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Nuggets from the Ghiwane Generation / Issue # 1

With this post I would like to inaugurate an appointment, which in the intentions would like to be periodic and regular, to present some musical gems belonging to what is called Ghiwane Generation; that group of bands which, inspired by the well-known precursors (Nass el Ghiwane, Jil Jilala and Lemchaheb, in short the sacred trimurti), have contributed to radically renew the Moroccan music scene of the 70s. Many of them have made only a handful of 7 "and very little is known about their history, but fortunately the music tracks remain to testify to their precious contribution.

I would like to propose here some of these real pearls. Some are my own recordings while others have been kindly given to me by friends. The quality is not always excellent (or good) but the spirit is absolutely alive and powerful.

Happy listening to everyone.

Con questo post vorrei inaugurare un appuntamento, che nelle intenzioni vorrebbe essere periodico e regolare, per presentare alcune gemme musicali appartenenti a quella che viene chiamata Ghiwane Generation ; quel gruppo di bands le quali, ispirandosi ai conosciutissimi precursori ( Nass el Ghiwane, Jil Jilala e Lemchaheb, insomma la sacra trimurti), hanno contribuito a rinnovare radicalmente la scena musicale marocchina degli anni 70. Molte di esse hanno realizzato solo una manciata di 7" e circa la loro storia si sa davvero poco , ma fortunatamente rimangono le tracce musicali a testimoniare il loro prezioso contributo.

Vorrei proporre qui alcune di queste vere e proprie perle. Alcune sono registrazioni in mio possesso mentre altre mi sono gentilmente state donate da amici . Non sempre la qualità è ottima ( o buona) ma lo spirito è assolutamente vivo e potente .

Buon ascolto a tutti.

Ahl El Jouda أهل الجودة - Liyam الأيام / L'Hajr الهاجر

Koutoubiaphone ‎: KTP 1655

Vinyl  : 7"/ 45 RPM

Side A Liyam الأيام

Side B L'Hajr الهاجر



Les Sept Saints سبعة رجال - Sebaa Tourijal سبعة رجال- Lyam Kahla ليام الكحلة

Koutoubiaphone ‎: KTP 1657 A/B

Vinyl : 7" / 45 RPM 

Side A Sabba'a Rijal سبعة رجال

Side B Lyam L'Kahla ليام الكحلة


Al Warchan الورشان - Rakib lihawal راكب لهوال - Walada libilad wa gharib ولد البلاد وغريب



Atlassiphone ‎:ATL 550

Vinyl : 7"/ 45 RPM 

Side A Rakib lihawal راكب لهوال

Side B Walada libilad wa gharib ولد البلاد وغريب


A'Mart Fes  عمارة فاس -    Keyf Nughani Ya Sah كيف نغني يا صاح  -  Wa Anami Lila La Kabira  وأنا امي - للا الكبيرة

Atlassiphone  : ATP 5032

Vinyl : 7" / 45 RPM

Side A Keyf Nughani Ya Sah كيف نغني يا صاح 

Side B Wa Anami Lila La Kabira وأنا امي - للا الكبيرة




Amrawa  عمراوة -  Jilali الجيلالي


Philips ‎ : 6278052

Vinyl : 7" / 45 RPM


Side A Jilali الجيلالي

Side B Jilali الجيلالي



 Laazara لعزارة - Sir amin kana li sub    سير امن كان لي سب /    Ta'ala ta'ala   تعالى تعالى

Boussiphone ‎: MB 2097

Vinyl  : 7" / 45 RPM

Side A Sir amin kana li sub سير امن كان لي سب

Side B Ta'ala ta'ala تعالى تعالى



Noujoum Dijour  نجوم الديجور - Dijour  الديجور -   L'Jara  الجارة

Koutoubiaphone ‎:  KTP 1683

Vinyl : 7" / 45 RPM

 Side A Dijour الديجور

Side B L'Jara الجارة


Nass Jilala - ناس جيلالة - Lahmami الهمامي - Ta'ala Hah تعالى هاه

Atlassiphone : ASP 4172

Vinyl : 7",/ 45 RPM

Side A Lahmami الهمامي

Side B Ta'ala Hah تعالى هاه



 Jil Jdid جيل جديد - El Wali الولي

Atlas International : ST-454501

Vinyl : 7" / 45 RPM

Side A  El Wali الولي

Side B El Wali الولي




Al Koufouf الكفوف - Kifma Lahmoum Taktar كيفما الهموم بكتار - Wach Dazouni واش 
دازوني ؟

Philips ‎: 6278060

Vinyl : 7" / 45 RPM


Side A  Kifma Lahmoum Taktar كيفما الهموم بكتار-

Side B  Wach Dazouni واش دازوني ؟



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  2. Of course, I have an emotional relationship with the music of the 80s and 90s, the music of my youth. I will explore your blog carefully.

  3. hello! I am grateful for all this great music but this track is missing : Laazara لعزارة - Sir amin kana li sub سير امن كان لي سب - Side B Ta'ala ta'ala تعالى تعالى

  4. Thanx for the comment. The file has been re uploaded


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