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Mohamed Ragab AKA Machine Eat Man (MEM)

Mohammed Ragab was born in Cairo, EGYPT. An artist who makes experimental electronic music. He was influenced by the 70's psychedelic progressive rock & the 90's alternative movement "grunge.

He started his musical career at the age of 19 in a rock band called "Radioacid" just by using a pen, a paper & his voice.
Playing bass in the early 90's & on 1999 formed a rock band called "THE ROOM" with guitarist A.Hefny on 2001 they released their first debut "Undermind" as a first album followed by "From Left to Right on 2005 & on 2007 "Ignorance is Bliss".

Coming from a country lost all interests in making genuine music especially during the last three decades & with no respect neither for rock nor experimental music, M.Ragab started his own side project seven years ago, named as "Machine Eat Man" AKA M.E.M as an initial point to fulfill his passion for making electronic music, set out to bring analog synthesizers back into the spotlight. In a day and age where multi-gigabyte samplers and laptop computers rule the electronic music scene, M.E.M is adamant about performing its original electronic music sans any CPUs.
With a simple plan of throwing a few local gigs in Cairo M.E.M captured the eye of an American Indie record label M.V.D. as apparently the music was "so intense & original" as quoted from M.V.D. owner "Chris Pati", to the point that it got the company to sign a deal with M.Ragab in order to promote and support his works & set him on tour to U.S.A & CANADA and that was one of the major steps of M.Ragab musical career

M.Ragab stands out as the only Egyptian artist who uses analog synthesizers in making experimental electronic music; he also managed to obtain a degree in recording techniques & electronic music production from Recording Arts Canada
Mohamed Ragab has created a whole new genre of experimental electro- music that he called EGYPTRONICAAnalog & digital synthesizers drum machines, sampling, programming & Theremin sounds take nothing away from a traditional making of pure electronic music & add to it the haunting sound of an army of Egyptian percussions: Doff, Dohola, Tabla and Req created by Egyptian engineer H.Sorour (vst Darabokator). 
Ragab uses eastern samples with rich analog synthesizers and organic, hard-hitting beats.

Ragab lays down a melodic rhythmic base then adds everything from pulverizing metal clangs to soaring, ambient movements that create a wholly unique and forward-thinking sound.

Egyptronica sound is aggressive, blunted & brooding but amazingly danceable as well (pure Egyptian signature).

Machine Eat Man’s shows usually feature stylish background visuals/video art, as well as live drums on stage, which make his shows fall more into the “Performance Art” category.

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   The work of Mohamed Ragab AKA Machine Eat Man

01 Slavery Inc.
02 are you
03 dust & rust 1-2
04 rababa
05 Tuesday & Prozack
06 Cairo
07 Evolution
08 Toying
09 Die With Me
10 Far from Home
11 blue tree
12 Drugs in corners
13 Monster
14 warning
15 Zygote
16 Her machine
17 By forgiving you
18 Crisis of a song
19 The lady
20 Shaytan
21 Mad
22 Which Wishes
23 Present -Sax
24 Welcome to the Machine
25 My Ground
26 Up
27 Games

Tracks 1- 3 from album " Inside My Digital Mind "
Tracks 4 - 10 from album " The Man Behind the Machine "
Tracks 11 - 15  from album "Mono-Poly "
Tracks 16 -  20 from album " 432"
Tracks 21-22  from album "Egyptronica"


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