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Aida Nadeem عايده نديم

Aida Nadeem’s music is the sound of deep cultural roots, creative daring and free expression, full of the bittersweet ache of exile and the fierce creativity of a maverick artistic spirit. Born in Iraq, exiled to Denmark, steeped in the avant-garde and the raw, beautiful sound of her Arabic roots, she is an extraordinary singer, dancer and wordsmith, a beacon of independence and integrity in a world of homogenised commercialism.

Aida was born in Baghdad. Growing up in the downtown section of the lively Middle Eastern metropolis, she was inspired by the cultural diversity and progressive politics that surrounded her and sang, danced and wrote poetry from a young age. She studied at Baghdad’s prestigious Academy of Music and Ballet (specialising in the bassoon!), subsequently joining Iraq’s symphony orchestra and all the while listening to classical and avant-garde music, alongside the Arabic beats of Baghdad’s streets.

At the same time she became increasingly politically active (making a stand against the injustices she saw all around her), ultimately forcing her into exile in Denmark in 1991. Here she studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, simultaneously delving into the emerging global dance scene (Transglobal Underground, Talvin Singh etc) Out of all of these disparate influences emerged a new sound, a musical style uniquely her own, combining ancient tradition and cutting edge electronica, the East and the West, the head and the heart.
Aida has been honing and developing this sound ever since, over four albums characterised by increasing creative confidence, she’s moved away from generic “world beat” to something daring and personal. Along the way her compositions have featured on movie soundtracks, she’s been nominated in the “Boundary Crossing” category of the prestigious BBC Awards for World Music and won plaudits aplenty for her extraordinary live performances, which combine the full range of her deeply expressive voice with the agility and grace of her dance moves
You can hear the fullest realisation of this artistic growth on her latest recording Beyond Destruction. It’s an often dark and brooding affair, whose minimal, atmospheric backing is topped off with Nadeem’s majestic wail of a voice. Recorded in Copenhagen, Istanbul and Cologne, the album features Turkish strings and brass, the extraordinary Tunisian oud player and producer Smadj (a kindred spirit if ever there was one) and experimentalist Danish jazz guitar man Joakim Froystein. This is a set of contrasts, ranging from the blistering brass of “Turkman Folk”, to the sombre and evocatively string-drenched “Raheel” (which features the poetry of revered Palestinian wordsmith Mahmoud Darwish). Aida Nadeem has many important messages to share with the world and has found her own voice with which to express them.

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Aida Nadeem è nata a Bagdad, Iraq. All'età di 12 anni ha iniziato a suonare il fagotto e qualche anno più tardi è stata chiamata a far parte della Orchestra Sinfonica Irachena. A causa delle sue attività politiche è stata costretta a lasciare il paese all’età di 25 anni ed ha ottenuto il rifugio politico in Danimarca nel 1991.

Poco dopo il suo arrivo è entrata all’Accademia Reale Musicale Danese dove si è diplomata in fagotto nel 1997. Da allora la composizione di musiche cross-over è sempre stata il suo più grande desiderio a cui si è dedicata con passione e professionalità.

Aida Nadeem ha tenuto numerosi concerti, ricevendo sempre l’entusiasmo del pubblico, al Roskilde Festival, ai jazz festival europei come nelle grandi sale da concerto.

La musica di Aida è un mix di elementi orientali, ambient, elettronica con in primo piano le sue stilizzazioni vocali. Il risultato è una performance di world music e di energia che assume un particolare significato nel contesto sociale e politico che sta vivendo il mondo odierno.

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Aida Nadeem عايده نديم -  Out Of Bagdad خارج بغداد

01 - Baghdad
02 - Alef
03 - Khadri
04 - Yumma
05 - Risala
06 - Mild
07 - Hin
08 - Manfa
09 - Hin (Remix)

Aida Nadeem عايده نديم - Some songs

01 Ummara - Arabtronica
02 Nigadni - Arabtronica 
03 Intro- The Hidden Smile , 
04 Yahuta - The Hidden Smile
05 Tribute - The Hidden Smile
06 Hajaa - The Hidden Smile
07 Word Bomb - The Hidden Smile
08 Mushmos - The Hidden Smile
09 Jadida - The Hidden Smile
10 Go To Gate #1
11 Go To Gate #2
12 Go To Gate #3
13 A Space Exodus
14 lamia
15 salaat
16 Ya huta - Beyond destruction
17 Iraqi Folk - Beyond destruction
18 Raheel - Beyond destruction
19 Tribute to Adonis - Beyond destruction

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