mercoledì 24 febbraio 2016

Men Wara el 3adaseh من وراء العدسة ( Reloaded )

Men Wara el 3adaseh ( Behind the Lens ) is a collective of three underground MCs and producers, Samer Abdel Karim, Qarar & Edd Abbas. Back in September 2012, the trio released their first self-titled 6-track EP titled "Men Wara el 3adaseh". Three years later, the trio came back to work on their second album titled "Ta2irat el Rou7" ("Soul Plane") produced entirely by Edd Abbas. Lyrically, the album is inspired from the changes that each member went through in the past couple of years on both a personal and socio-political level. On behalf of the collective, we are proud to present to you this album that was completed in less than 5 months.

Men Wara el 3adaseh من وراء العدسة EP

 01 Nhar Jdid
 02 Soul
 03 Makhzan Malein (remix) 
 04 Ightiyeil
 05 Bala esem
 06 3ibarat majeziyyeh


 Men Wara el 3adaseh من وراء العدسة - Ta2irat el Rou7 طائرة الروح

 01 Roo7 El Moude3abeh
 02 Roo7 El Moughamara
 03 Roo7 Riyadiyeh
 04 Roo7 El Funk bi Beirut
 05 Rou7 El Nekteh
 06 Rou7 El Na3na3
 07  Fineh Rou7
 08 Ma Fineh Roo7
 09 Rou7 El Moughamara El Tawileh


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