mercoledì 14 gennaio 2015

Random House البيت العشوائي

Random House is a Jordanian experimental band based in Amman. It was formed by four members, Qais Alfroukh, Feras Arrabi, Ahmad Al Haj, Osama Alkurdi.. They all reflect their own musical background in the music of the project by a variety of musical styles, like indie rock, reggae, punk rock mixed with sufi music.

The name of the band is inspired by the belief that all universal laws were created after a completely random interaction between its own elements (in both the physical and the spiritual realms of the universe), so the only way for humanity to find Utopia is by living a life based on complete natural freedom, free will, and randomness.


Random House البيت العشوائي


01 suhour  السحور ft.Krist Alzou'bi
02 We7deh  الوحدة  ft.Krist Alzou'bi
03 Yateem  اليتيم ft.Krist Alzou'bi
04  Leman Ertaqa  لمن ارتقى
05 Majma3 al bahrin   مجمع البحرين  ft.Krist Alzou'bi
06 3al Nabi Salli  على النبي صلي   ft.Krist Alzou'bi
07 Sindbad  سندباد
08  Al Musineen  المسنين  ft.Krist Alzou'bi
09 As sama3   السماع
10  Kalam Lel 7ijaz  كلام للحجاز ft.Krist Alzou'bi
11 Masra7 Watan مسرح وطن
12 Keefak El Youm
13  Leman Ertaqa 2  لمن ارتقى
14 Majma3 al bahrin   مجمع البحرين  2


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