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Sharmoofers شارموفرز

From Cairo, Egypt, Sharmoofers is a three-piece band. Ahmed Bahaa (lyrics, vocals and videos, also member of Cairokee), Ezz Shahwan (bass and guitars) and Mohamed El-Arkan (multi-instrumentalist and music producer) believe that music is the key to happiness, and that happiness is music.

Their music will certainly lift your mood and liven up your senses. ‘We’re trying to make music that lifts people’s spirits, that has an infectious energy in a positive way. The same goes for our lyrics, which we try to keep light-hearted and down to earth. Although we did write one somewhat serious song, “Salam Aleikoum” (‘Peace Be Upon You’), about the struggles of an artist, generally we play to make people happy ’, explains Bahaa.

Sharmoofers didn’t start out with any fixed musical style. They base their songs on the positive energy they find in the Egyptian sense of humour and love of wordplay. Sharmoofers don’t take themselves too seriously either: lightness is all. It’s their own way to bring a bit of hope and optimism to many Egyptians disillusioned about their country’s future. ‘Sometimes, you get so down and depressed that the only thing you can do is laugh about it’, explains Bahaa. ‘And we’re all getting to that point now, if not already there. It may be difficult to laugh, but what alternative is there?’ The band seeks no place among protest song writers, and never claimed to be politically engaged. ‘Everyone is good at something. Some bands have been good at writing songs about politics, for example, and some aren’t, the singer says. Look at a band like [XXXX?]. They’ve always been politically active, so for them something like that comes naturally and it’s convincing, they’re not just jumping on the bandwagon. Personally, I’m not that interested in politics, so it wouldn’t be genuine, or convincing. And we don’t want to write stuff that’ll bring people down. We’re not interested in sad songs, break-up ballads or anything like that’.

Their song Kawkab (‘Planet’) was released in 2012. It reflects the band’s desire to disconnect from their everyday lives, so much that they project themselves onto Pluto. They take their listeners to another galaxy and another system of time, imagining funny aliens walking on three feet. The delirious, ethereal, futuristic and Egyptian sci-fi lyrics stimulate the imagination and creativity of their audience.

One year later, Sharmoofers finally released their first video clip, Khamsa Santi (‘5 centimeters’). Shot in Cairo, the song and its clip feature a day in Sharmoofers’ life, which begins with local flooding 5cm deep. Unexpected comical situations unfold: a love message not addressed to the owner has been carved in the car, a donkey carts falls into the water, and so on. Guaranteed to raise spirits and ease you into a better mood, which in these days might be no bad thing.

by Ayla Mrabet

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Sharmoofers شارموفرز

01 Elboxer البوكسر
02 Kawkab كوكب
03 Ma Fi Kalam ما في كلام
04 A Chat In The Garden
05 MIckey ميكى
06 Salamo 3aleikom سلامو عليكم
07 Shambeyon شامبيون
08 Sinai سينا
09 Sharmoofet  شارموفيت
10 El Cirque  السيرك
11 El Sahra السهرة
12 I'adel Moodak إعدل مودك
13 Khamsa Santy  خمسة سنتى


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