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Khebez Dawle خـبز دولـة

Short Bio

Khebez Dawle is a Syrian five-member rock band. Founded in Damascus, Syria in the late 2012 as a one-man project, the band consolidated in Beirut, Lebanon in early 2013. With Anas Maghrebi, Muhammad Bazz, Bachi Darwish and Hekmat Qassar & Dani Shukri. Khebez Dawle has a one album so far, their self-titled concept album "Khebez Dawle", recorded April-July 2014 and scheduled to be released August 2015. All the band members are now living in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Name And Concept

We enjoy the wordplay in our band's name. In Syrian spoken-word, "Khebez Dawle" means "government bread" or -literally- "country bread", it's a very common thing in Syria. The Syrian government bread always used to mean safety, stability and living well, to all the Syrian people. However, to us, "Khebez Dawle" is also interpreted as "the people that are the basis for building a dignified, safe and well-being country", regardless of any boundaries or policies. Thus, we ourselves and all the people around us are the subject matter of our music.

 Musical Background

Khebez Dawle members performed in many venues and places back in Syria, under many names and projects. Anas -Lead singer/songwriter- worked in media production with many studios in Syria, and as a vocalist/rhythm guitarist with many Syrian bands. Bachi -Guitarist- works at the ‘Bidna Capoeira’ organization, and co-founded a Syrian band called ‘Ana’. Bazz -Bassist- played bass guitar for many Syrian bands and co-founded ‘Ana’ with Bachi. Hekmat -Guitarist/Keyboardistalso played for many bands and composed soundtracks for short films and animations. Khebez Dawle has been recording and playing with session drummers until Dani Shukri from the band Tanjaret Daghet joined Khebez Dawle. 

Musical Style

Khebez Dawle's sound is a combination of "indie/post-rock oriented guitars, modernrock up-building drums and bass, and the dirty, rough oriental male vocals". Khebez Dawle's music consists basically of "Arabic Syrian spoken-word lyrics, oriental vocal lines/guitar licks/solos, and a rhythm section that is a creative fusion between oriental and modern-rock beats". 


Khebez Dawle's lyrics are best described as "revolutionary, hopeful, yet wise poem" The lyrics are written in Arabic Syrian spoken-word language. -selections of the lyrics would be sent upon request

Band Members :

Anas: lead singer/songwriter
Bachi: guitarist 
Hekmat: guitarist/keyboardist
Bazz: bassist
Dani: drummer  


Khebez Dawle (2015): By the 1st of May, 2014, Khebez Dawle started recording their self-titled first album, funded by The Arab Fund For Art And Culture (Afac) and The Arab Culture Resource (Mawred) -links below-. It's a concept album that tells the story of a Syrian young guy experiencing the events of the Arab Spring, particularly the Syrian Uprising. This album tells the story from a humanitarian point of view, away from any polarizing political alignment. 


From May 1st, 2014 through 2015, Khebez Dawle is doing shows and concerts at many venues and places in Lebanon in order to promote the album. Here's our schedule for the past period :

May 15th Yukunkun Club, Gemmayze. 
May 24th AUB Outdoors 2014. 
June 3 rd Metro Al Madina, Hamra (guest). 
June 6 th Yukunkun Club, Gemayze (headliner with others). 
June 21st Fete de la musique, Beirut 2014. 
August 7th till 10th Forestronika Festival 2014 "Life In FlowMotion". 
September 17th The Back Door, Mar Mikhael. 
September 26th AltCity Hamra (Unplugged). 
October 8th Radio Beirut, Mar Mikhael. 
October 23rd Yukunkun Club, Gemmayze. 
December 13th Metro Al Madina, Hamra, Binzin Wisikh Fundraiser. 

2015: February 24th Station Beirut, FriendsWithWarChild Concert. 
April 21st Metro Al Madina, Hamra, Global Week for Syria. 

By the first days of 2015 Khebez Dawle will be preparing for their album-release show to be held early 2016, -place not confirmed yet-. It's a rock musical show that involves visual arts and actors. The show builds up as the scenario of the story evolves. 

(Source : Khebez Dawle press kit)



Khebez Dawle 2015 خـبز دولـة

 01  Khebez Dawle خبز دولة  
 02 Seen Suaal   سين سؤال
 03  Tawdeeh    توضيح
 04 Betaammer    بتعمّر
 05 Manam    منام
 06 Ahbal   أهبل
 07 Ya Sah   يا صاح
 08 Belsharea   بالشارع
 09 Aayesh  عايش
 10 Ma Aad Beddo    ما عاد بدو
 11 Haki Bani Aadami    حكي بني آدمي


 Lyrics translated to English.

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