martedì 8 maggio 2018

Arab tunes mixtape # 38 - Contemporary Arab Tunes

A Mixtape that takes a look at the contemporary Arab music scene. The sonic incursions of Hello Psycaleppo, the vocal harmonies of Emel Mathlouti, the post punk of Kaleb and Smokable, the futuristic Electro Chabi of Islam Chipsy.

A heterogeneous Mixtape, which photographs (partially) one of the most electrifying scenes on the planet.

Arab tunes mixtape # 38 - Contemporary Arab Tunes

01 Sofiane Saidi - Gasbah Ya Moul Taxi
02 47 Soul - Sabah
03 Bu Kolthoum - Zamilou
04 Mashaa Ramle - Ya Bu Rdayyen Ft Enas el Said
05 Kelab - Al yawm al'alamy lilrajul
06 Emel Mathlouthi - Thamlaton
07 Al Akhareen - Ana Al Aaris
08 Islam Chipsy - EL Kahraman
09 Love & Revenge - Batwaness Bik in
10 Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh - El Shahwa Wel Soaar
11 Yasmine Hamdan - Al Jamilat
12 Hello Psychaleppo - Anqa
13 El Rass - You still cant belly dance b
14 Nadah El Shazly - Afqid Adh-Dhakira
15 Smokable - Jacket Jeld
16 Aqsa Alwasat - Eshrabini


3 commenti:

  1. what an amazing compilation! is there some arabic script of the songs and artists somewhere?
    Cheers from Brazil

  2. Hi, thank you for your appreciation. They are all fairly well known artists and their biographies are easily available online.You can try to take a look at this site :

  3. thanks amazing compilation man I always follow your work


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