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Ahmed Soultan - أحمد سلطان

Ahmed Soultan (أحمد سلطان) is a Moroccan singer artist,considered as one of the leaders of the "Nayda".(new urban Moroccan scene).Soultan was born in Taroudant in the district of Souss-Massa-Drâa.In 2005, Soultan was invited to take part in the Dakar International Festival of Film and was a supporting artist in a concert by Tiken Jah Fakoly. Also in 2005, Ahmed Soultan was invited to perform at the Kora Awards in South Africa, to represent North Africa. The same year, he opened one of Tiken Jah Fakoly's concerts in Dakar. In 2007, Ahmed Soultan produced the soundtrack of a successful series broadcasted in Morocco and the Arab world.

In 2010, Ahmed Soultan appeared on "Amazing You" from Ne-Yo's album The Apprenticeship of Mr. Smith (The Birth of Ne-Yo).

In 2011, his song "Jokko" ("The Link" in Wolof) was nominee for Best North African Song and Best African Reggae song of the year.

In 2011, for the "Radiowaves Project" he was featured on "People Power" a song produced by Anthony Tidd (The Roots, Talib Kweli) alongside Talib Kweli, Angélique Kidjo, Zap Mama, and Freshlyground to fight climate change in Africa and the world in general.

He has performed at the "Casablanca Music Festival", the "Sacred Musics Festival" of Fes, the "Moonfest" of Marrakech, and at European venues in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

(Source : Wikipedia)

Ahmed Soultan - أحمد سلطان - Tolerance

01. Ya Salam Feat Afrodiziac
02. Ignorance
03. Kounti Saber
04. Kayen Li
05. Shy
06. Habibi
07. Brother N Sister
08. Give Me Ur Name Feat Samira  
09. No Matter
10. My Woman
11. Koula Lila
12. Perdu
13. Ya Salam Feat Afrodiziac (english Version)

Ahmed Soultan - أحمد سلطان - Code

Soultan, Ahmed - Code CD Cover Art

1 Achkide (berber/french) feat. Afrodiziac 
2 Itim (arabic)
3 Hayatna (arabic/french) feat. Mobydick
4 Goddam Girl (english)
5 Tous les memes (french)
6 Iwi (berber)
7 Nti o ana (arabic/french) feat. Samira
8 Breathe (english)
9 Bent nass (arabic)
10 Each time (english)
11 Yallah (arabic/english)
12 Hayatna (arabic/english) feat. Mobydick
13 Nti o ana (arabic/english) feat. Samira
14 Achkide (english/berber)


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