giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

Fawda Trio ثـلاثـي الـفوضــة

Gnawa music is pure reflected by the warm bass sound and a voice guembri groove: real "invitation to travel".

Led by Reda Zine, a native of Casablanca, polyglot singer, guitarist and guembri player, the project "Fawda Trio" navigates between sacred and secular repertoires testifying to an antique musical heritage that remains open to contamination.

Fawda is an encounter between tradition and innovation that touches on the sonorities of Gnawa music, psychedelia and jazz. Gnawa music is pure groove, the warm, low sound of the guembri and voices transporting you across time.

REDA ZINE : Voice & Guembri Bass,
synthesizer ARP , Voice, Percussion.
DANILO MINEO : Percussion, Voice.


Fawda Trio ثـلاثـي الـفوضــة - Fawda Live الـــفوضــة في حـفـل مبــاشر


Live @Bar Maurizio

01 Sandya (1st lesson from women slave)
02 Zid L'Mal (More Money) 
03 Sallou (Pray roots) 
04 Lâafou (Lord Mercy)  
Bonus track :  
05 intro ( ancestral dialogue from the Sky) live



Fawda Trio - genesis from redA Zine on Vimeo.

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