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Hussein Sherbini حسين الشربيني

Hussein Sherbini (born 1987) , co-founder of Epic 101 Studios and part of WETROBOTS, is a producer/visual artist from Cairo, Egypt, known for his vast experimentation with sound design and conceptual visuals. Following the release of his debut solo EP 'Fairchile' and a track signing with famous french label 'Kitsune', Sherbini began to further experiment with different sounds that continue to push the boundaries of dance music and genres. He has maintained the reputation of using a variety of weird instruments, analog synthesisers and custom made microphones in his music. In 2015, Hussein released his first album titled ‘ELECTRO CHAABI’. The album gained a lot of attention due to it’s title and the fact that the it is not considered Electro chaabi, in fact it was a marketing stunt revealed within the album. Apart from the music, Hussein co-owns a music production studio/school that teaches young Egyptian talents modern music production methods and he is currently working on a Live performance curriculun  as well as an Interactive visuals curriculum to introduce a change in the Egyptian arts and performance scene.

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Hussein Sherbini حسين الشربيني - Fairchile EP


01 Safe
02 Ought
03 Fairchile
04 Liana
05 Fitysix
06 Fairchild55



Hussein Sherbini حسين الشربيني -  Electro Chaabi

01 Faya 2:18
02 Shams 4:22
03 Wesh 2:59
04 Beng 3:36
05 Etneen Arba3a 3:53
06 Singah 2:50
07 Mostawa (Ft. Abyusif) 5:03
08 Owl 4:18
09 Skipbeat 4:17
10 Fayttah 3:36
11 Outro


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