatna
04 Biraghm Tashaboh
05 Baad Snyn
06 Tebeii Madik
07 Sodfa
08 Sawt Elhawa
09 Lama Toyour
10 Min Beiid
11 Mahma Kan
12 Nafasi Haiii 

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  1. Beautiful work.

    Note: the title of their second album means 'Love Under The Age of Twenty', or in Arabic الحب تحت العشرين, also nicknamed 'Jnoun El-Ghierah' (The Madness of Jealousy); which is song number#5 on the original TC (tape-cassette).



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