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Dar Qandeel for Arts and Culture - مؤسسة دار قنديل للثقافة والفنون

Dar Qandeel is a cultural and art center in Tulkarem based on humanistic and progressive values and volunteerism. Through art and culture Dar Qandeel offers a space for young people to feel free, develop and have a meaningful free time. The organization is religiously and political unaffiliated and the door is open for everyone who shares its values. For the members Dar Qandeel is more than an organization; “We behave like a WE, we are a family, a community”.
Dar Qandeel started in 2002 by a group of young artists in Tulkarem who wanted to create a creative space. Corporation's activities began to spread more broadly. Dar Qandeel started with theater, art and drawing,then the music band was established in 2005 and the puppet theater in 2007. Dar Qandeel continues to develop. During the last year several young who have an idea to make a rap band and today it is part of the identity of the foundation. 
To feel of yourself, acheive your capabilities as a human being. Cooperate together, understand and support each other, with our common, even if we have different points of view. 
Mission : 
To expand the scope of culture and art, knowledge, civilization and refinement of a visionary and a humanitarian point of view of civilization to the largest possible segment of society

Dar Qandeel band فرقة دار قنديل

The band was founded in 2005 initiated a number of volunteers in the Foundation Dar Qandeel for culture and art city of Tulkarm, and since its inception, which was spontaneous and normal individuals brought together by common concerns and dreams and a genuine desire to uphold their voice Omlot rejection of the reality and conditions.

In 2006 the band released its first "Lish El Hurieh." "why Freedom" And in 2010 launched her second album, "Noman," which was produced with support from the Arts and Culture In the AM Qattan Foundation The band has many offers in the Palestinian cities and villages and camps Also participated in festivals in many foreign countries

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Dar Qandeel band فرقة دار قنديل - lesh el Hurrieh ليش الحرية

01 اطلع من خوفك
02 الراس عالي
03 خاين
04 دوار
05 لست انا
06 ليش الحرية
07 مش بالعتمة
08 يا حجار
09 يا خوف
10 يا شاويش

Dar Qandeel band فرقة دار قنديل -  Numan 

01 رُبَّ
02 حاور
03 دعني
04 النوم بيش
05 أغرقني
06 كيف
07 بيني وبينك
08 نُعمان
09 الشمس
10 قهوة
11 عصفورنا
12 يا موت

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