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Gehan Rateb جيهان راتب

Gehan Hassan Rateb is an Egyptian actress, singer, and composer. Gehan Rateb is one of the most famous Middle Eastern artists of her time, as she was one of the leading artists to bring back acting and singing career in one, and became an idol to follow her steps by other female artists in Egypt.

Gehan Rateb was born 1975 in Cairo, Egypt. Her Native Language is Arabic, she speaks English fluently & also studied French & Italian as supporting languages. Her father was of a mixed cultured Architecture, as he had an Egyptian father & an Italian mother; he died in 1995. Her mother is a housewife but had a hot couture project for some time of her life. Gehan had one sister only who is almost three years older than she is.

Gehan graduated from the Faculty of Arts English Literature Dept, from Ain Shams University, & also got The American Diploma In Marketing & Salesmanship from the American University in Cairo, she also Had her Professional free studies in Forex Trading.

Gehan started playing her first instrument when she was three years old at Maria Oselia Treatchy, the Italian Nuns School. Since then, she never lived away from music or away of stage and life performance, till she was graduated from college.

In 1994 Gehan started as a TV. Host at ART Arab Radio & Television for one year, She did not feel that she is in the right place & decided to quit & work in Marketing & Investments. Gehan have been offered a role in limited budget movie called "Horoob ma Sabk El-Esrar" that was exclusively broadcast on ART and it brought her back to the light on 1999 but this time as a supportive actress. In 2000, Gehan was presented in her second movie "Alashan Rabena Yehebak" for the first role. Gehan performed later a number of movies, TV Series & Theatre as well. In 2006 Gehan released her first music video Sibak which was made in New York at the Times square, Gehan also adapted the American culture in her music video story board as she danced as a pole dancer. The music video was a big hit in the Middle East, & was a subject of great press arguments; at the same time, Gehan became an innovator & a fashion leader for the Arab female Artist & also a seduction icon. Which made her decide to grab the attention to her music more than to her body, so she Released her second music video Wala Yehemak which was made in Torino – Italy, Gehan was very picky for the lyrics to have a message behind.

Gehan release her first Album Malak in 2008, Matigy Ahebak and El Aroosa met a great success & was reproduced in foreign countries, and was remixed by many of the worlds top DJs. Which paved the way for Gehan to receive many collaboration requests internationally, & released her song "Ana Wayak" in collaboration with the German Producer Jannes Amadeus on January 2009.

Gehan has other talents, she compose the music of some of her songs like Rage3 Lih and Haool Ya lil and also write the lyrics of some of her songs such as Ana Wayak.

(Source : Wikipedia)

Gehan Rateb جيهان راتب - Malak

01 El Aroosa
02 Malak
03 Haool Ya lil
04 Sibak – Remix
05 Rage3 Lih
06 Matigy Ahebak
07 Wala Yehemak
08 Sibak
09 Rage3 Lih Instrumental


Gehan Rateb جيهان راتب - Singles & Remixes

Ana Wayak
Ediny Forsa
Kol El Ayady
Aywa Ya Ablity
Ediny Forsa - Jannes version
El3aroosa (Jannes 'Fireworks in Cairo' Remix)
Malak (Soundminister USA Eurobeat Remix)

Matigy Ahebak - Jannes Ghoroob
Ya Lil (Jannes Electroshock Remix)


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