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Darine - دارين

Darine is a young Lebanese female singer and song-writer, born in 1984, in Tripoli, Lebanon, to a Lebanese father and Half-Swedish half-Romanian mother.. She grew up with a passion for R&B and hip hop music and pursued a career in producing and performing such music. Darine resides in, and is a citizen of, Sweden. She claims that though the fact that most her music is directed to hip-hop, R&B loving Arab audience, Sweden was a good place to cultivate her talent where she ended up with her buddy producer, SoulClap. 

Darine’s “Aiwa” became popular for the simple lyrics, heavy hip hop beat rotations, and sounds of Oriental string instruments. The song was released in summer 2004, produced by EMI music Arabia & PRO Music.

After the success of the first single, Darine released her album Ma Rulez, which included two versions of the song “Aiwa” along with 18 new tracks. The album included “Ja Leily” (pronounced “Ya Leily”). This was Darine’s second single, but the music video had a different version of the previously included track in the album. The album was produced Darin SoulClap, who Darine was introduced to in the summer of 2002. Darine relaunched a music video for her first hit “Aiwa”, which was not well received as the track already had a video. The broadcast of the new music video did not last long.


Darine دارين - Ma Rulez

01 Intro
02 Aiwa
03 Ma Rulez
04 By Your Side
05 Hey U
06 Yalla Tao
07 Played U
08 Holla Holla
09 So Hot Ya!
10 Ana Bitmanna
11 She's Saved
12 ya Leili
13 Gotta Let U Go
14 Can I Come
15 Mish Maoul
16 Outro
17 Aiwa Club Mix


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