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Nabila Maan نبيلة معن

Nabyla Maan is a singer-songwriter, born on December 6, 1987 in Fes, Morocco

Born in a family of music lovers, Nabyla Maan has been interested since the youngest age in traditional Moroccan music. Her passion for the Arab-Andalusian music has pushed her to seek the knowledge of this art among the greatest masters.

As a contemporary artist, Nabyla presents a modernist approach to ancient Moroccan music. A conscious approach to the global nature of this art, thus placing it in an international dimension by leading it in various artistic projects where Malhoune, Ala Andalusia, Tarab Gharnaté are mixed with Jazz and world music.

Nabyla recorded her first album in 2005 "D'nya", in which she sings in Darija, Classical Arabic and French, including two reprises of Nass El Ghiwane's famous songs "Allah Ya Molana" and "Essiniya". Her album was sold to hundreds of thousand copies and allowed her to be showcased in concerts in Morocco and Europe. At age 19, she was the youngest Arab and African artist to perform at the Olympia music hall in Paris.

In 2009, she released her second album "Ter El Ali", which also features songs in Moroccan Arabic, Classic Arabic and French, including her version of Edith Piaf's "Padam Padam".

In 2013 she released her third album titled “Aech hyatek”. In this album her musical style is refined and become more sophisticated.

Nabyla Maan is currently preparing for her fourth album, where she brings together a team of talented and eclectic musicians and arrangers. The album promises a real journey in the Moroccan and Arab-Andalusian music, revisited under the wing of Jazz. 


Nabila Maan نبيلة معن - D'nya دنيا

01  Morok'oh !
02  D'nya
03  Le Bal Masque
04 Allah Ya Moulana
05  Essinyia
06 Hina Kalat
07 Adorable
08 Entre Les Lignes
09  Illusion
10 Poupee D'argile
11 Allah Ya Moulana Feat. Omar Sayed



Nabila Maan نبيلة معن - Ter el ali طير العالي

01 Ya Rouhi
02 Iwa tkelem
03 Padam Padam
04 Ter el ali
05 Kannadia feat Numydia
06 Lekram lamrassaâ
07  J'ai peur de te dire
08 Limala ouhib
09 La tkoulli
10 Je te tatoue
11 Rien à regretter feat Mobidick
12 Ya wlidi


Nabila Maan نبيلة معن - Aech hyatek عيش حياتك

01 Aech hyatek
02 Li chaghel bali
03 Khtar
04 Kolli
05 Kol fia chiirane
06 Isii trit
07 Alach
08 Hki li
09 Red balek


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