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Haifa Kamal هيفاء كمال

Haifa Kamal is one of the pioneer vocalists in Jordan and in the arab world, being raised as a musician since childhood, she grew up to master arabic singing under the patronage of her father the well known palestinian composer and singer Kamal Khalil.

Haifa has a bachelor degree in mathematics, in addition to a Bachelor in music/arabic singing.

In addition to her heavenly voice, Haifa is a professional actress, as she starred many Jordanian theatre plays, and played the role of Palestinian Poet Fadwa Tuqan in a T.V series about the unforgettable poet.

Haifa has performed as a solo vocalist with many professional Musical groups and orchestras locally and internationally, such as Baladna (Kamal Khalil) , Rum (Tareq Al Nasser),Razz (Aziz Maraka), National music conservatory orchestra, Amman Symphonita, Amman arabic string Quartet, and many others.

She was also featured in many sound tracks of arabic and international T.V series, Movies, and documentaries with pioneer sound track composers such as Tareq Al Nasser, Dr.Najati Al Suloh and Waleed Al Hasheem.

Haifa is one of the main vocalists in the Jordanian Female musical group NAYA.

In 2014 she made her first album entitled: " Denya ". The realization of the disc was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the musician Alaa Wardi.

Haifa Kamal هيفاء كمال - Denya دنيا

01 Romman   رُمان -
02 Kol Ma Ansak  كل ما أنساك
03 Al Yadi  عاليادي 
04 Ghareeb Enta  غريب إنت 
05 Denya  دنيا 
06 Asseb Ouyounak   عَصِّب عيونك
07 Keef   كيف 
08 Ma Tensa Ouyouni   ما تنسى عيوني 
09 Ebtasem  ابتسم 
10  Mowaten C  المواطن

Bonus Tracks

01 Ya denia
02 El youm 7elo
03 Momken so2al
04 qom tafarraj
05 Ra7eel
06 Mawtini
07 Ba7lam
08 Ba7lam instrumental


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